Just An Aside…

For Never Ins who may not be as familiar with the intricacies of the false accusations Scientology continues to make against Mike Rinder we wanted to add this for informational purposes.

Cathy Rinder Bernardini and her OSA cohorts have made the claim that when Rinder went to see his son, Benjamin did not want to see him.

Bitter Bernardini described what happened that April day in 2010 when Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun arrived to speak with Benjamin Rinder.

“On Wednesday, 14 April 2010, Mike Rinder, accompanied by a posse of anti-Scientologists, arrived at our church in Clearwater, Florida, the Fort Harrison. With Marty Rathbun leading the charge, attempting to “bully” his way into the church and announcing “they” were there so Mike could see his son. Mike didn’t say a thing! HE didn’t ask to see his son. Marty Rathbun did!”

She also claims that during this event the police spoke to Benjamin who informed the officer he did not want to speak with his father.

Video of the interaction from that day once again shows Bernardini and Scientology’s deception.

Hilariously it must be pointed out that the Sea Org dude was obviously thrilled to be able to play the heavy, dramatically placing himself between Rinder, Rathbun and the front doors. The fact that he barely came up to Rinder’s nose calls to mind a Chihuahua facing off against a Boxer.

At 0:13 the military wannabe grabs his walkie-talkie and intones, “Bravo 7, come in”.

The little ankle nipper probably waited his entire career just to say those words.

Bernardini’s accusation that Mike Rinder did not say a word flies out the door at 0:35 when he very clearly says “I want to see Benjamin”.

Chihuahua then returns to his walkie-talkie and at 0:43 barks “They’re here in front of me. They wanna get in. They wanna see some Benjamin.”

As he begins to lower the walkie-talkie, he adds, “who don’t wanna see you”.

He clearly doesn’t know who Benjamin is. How could he then make the claim the young man didn’t want to see Rinder? Obviously the decision was made not to permit Rinder to see his son at this moment.

Bravado expended, Sea Org dude spends the rest of his time hiding behind a concrete pillar.

Bitter Bernardini’s assertion that the police spoke to Benjamin during this episode is questionable. Scientology is completely comfortable with lying so there is a compelling reason to suspect that Benjamin may never even have been consulted. Chihuahua dude did not know who Benjamin Rinder was, how could the police be certain they spoke to the real Benjamin Rinder? Any Sea Orggie in a storm.

Although this all happened over a decade ago Scientology continues to bring it up. It is important that Never Ins new to the claims the cult makes against Mike Rinder are fully informed as to the truth.

One final point worth mentioning, currently Taryn Teutsch has a photograph posted on her site that clearly creates the illusion that she is directly quoting from the paramedic’s report from the April 23, 2010 incident. The comments she allegedly quotes are found nowhere except for in her imagination. There is a reason she has carefully blurred the report out.

Here is the report she obscures. There is no mention of any shoulder injury or nerve damage. The paramedic’s findings are simply a 2″ skin tear abrasion on Bernardini’s right arm. Exactly the same injury noted by the police in their report.

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