Scientology- Creating Their Own Demise

After my invitation to exit the Scientology Information Center I crossed back over Cleveland Street and headed to the Starbucks on the corner.

From my table I could see the building and the quiet, empty sidewalks. Aaron Smith-Levin encouragingly provides a bit of positive news in that there are some amazing upcoming businesses looking forward to bringing new life to the area. In spite of Miscavige’s desire to keep wogs away from Scientology, Cleveland Street will once again be a thriving location. It would appear that Scientology’s grasp weakens ever so slowly, its shadow of influence shrinking foot by foot, retracting inward toward increasingly tight isolation.

Behind me, down the street a musician set up and began performing to the delight of the crowd and I strolled over to Downtown Pizza for a slice.

As I ate, a lone man across the street caught my attention.

Initially he appeared to be someone perhaps working outside as he’d set up his laptop in front of him. A few minutes later however he produced a tripod and busily adjusted his phone upon it.

Pointed, it seemed, directly at me.

For over an hour he sat there alone, occasionally glancing in my direction, making small adjustments to the phone.

Amused, thinking “two can play at this game” I began to record him as he recorded me.

I could be completely off base here. Caught up in the whole Scientology ethos after having just experienced their hospitality.

Perhaps this gentleman was there doing research on the area for a potential future business opportunity. Was he trying to get a feel for the location? Observing the people as potential income if he were to invest? If so, then I’ve made an error and I apologize to this innocent person.

On the other hand, if he was recording me as I simply sat there eating a slice of pizza waiting for my friends to join me, then this is exactly the senseless, hostile behavior that causes Scientology so much trouble.

As Smith-Levin noted during the Cult City Tour, whether or not they like it, Scientology needs the support and good feeling of its wog neighbors in order to continue in Clearwater.

Throwing me out of their Information Center for no reason other than my participation in the tour, then placing me under surveillance (if this is what happened) as I ate pizza alone is not the way to Foster good relations.

Actions like these are cutting their nose off to spite their face, or in Scientology terms; it’s a foot bullet of their own making.

Perhaps Clearwater is looking forward to a brighter future than they think.

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