Open Letter to Twitter and Facebook

For the past several years many Never Ins have dedicatedly fought to have Scientology’s abusive Twitter accounts removed. Whether purposefully or accidentally several accounts were recently subjected to a 12 hour ban which raised hopes that perhaps the Twitter Powers-That-Be might finally be taking a stand against targeted harassment.

Among the accounts who found themselves warned, the Twitter Verified @EPStandLeague remained untouched, though this account has a history of the most overt, egregious targeted abuse, lies and hate.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all have policies intended to create a safe space for every user. Temporary bans are given as a warning but there are some situations where each of these social media corporations must step in responsibly and do what is necessary to stop verbally and emotionally violent accounts.

That is what these accounts are; emotionally and psychologically violent.

Designed to cause maximum damage and to silence their targets through intimidation, fear and humiliation.

No matter who the owner of an account is, when abuse is being systematically meted out, especially in the face of documented proof that the abuse is based upon lies, silence is most definitely compliance.

There can be no middle ground.

No better proof of this exists than when accounts of suicide due to cyber bullying and cruel harassment appear in the media.

In the case of Scientology, this psychological warfare goes far beyond just the actions of a single person. Creating these profiles and filling them with malicious fiction designed to demean and dehumanize is a policy driven, joint Church sanctioned endeavor.

Edward Parkin, @EPStandLeague on Twitter, is a clandestine agent of an organized and well funded specious group, The Office Of Special Affairs or OSA.

Office Of Special Affairs has the primary mission of silencing its perceived enemies as laid out in the many directives for OSA under their fair game policies. Its main objective is to discredit and destroy via lies and slander.

Inciting anger, doubt and suspicion as to the validity and honor of the one exposing them is standard psychological warfare propaganda. The true intentions of OSA through the Stand League accounts across all social media platforms is to traumatize its victims.

Secondarily these coordinated attacks are a warning to others considering speaking out.

One key behavior of all abusers is the silencing of their victims through fear and intimidation.

Stand League presents itself as an organization that champions First Amendment protections. Scientologists who write for this front group’s blog add to the false glowing illusion that of all religions on the planet, Scientology is THE defender of human rights.

Edward Parkin however, spends the majority of his time on Twitter attacking Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and every other perceived enemy. For Scientology, anyone who expresses an opinion that contradicts the cult is Suppressive and open to vicious, abusive pain.

Rather than respect the rights of others to express themselves, Parkin has piled upon Remini and Rinder false allegations of inciting arson, hate crimes and even murder.

Attacking journalists who have reported vetted, factual stories on Scientology in attempts to silence the media is another example of repression of First Amendment rights.

Stand League’s multiple accounts go after victims of rape, statutory rape, extreme emotional and physical abuse thus re-victimizing these already hurting people.

Psychological warfare tactics such as the use of false flags to discredit and destroy are not the hallmarks of any protector of society’s rights. Nor are they signs of any ethical, compassionate religion.

Aligning themselves with a cause that the general public can get behind is a documented camouflage policy to make Scientology look harmless.

Edward Parkin and the Stand League accounts’ only true purpose is to discredit and silence.

Posting timely tweets feigning outrage over real hate crimes, real religious bigotry, is only to disguise the cult’s true intentions. Creating a few feel good posts creates just enough of a cover to keep Twitter or Facebook Support pacified and misdirected.

The best example of this duplicity is Stand League’s seeming support for the Jewish community. Citing statistics of anti-Semitism and media coverage of hate crimes, Parkin and other Scientologists profess their outrage and disgust. At the same time Scientology has embraced The Nation of Islam, awarding its members and hosting them at events.

Edward Parkin is a paid employee of Scientology. His vicious campaigns against Scientology’s victims is supported and approved by his employer, David Miscavige. With millions of tax exempt dollars at his disposal, Miscavige can provide safety and protection from any blowback against the lies and libel Scientology metes out.

Most of those being publicly abused are everyday people; parents with full time jobs, individuals who work hard to make ends meet. There are no additional resources with which to protect themselves.

No three billion dollar conglomerate behind them to combat the onslaught of Ed Parkin’s attacks.

Parkin is a Scientology Sea Organization member which means he is provided a living in exchange for forwarding Scientology’s agenda.

A large part of that agenda is the destruction of enemies.

This Ordained Minister’s purpose is to practice and promote targeted abuse against others.

In the face of such attacks, out numbered and out financed, victims are overwhelmed and helpless.

Is no one safe from Stand League and Scientology?

