Getting Real and Setting the Record Straight

Merriam-Webster defines anthropomorphism as “an interpretation of what is not human or personal in terms of human or personal characteristics : HUMANIZATION”

Normally this is ascribed to the fauna of nature. People often project human emotion or psychology onto animals in order to better explain and connect to the otherwise unexplainable.

Faced with an event so far outside our understanding or experience we seek to redefine it in familiar terms.

Scientology’s OSA attack on Mike Rinder by Taryn Teutsch is one such situation.

Never having experienced the depths of the disconnecting, dehumanizing programming that is employed by Scientology, it is incredibly difficult to fully understand or define.

Truthfully, only those who spend years specializing in the subtle, manipulative psychological abuse utilized by cults can hope to have any real grasp of the field.

Such a lack of experience of the issue has led to a false narrative being passed on to Never Ins.

Also extant is an element of wanting to believe in happy endings, but in reality it is not often “and they lived happily ever after” is how the story ends.

Perpetuation of wishful thinking coupled with ignorance does nothing in the end but hamper effective activism. Wrapping ugly truth in gilding is what Scientology does.

Confront and Shatter blog strives to provide Never Ins with accurate information insofar as possible. To that end a serious misconception must be corrected and the facts, astounding and terrible as they are, need to be faced head on.

The reality of the Cult of Scientology is so much worse than Never Ins can truly begin to fathom.

Until now, the issue surrounding the bare, unvarnished truth about L. Ron Hubbard’s religion was the anthropomorphic appellation of human emotion and understanding to an absolutely inhuman entity.

Coinciding was a sincere desire not to cause more harm than was already being directed at Mike Rinder. As will be seen, by not acknowledging the lengths Scientology’s doctrine goes to isolate, control and destroy this was misplaced compassion.

Portraying Taryn Teutsch as a victim even in part ultimately serves no good purpose and it needs to stop.

It is time that Never Ins see the ugly reality without idealistic, rose colored glasses, for until minimizing Scientology’s Truth ceases, change can never happen.

Taryn Teutsch is not to be pitied.

She is not an unwitting dupe of Scientology whose name and face are being used to front a filthy Fair Game attack against her father.

Taryn is in it up to her neck, eyes wide open and fully aware of what she is doing.

No relationship beyond the sharing of blood and DNA exists between either parent and this OSA operative doing her duty.

Children who have been raised in Scientology, especially in the Sea Org, have no familial connection.


Leah Remini, just like the other children of Scientology members, lived separated from her parents. Scientology was her caregiver, provider and parent. At the age of 12 she was responsible for the care of the younger children left abandoned to survive as best they could.

Leah was confronted daily by filth, squalor and neglect. Babies cried in cribs stacked one after another, flies buzzed through the rooms, fetid with urine and feces filled diapers. There were no adults, no one for these children to run to for comfort or care other than each other.

This is the REALITY of growing up in Scientology.

Taryn Teutsch had two Sea Org parents.

Neither Cathy nor Mike parented her or her brother. Their primary duty, focus and loyalty was to Scientology.

Children were a hindrance and only good for one thing; to be raised by the cult to be the next generation of dutiful, obedient, loyal members.

Real life Stepford spouses destined for service to Hubbard’s Temple of Wealth.

There were no strong emotional connections created in this Scientology unit, no deep, loving bonds.

Mike’s and Cathy’s duty was to Scientology and as such it was Scientology who raised Taryn and Benjamin. Juvenile afterthoughts until they came of an age for training to usefulness.

All of the false, idealistic portrayals of Taryn and her mother being close, loving and happy are just that; false.

As Mike says on his blog, “Taryn has never had a ‘home’ other than the communal living facilities of scientology, whether a scientology nursery as an infant, a dormitory as child and unmarried teenager or a single room with her husband when she married. She has no clue what a home actually is.”

Her claims of spending time with her mother tending roses in Cathy Bernardini’s garden is nothing more than dramatic window dressing. As a member of the Sea Org, Cathy (like Taryn) is a paid employee of Scientology. She lives in a Scientology building, not some idyllic family home surrounded by gardens where she and her doting children gather around the dinner table on Sundays.

There are no gardens.

Taryn has a no more loving relationship with Cathy than she ever had with Mike.

