Cathy Bernardini’s Ultimate Parental Alienation

True to her abusive threats Taryn Teutsch has a new post on her blog attacking her father, Mike Rinder.

Most of her piece is the same tired, false story of how Cathy Bernardini was attacked by Rinder in April of 2010. This time however, she includes a comment that needs to be addressed concerning her brother, Benjamin Rinder.

Teutsch wants her reader to be struck emotionally by the thought that a father could be so uncaring and cold as to attack his son as he struggles with cancer.

“He deserted our family without a word. He then harassed my brother and did so, knowing that he was diagnosed with cancer and told he had a few years to live. And gave him no support during that time.”

Taryn Teutsch’s attempts to make Mike Rinder look bad once again rebound upon her when comments made by her own mother refute the narrative Teutsch is peddling.

In 2011 Cathy Rinder wrote one of many attacks against her former husband for the Scientology Fair Game website Her article, titled Mike Rinder’s Feigning “Love” Act, opens with the following;

“Shortly after deserting his entire family in June 2007, never once asking after his children, our son was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Proof of Mike’s complete desertion and coldhearted basic nature, he didn’t even know our son was given a year to live and was under intensive medical care to save his life.”

Taryn’s comment is intended to create the impression that Rinder was aware of Benjamin’s serious condition and callously chose to harass his struggling son anyway.

Cathy Rinder Bernardini very clearly states the exact opposite; Mike was completely unaware of Benjamin’s cancer.

Mike Rinder found out that his son had cancer from The Saint Petersburg Times after which he attempted to see his son only to be turned away by Scientology and slapped with a Trespass Notice.

Rinder’s discovery of Benjamin’s brush with death through the newspaper is in fact confirmed by Cathy.

“In June 2009, almost a year after our son’s diagnosis, in an interview with the St. Petersburg Times, I informed them of Mike’s lies and hatred of his family, even his own son. I told them of our son’s medical condition. Mike then found out about it from the St. Pete Times. Even then, Mike didn’t lift a finger to find out how his son was doing, as any truly loving father would.”

In her fanatical drive to paint Rinder as a horrible parent she continues, highlighting that Mike Rinder had not known about his son’s illness until afterwards.

“Mike’s own son was severely ill with terminal cancer and had been for over a year and Mike now knew it.”

Bernardini’s clear insistence that her former husband was oblivious and absent during Benjamin Rinder’s cancer fight directly conflicts with Taryn’s disingenuous attempt to malign Rinder now.

The disgusting reality in this situation is that Cathy Rinder Bernardini was so cruel and heartless that she was perfectly happy to allow her son to die without giving his own father a chance to see him and potentially say goodbye.

If there is anything one should be outraged by it is this.

So determined to keep Rinder away from his son was Bitter Bernardini that when he did make the attempt, what resulted was the now infamous attack on him in the parking lot of a Clearwater doctor’s office.

Mike Rinder tried to see Benjamin in Clearwater on April 14, 2010 and was turned away.

Nine days later on April 23, 2010 Bernardini and her posse of fellow Scientologists, accompanied by private investigators tracked Rinder down as he waited in his car and viciously attacked him. Bitter Bernardini can be clearly heard in the recording of this event screaming at him, telling him to stay away from his family.

The righteous fury that Taryn Teutsch desires is seriously misdirected.

People should be outraged.

Parental Alienation is a heinous form of emotional abuse and it could not be more lowdown and filthy than denying a father the chance to spend time with his child when they are in danger of dying.

Cathy Bernardini’s actions are the purest form of destructive disconnection there could be. Anyone capable of such calculated infliction of pain has serious unaddressed issues. Even worse, Bernardini used her own son to be the instrument of pain against his father. No mother with even the barest hint of maternal feeling would ever stoop so incredibly low.

Rather than accept Taryn Teutsch’s stories at face value and allow her to manipulate public feeling against Mike Rinder, the reality here is that this entire situation is nothing more than abuse of the highest order by Cathy Bernardini against her former husband and she’s using both of her children to do it.

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