They should be.

Policy on every social media website exists exactly to level the playing field and provide recourse for all who find themselves at the mercy of unrelenting, targeted harassment and cruel psychological abuse.

Twitter and Facebook have both clearly defined what is and what is not acceptable on their sites.

So far, like Scientology, it seems that while they talk a good game, the reality is far different.

@EPStandLeague, @StandLeague and many other such Scientology supported accounts consistently violate Twitter’s stated policies.

Yet they still exist and operate with cruel efficiency.

There have been numerous concerned and outraged individuals reporting these accounts. Letters begging for relief and fair hearing have been mailed to the very people who are supposed to uphold policy and protect users from harm.

All attempts for justice have been met with silence.

The recent, welcome twelve hour suspension that affected a few of the Scientology accounts was a good start. However it also raises the question as to why these lesser, satellite accounts met with consequences while the main culprit doing the most egregious harm was left untouched.

True, the @TarynTeutsch account also got a suspension.

No sooner did her account return to active status than she was name calling and reiterating the false claims of domestic violence against Mike Rinder.

This should at the very least have triggered her second suspension.

It is obvious from the abusive reaction to her suspension that Teutsch has every intention of continuing to violate the Twitter policies.

Taryn has literally said as much.

Her avowal to forge ahead with false claims of domestic violence against her father is not just a shot at those who want her torment stopped. It is a blatant challenge to every posted policy across the social media board. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all utilized as tools for propaganda against a man found innocent through a police investigation.

Allowing Teutsch, Parkin and every other Scientology OSA account to continue unchecked is granting tacit permission for abuse.

Targeted harassment, bullying and inciting others to do the same are not the only violations Twitter is apparently ignoring.

Policy also addresses the posting of Hateful imagery; “You may not use hateful images or symbols in your profile image or profile header. You also may not use your username, display name, or profile bio to engage in abusive behavior, such as targeted harassment or expressing hate towards a person, group, or protected category.

References to mass murder, violent events, or specific means of violence where protected groups have been the primary targets or victims.
We prohibit targeting individuals with content that references forms of violence or violent events where a protected category was the primary target or victims, where the intent is to harass. This includes, but is not limited to sending someone:

• media that depicts victims of the Holocaust;

Edward Parkin targets not only Leah Remini but also every entertainment outlet that she makes an appearance on.

Likewise every talk show, every interview she does is publicly attacked. Scientology calls not only Remini a religious bigot inciting hate, but talk show hosts, networks and their parent companies, even advertisers receive vituperative condemnation.

Targeted cyber terrorism across social media, modern technologically driven abuse.

It must be asked why Twitter and Facebook permit anyone to continue patronizing their sites who has a proven record of stubbornly lying in order to incite anger and hate towards innocent people.

This is not a protected form of speech.

Twitter Lead Counsel Vijaya Gadde and Public Policy Chief Yoel Roth have both been provided with incontrovertible proof that @EPStandLeague, @TarynTeutsch and other Scientology sites exist solely to attack and incite hatred against Leah Remini and Mike Rinder.

Parkin has insisted that both are guilty of inciting a murder which was publicly refuted by Australian Journalist Bryan Seymour.

Leah Remini has been body shamed on a number of occasions by Parkin and other Scientologists.

Edward Parkin outright lied on Twitter stating that the F. Gaviña and Sons Coffee Company were boycotting the Emmy Awards because of Leah Remini.

Twitter was provided information in the form of a statement by this company proving this claim was a deceit.

Gadde and Roth were both provided proof of Mike Rinder’s innocence in the form of the Police Report yet the @TarynTeutsch account continues.

What will it take for Twitter and Facebook to stand up against this form of abusive terrorism and remove these hate filled accounts?

Outrageously Leah Remini’s account has been placed on hold, her follower count has been limited by Twitter.

Inquiries into this allegation were confirmed. An employee of Twitter mentioned this as a response to the inquiry, subsequent inquires have been ignored by Twitter support and twitters legal department.

Remini’s mother’s, sister’s and husband’s accounts have all been hacked.

While Leah Remini and her family are all facing underhanded actions by Twitter the Scientology accounts who engage in malice and hate are permitted free reign.

Twitter is a private company and has a responsibility to be on the side of victims and those who advocate for them.

Instead the opposite appears to be the reality.

One thought on “Open Letter to Twitter and Facebook

  1. Wow. Why am I not surprised, though? Those social media companies are all about mining and selling user information for profit…


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