Scientology Attacks Another Journalist

December 2018 Scientology posted a letter allegedly from Dr. Cecil Murray slamming Leah Remini and her A&E Show, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Never Ins unfamiliar with this letter and the ensuing scandal can find details here.

Most important in this issue is that Scientology stole discontinued USC letterhead, using it in order to create the appearance that he was speaking from his position as John R. Tansey Chair of Christian Ethics in the School of Religion at the University of Southern California.

Scientology created this entire fiction, dragging USC into the line of fire with no care whatsoever for the potential damage when they “target(ed) a well-established, nationally respected business” for use in their smear campaigns.

Likewise and more recently, this same disregard for a second company was shown when Twitter Verified, Ordained Minister Edward Parkin announced on Twitter that the F. Gaviña and Sons Coffee Company was boycotting the Emmy Awards because of Leah Remini.

Neither Parkin nor his employer, Scientology’s Sea Org, cared that such an announcement could have caused financial and public relations damages for the company. No consideration was given for any of the “over 100 actually happy employees at this stable, community-minded company.”

F. Gaviña and Sons not only has the livelihoods of its employees at stake but also the contributions to the community in the form of giving to local charities , schools and churches as well as in assisting farming communities in Mexico, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Malicious, intentionally deceitful attacks against innocent people while utilizing unwitting, unwilling companies is just another abusive weapon in Scientology’s arsenal of hate.

Which brings us to a recent Stand League attack against Daily Beast writer Tarpley Hitt.

Scientologist Norm Shannon lashes out according to classic Hubbard policy over an excellent article exposing the abusive Scientology management principles inflicted upon employees of e.Republic.

Shannon deftly deflects his readers from the real points made in the article, choosing instead to call Hitt a “bigot” (surprise!) and whine “Tarpley doesn’t direct her darts at the Church itself, however, preferring instead to target a well-established, nationally respected business run by people who happen to be Scientologists, and who, as one might expect from members of any religion, use the teachings and truths of their faith as guideposts in their lives.”

Tarpley Hitt’s article is anything but bigoted. Nor does it target a Scientologist’s right to “use the teachings and truths of their faith as guideposts in their lives”.

Rather, Hitt reveals how these Scientologists violate their employees’ First Amendment rights by forcing them into a Scientology defined and structured work environment.

According to Hitt’s article, employees were forced to engage in behaviors recognized as classic Scientology such as the use of “Org Boards”, vocabulary like “Hats”, minimum pay for maximum hours, micromanagement and invasive surveillance.

Shannon’s disingenuous outrage spills over as he writes “Tarpley refuses to talk to any of the over 100 actually happy employees at this stable, award-winning, community-minded company. Doing THAT might invite some nasty, unexciting facts into an already juicy, provocative, prevaricating narrative.”

Tarpley Hitt’s article refutes this idyllic portrayal of e.Republic, “Glassdoor reviews for the company were mixed. Some staff were effusive. ‘Healthy environment, great people!!’ one employee wrote in 2018. The rest were unequivocally negative. One reviewer titled their assessment: ‘Worst Job I Ever Had.’ Another called theirs: ‘Beware!’

In fact she notes that one former employee was made to write a positive review of the company to help counteract the numerous negative statements.

Norm Shannon accuses Tarpley Hitt of “…building a reputation as a writer who refuses to let the truth get in the way of a titillating story—even if it means trashing good people trying to do good things…”.

In light of Scientology’s dishonest use of USC, The F. Gaviña and Sons Coffee Company and the many businesses used by the Volunteer Ministers to further their bogus Stay Well campaign this statement is beyond hypocritical.

Always attack, never defend.

Even if it means exposing oneself as a bigot who can only feel tall by cutting others down.

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