My visit to Clearwater for the Cult City Tour this afternoon is going swimmingly and I could NOT be enjoying myself more!

I’m in process of moving hotels since the Spring Break traffic is outrageous in my former spot. At the moment I’m a homeless person.

After a beautiful morning of metal detecting at the beach, (found a dime!) followed by breakfast at a BAR (!) called Clear Sky, I hopped over to the aquarium to see Winter the Dolphin.

Moving downtown I found free parking and decided to just enjoy the beautiful weather.

Moseying down Cleveland Street I noticed the Scientology Information Center on my left, the doors thrown open wide. Remembering how they insist that “All are welcome” I thought “why not?”

Mask on I calmly and quietly wandered in.

Immediately I was asked to sign in and provide my email address, you know because of COVID-19.

I’d no sooner finished and wandered to an exhibit depicting the life and lies of L. Ron Hubbard when Amber Skjelset, Manager of the Information Center, got up and disappeared through a door. Skjelset returned with another woman who told me to leave. I asked her why as I hadn’t done anything to cause upset, and she told me that I was with the Cult City Tour.

I acknowledged this and said, “well I’m just trying to get both sides, here.”

Neither woman bought it and they repeated the order to leave so I did.

Throughout it all I remained calm, quiet and polite. When asked to leave I did so after wishing them both a nice day.

Interestingly I’m noticing that Ft. Harrison is a dividing line highlighting a stark contrast between Scientology’s side and the rest of Cleveland Street.

As I sit here at a Starbucks on the corner of Cleveland and Ft. Harrison the difference is dramatic.

On my side of the street there are all these businesses and music. People are gathered outside eating and visiting.

Directly across the intersection, where Scientology’s Information sits on the corner, there is absolutely NO one to be seen.

Note that Cleveland street is closed to cars, not pedestrian traffic.

The empty silence is sad to see when so contrasted to the life and happiness around me.

Looking forward to the tour later but this experience has been an eye opener. Actually seeing the vacant sidewalks, the empty benches while behind me families and friends are laughing and living….

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  1. It reminded me of the back lot of Paramount or Warner Brothers. Just building and no people. I kept feeling I was waiting for the background people to show up for a movie being made
    So Night of the Living Dead.

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  2. I’m happy for you that you are having this opportunity to take the Cult City Tour. It’s telling that this tour seems to be the most popular scientology-related event in Cult City–no matter how many appearances at “graduations” Hubbard’s sociopathic mini-me is making.

    It’s more than a little unsettling that the cult’s dirty tricks department manages to pick out a masked tourist taking them up on their offer of “information” and identifies them as an “enemy” in need of expulsion. I guess you won’t find out your ruin and receive an offer of a high-$$$ package (including arbitration) along with a permanent spot on their mailing list for lives to come after all. Just as well!

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  3. It is sad… I remember a time where all of the those streets and buildings were hustling and bustling with business.. we were so much younger and partied down town regularly.. we knew of Scientology ( some weird religion) but had no clue of the atrocities going on behind those beautiful walls at Flag..until the TV show.. it doesn’t surprise me at all how quickly you were ejected from the building after signing in.. especially using your real name. Your blog is incredible I am sure it reaches far and wide. I love your style of writing. And you are definitely a fact checking truth teller.. I saw you yesterday and I wanted to walk across the road and tell you in person, and I’ll always regret not doing it. I hope you have a safe journey back home and I look forward to reading many more blog post by you.

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