Bitter Bernardini was just as absent as Mike.

The only thing binding Taryn and Cathy now is loyalty and dedication to Scientology. They are a team of coworkers addressing a common cause; the destruction of a threatening former member- Mike Rinder.

Every word designed to strike a deep emotional chord is a calculated, fantasy driven manipulation.

Fair Gaming Mike by hijacking the issue of domestic violence and making the public believe that somehow he destroyed a solid, loving family, the same close knit unit that is now bravely struggling along in the face of his terrible betrayal, is just another day on the job for Taryn Teutsch and Cathy Bernardini.

The entire scenario is make believe, theater designed to incite anger and further harassment against their chosen foe.

It is what they are paid to do. This fact cannot be emphasized enough; Bernardini and Teutsch are financially supported and compensated, though barely, in exchange for the malicious attacking of whoever they are ordered to target.

Teutsch is not being used or forced, she is a willing, dedicated participant actively engaged in this farce with full knowledge of what she is doing. This is her job as a Scientologist and as a Sea Org, OSA member.

Mike is now learning to be a father to his two boys, a parent for the first time. Now he knows the joys of being an involved, loving dad. He has been given a second chance in life to understand and get family right.

Sadly, tragically, but factually, there is no similar relationship between Mike and Taryn, although were she to reach out to him he’d certainly respond. From there the two of them would need to create what has never existed.

Scientology is a cult of disconnection. Not just the destruction of relationships between current and former members, but the isolation and alienation of families still in the cult.

Hubbard’s abuses; deprivation of parent/child bonding, emotional, physical and psychological separation of families ensure the only fealty is to the cult.

Every one of Scientology’s toxic, malicious doctrines must be dragged out into the light exactly as they are. We cannot provide Taryn with a justification or a loophole for her actions any longer. She is fully aware of what she is doing. For her Mike Rinder is just another enemy to be destroyed. That they share the same blood does not create a paternal bond, it only provides another tool to be used.

Consider this question; what close, loving mother would actively encourage their daughter to break the law?

Every single tweet, Facebook post and blog article that Taryn Teutsch publishes is cyber harassment. California has laws concerning this deceitful attack on Rinder.

“…with indirect electronic harassment under PC 653.2, the defendant only needs to post information on the internet that will encourage other people to harass or stalk the victim.

The legal definition of indirect electronic harassment

The legal definition of posting harmful information on the internet under California Penal Code 653.2 is as follows:

1. You used an electronic communication device to electronically distribute, publish, email, hyperlink or make available for downloading personal identifying information or an electronic message of a harassing nature about another person;

2. You did so without that person’s consent;

3. You did so with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for

his/her safety or the safety of his/her immediate family;

4. You did so for the purpose of imminently causing that other person

unwanted physical contact, injury or harassment; and

5. The personal identifying information or message you shared would be

likely to incite or produce that unwanted physical contact, injury or harassment.

For purposes of California’s indirect internet harassment law, ‘harassment’ means a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person that a reasonable person would consider as seriously alarming, seriously annoying, seriously tormenting or seriously terrorizing that person, and that serves no legitimate purpose.”

Cathy Bernardini and Taryn Teutsch are both intentionally breaking the law because that is part of their required duties as members of Scientology’s pseudo military Sea Org.

Frankly and without exaggeration if Taryn were ordered to turn on Bernardini or even her own brother, Benjamin she would do so without a single twinge of conscience.

It was not family devotion that brought these two together in this filthy, illegal campaign of hate. They were paired precisely because to the outside world the image of a loving, beleaguered clan, abandoned and victimized by the one man who should be their protector would strike at the deepest, most sacred ideals of family. Miscavige’s Bernardini/Teutsch paring was a cold, concise, strategical move designed to elicit the greatest number of negative emotions by the greatest number of wogs.

We still hope that one day Taryn will finally hit rock bottom and reach out to Mike, however we are through trying to minimize her actions. One cannot afford to believe in fairy tales in this struggle to expose Scientology.

No longer will there be justification or pity offered towards a woman who is acting with full knowledge and agreement of what she is doing.

Scientology is evil, hateful and destructive. It’s time they are revealed for who and what they truly are.

Anything less is a disservice to those who deserve to know the full, unvarnished truth.

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