Happiness Through Lies and Hate

Saturday, March 20, 2021 was the International Day of Happiness and Taryn Teutsch could not wait to bring joy to the planet by using it as a platform to spread lies and hate about Mike Rinder.

Because happiness of course.

“The International Day of Happiness has, as one of its purposes, to bring about the awareness of happiness as a fundamental human goal. And so, of course, that’s what we want: people to be happy.”

Translated, this opening comment should actually read; The International Day of Happiness has, as one of its purposes, to bring about the awareness of happiness as a fundamental human goal. And so, of course, as we do not recognize anyone other than Scientologists as having fundamental human rights, we’re gonna use this day as a tool with which to beat both a dead horse and Mike Rinder. What we want is COB to be happy with us so we don’t end up in the RPF which is really where my mom aggravated her shoulder issues.”

Teutsch writes that of course she wants people to be happy.

For her then, the obvious way to achieve this is to engage in Cirque du Soleil level mental contortions in order to link happiness with lies and harassment.

This is where it ties into my campaign and my justice4mom voice. Because my mom’s happiness was absolutely challenged when my father, Mike Rinder, attacked her.”

Taryn’s comment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. As badly as she wants there to be a connection, none exists.

“This” is where what ties into her claim that Rinder viciously attacked Bitter Bernardini, leaving her “damaged for life”?

What is “this”?

What “ties”?

Considering that Rinder did not in fact attack Bernardini, rather the opposite is true, her happiness was already severely compromised way before her chronic shoulder issues caused her to require surgery.

Even when involved with an abusive cult a person’s underlying character is.

L. Ron Hubbard liked to make up words so here we will follow suit and call this one’s “Who-ness” or Who one is at their core.

Bitter Bernardini has engaged in some seriously nasty, unethical and dishonest behaviors over the years.

If it is true that her son, Benjamin, had life threatening cancer her decision not to tell his father speaks to her “Who-ness”. That she narcissistically put her self before the needs of her potentially dying child, shows a serious lack within her.

While Bernardini’s lies and pretense concerning this alleged domestic violence are definitely driven in part by Miscavige, Scientology control and fear of a return to the RPF at the same time one cannot help but remember the incredible lengths Mary Kahn went to in order to protect her family before finally leaving.

Kahn endured the most terrible of psychological and emotional violations. If physical rape is about power and control over another person, then it is absolutely accurate to label what she was put through as psychological rape.

All because she is a mother who wanted to keep her family intact.

Mary Kahn was ultimately brought to her knees before being forced out of Scientology. In the end the choice was not hers.

There was no choice to make, only survival.

Bitter Bernardini, because she is at her core a self centered, angry and vindictive human being, kicked Mike Rinder to the curb in a heartbeat in order to save her own skin.

Bernardini claims (falsely) that Rinder’s escape blindsided her.

If this were true then the fact that when he reached out to her afterwards, which shows which partner in that marriage actually cared, she flippantly, nastily kicked him to the curb. Bernardini made no attempt to understand Rinder’s position. She asked him not a single question about what drove him. Gave no thought to the incredible isolation, confusion and desperation her “husband of 30 years” must have been going through.

Taryn Teutsch constantly plays up this longtime marriage between her parents, insisting that the years make Mike Rinder’s subsequent “actions” even more untenable.

Frankly, Rinder did everything he could have done. He attempted to reach out to Bernardini and as is obvious from her response, he asked her to join him in making a new and better life.

It is Bernardini who shows cold disregard for the father of her children and spouse of 30 years.

Further, while Bitter Bernardini has remained firmly nestled in her anger and hate, reveling in the lies she spreads, Mike Rinder has LIVED.

Mike and Christie have found love, created a home, are raising healthy, happy children and on top of it all are working to help others find their happiness through truth and healing.

Taryn Teutsch and Cathy Bernardini are ensconced in the darkness of abuse, lies, anger and hate.

Not Mike Rinder.

Not Leah Remini.

Not any of the other former members who have refused to continue to allow policies of vengeance and destruction to control them.

“I don’t want to see somebody else, like Mike Rinder, who does that to other people. Someone who works to dampen and crush other people’s happiness. I don’t want to see that person supported. So I’m taking the chance on this International Day of Happiness to raise awareness against those who crush others.”

No Taryn, what you have once again done is take something meant to be positive, life enhancing and beautiful and forge it into yet another weapon for abuse, intimidation and revenge.

In order to love others one must first love themselves.

So too happiness.

One cannot offer others happiness if they do not have it in their own hearts and lives.

Physician, heal thyself.

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2 thoughts on “Happiness Through Lies and Hate

  1. I hadn’t seen Bernardini’s letter to Mike before. It presents an interesting perspective on mild-mannered Kathy who just didn’t want to endure spousal abuse any longer.

    Most telling is the fact that her greatest regret after losing a marriage of 30 years is “…the 100s of times I should have SLAMMED your ethics in and didn’t.” That sounds a lot like an abusive spouse telling the one who’s fled; “I only wish I would have slapped you around a few more times while I had the chance.”

    Without fail, I find myself yet again chilled by the emotional deadness that the cult indoctrinates its minions with. She doesn’t talk about sitting down the kids and having a heart-felt talk with them about the traumatic events ripping apart their family. That their parents love them despite seeing no way around a divorce or, Xenu forbid, that their father will always be their father and will see them whenever possible.

    Instead, she’ll “brief the kids.” What a sad excuse for parenting. No wonder, Taryn has become the dehumanized cult robot that she is.

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