Ted Reinhard- More Like Scientology Than He Thinks

March 13, 2021 was an exceptional day in downtown Clearwater, Florida.

Almost one hundred people arrived, some from as far away as Texas, in order to spend two hours on a walking tour of Scientology properties with some of the most respected former members to ever speak out against the cult. On top of those physically present, over a thousand interested, excited fans participated in the free call in, listening to the tour via phone.

Proceeds from this special Cult City Tour netted The Aftermath Foundation a solid donation in order to continue their work of helping members who want to leave Scientology.

All in all it was an amazing, informative day marred only by what would turn out to be a negative shadow cast by Cult City Tour leader Ted Reinhard.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, “In the days before Saturday’s event, while Cult City Tours was trying to book a venue for an after-party, a Scientology representative contacted multiple business owners. After Reinhard said two businesses then declined to host the party, he lashed out by writing one-star reviews on Google and Tripadvisor that falsely accused them of catering only to Scientologists — a label that can be toxic given the community’s suspicion of the church.”

Tampa Bay Times reporter Tracey McManus joined the tour and those who recognized her looked forward in anticipation to the upcoming article.

Several incidents occurred, from a suspicious increase in vehicles gunning loud engines, drivers laying on their horns as they drove past the tour group to one SUV circling the block as the driver recorded the participants on his cell phone.

Most notable was the presence of Mike Rinder, Christie Collbran-Rinder, Marc and Claire Headley, Mat Pesch, David Kahn and Mark Bunker. All well known former members who have been outspoken against the abuses of Scientology.

This event was billed as a Super Fan Benefit Tour and everyone who participated was thrilled to be a part of it.

Excitement and the prospect of reliving the day through the TBT article all came crashing down when the antics and poor choices of Ted Reinhard were featured instead.

As Aaron Smith-Levin organized the tour he searched for a downtown venue to host the Meet & Greet to be held afterwards. Initially some restaurants agreed but as the hours ticked down to the wire, Scientology’s Amber Skjelset and other members took to the streets spreading disinformation about the tour amongst the business owners until very few of them were willing to host the event. Compounding the issue, the fact that some of these business owners have Scientologists as landlords thus they found themselves in a difficult position with little room for choice.

In retaliation, Reinhard left false reviews against several of the businesses.

After the TBT article was published the disappointment was real.

Reinhard chimed in on one social media account where the piece was being discussed showing no qualms of conscience over his dishonest reviews. Of the article he posted “Love it! Cult City, the scourge of Clearwater! Hated by Scientology, their supporters and a weak kneed City Council! Couldn’t have asked for better!”

One person responded to him, saying the article was less than flattering to which he replied, “After having them turn away a group of 80 (after hosting a group of 100 the week before?) You get bad service you write a bad review. Silence never brings change.”

At this point we posted the following comment to Reinhard:

After some back and forth, we realized that Reinhard stubbornly refused to consider the ramifications of his actions. We tried to explain to him that as Smith-Levin was the one organizing the tour it should have been left to him to react or not to the situation.

Ted Reinhard not only stuck to his dishonest actions he then took them further when he sent us a private message.

It’s obvious that Reinhard has no concept of the complicated situation that exists in downtown Clearwater between the businesses and Scientology. Equally obvious is the fact that this man has utterly no understanding of the scope of the lengths Scientology is willing to go in order to Fair Game, abuse and otherwise discredit every former member who gave their time to make this tour a success.

It would appear that Ted Reinhard has more in common with Scientology than he’d like to admit. Both have a skewed set of ethics, neither cares for the truth or for what their choices may do to those around them and what drives them is the almighty dollar.

Given that Reinhard has shown his ability to employ dishonesty in order to cause harm, one cannot help but wonder whether Scientology may reach out to him in the near future. After all the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Perhaps a partnership would prove lucrative for both.

Leaving false one star reviews for the businesses that chose not to host the Meet & Greet was in no way appropriate or excusable. Subsequently offering to change these damning reviews to five stars in exchange for a photo op smacks of Hubbard policy and Volunteer Ministers antics to this writer.

Frankly, this tour could be an exceptional vehicle for bringing more business to downtown Clearwater. The potential for positive impact exists, but for it to succeed he needs to remember that his future depends upon the goodwill of the City.

As one participant noted, “Aaron’s tour was smart, factual, informative. Ted’s tours are really unsophisticated and silly.”

Given Reinhard’s sketchy, absurd approach and the hostility he fosters, time is ticking towards the demise of Cult City Tours.

3 thoughts on “Ted Reinhard- More Like Scientology Than He Thinks

  1. I agree 100% with the assertion that Ted’s reaction aimed at the wrong adversary. He had every right to leave one-star reviews seeing how at least one business had made a commitment to host the group and then weaseled out of that with less than credible reasons.

    However, he should have stuck to facts, i.e. “they did bad biz with me” instead of engaging in histrionics claiming that these businesses were in bed with scn. I get it that it’s part of his business appeal to be a provocateur. But he could have reserved his scathing comments for a review of the scn organization which is equally available as a target for one-star reviews.

    I have no problem with the fact that Ted is NOT an anti-scn activist but a guy running a business. As such, his goals and tactics may not altogether align with those of cult watchers and activists (and even those are certainly not always on the same page when it comes to tactics, and areas of particular concern). But he would be well advised to consider that the longevity of his business would greatly benefit from cordial relationships with local businesses and scn watchers alike.

    On the positive side, he deserves major props for yielding the wheel to Aaron et al and allowing his tour to be an Aftermath fundraiser. He didn’t have to do any of those things! Plus, even in the midst of this dust-up it should be remembered that he is basically doing a good thing with his tours!

    Another actor who deserves to be called out is Tracey. Although some of the criticisms she levels at Ted are well-placed, her article spends way too much time controversialising what by all accounts was an enjoyable event, a platform for exes and a boon to the Aftermath Foundation.Just like Ted, she too has her own agenda that may not always align with that of scn watchers: Controversy sells clicks.

    So Ted has taken his ill-advised reviews down. Tracey is no doubt on to the next story with a keen eye for what will bring attention to her reporting. Thankfully, Aftermath has some extra coin in their pockets. Exes had a chance to tell their story.

    I think it’s a good time to take it all back a notch, acknowledge that none of us are exactly on the same team (and that’s perfectly fine) and move on. And most importantly, suffer with charity what we consider the shortcomings of others and delight in the good that all parties have brought to this in their own ways. Lest any of us should be diminished to resembling the thing that we all loathe!

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  2. On numerous occasions I have read articles how Scientology’s continued expansion in Clearwater has decimated business in the downtown core. I get it: who wants to open a business in the vicinity of a controversial landmark that encourages non – believers to keep their distance. If the businesses that are still there even after the pandemic are turning down what could equate to a nice booking, this makes me think one thing and one thing only. We hear of the mass intimidation tactics and the thugs this cult employees time and again. How much intimidation must they be wielding toward these restaurants for them to say ‘no thanks’ to paying customers. In my humble opinion that is the true story here that needs to be explored further.

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