In Which I Pick Apart A Fictional…(Pt 3)

…Taryn, we can do this for as long as you’d like.

Taryn Teutsch has a new video in her hate campaign against Mike Rinder.

Undeterred by the fact that she is making herself and Scientology both look truly asinine, this Sea Org tool continues insisting that Rinder assaulted her mother, Bitter Bernardini (Cathy Rinder Bernardini) in April of 2010.

What follows is Taryn’s own transcript from the video in italics with our comments accompanying.

“Hi guys, it’s Taryn with justice4mom. And it’s a beautiful afternoon. We’re just hitting spring. Unfortunately, the subject matter that I want to talk about isn’t that beautiful.

Um, the subject matter is my father, Mike Rinder, and his domestic abuse. He attacked my mom and he had been married to her for decades and had two children with her. And so in front of one of the children they had together, me, um he- my father, Mike Rinder- domestically abused my mom.”

Taryn’s constant referral to herself as a child when this incident occurred is pure emotional manipulation.

Taryn was not a child. She was born in 1978 which would have made her a grown woman of 32 in 2010.

Her attempt to create the image of a traumatized little girl, quavering in terror and confusion over her beloved father gone rabid is nothing more than psychological propaganda designed to elicit the maximum moral outrage.

“And we- you know I was there that day in Florida I was there with my uncle and my mom and we had gone down- because we had gone down there to Florida- because I live in California- because we had a really important family matter to take up and to resolve.”

Babbling aside, what family matter needs the inclusion of two private investigators?

Eight people descended upon Mike Rinder that April day in 2010.

Only three of them were family.

Of those three family members, one was Mike’s brother whom he had not seen in at least the prior seven years and one was his already estranged wife, Cathy.

Any illusion that Cathy Rinder was a hurting, shocked, abandoned wife is immediately dispelled when one considers that to Mike’s request she leave Scientology, join him and build a new life together she responded in writing “Fuck you that’s the last thing I would want to do…I’m filing for divorce.”

Mike Rinder blew in 2007. Judging by the date of her letter, Cathy decided on her freedom from the word “go” with no second thoughts. She lost NO time, filing the paperwork almost immediately in November of 2007. Not the actions of a loving wife.

As for Taryn’s wide eyed claim that they wanted to resolve some sort of family matter this is yet more manipulation designed to dehumanize Mike Rinder. Teutsch wants her readers to feel disgust and fury that this uncaring man who had abandoned his family was now also refusing to accept their olive branch thus rejecting and hurting them all over again.

Her attempt might be more effective had both she and Bitter Bernardini not previously been caught making statements that conflict with this new claim.

2018 Taryn wrote, “We called up Andrew (my uncle) and we said we’re going to see Mike as a family. We need to go see him and tell him to stop that. Just knock it off. We don’t want anything from him. We were happy. You can have your life. But when you come and harass my brother—it pissed me off. He’s already deserted us. He’s already treated her like crap her whole life.We were going down Gulf to Bay. We didn’t know where he lived. I was like: ‘Oh, my God! There he is! He’s standing in the parking lot!’”

This is a far cry from her image that the lost, traumatized, loving family wanted to resolve their issues with Mike.

Even more telling is the studiously ignored Pinellas County Sheriff Report. Unfortunately for Bernardini and Teutsch the Officer who investigated was diligent in his note taking.

“According to Catherine Rinder she had been driving in the area with other people (identified as Taryn Rinder, Andrew Rinder and Susan Wilhere) and when she saw her estranged husband pull into the doctor’s office where they attempted to confront him regarding him not speaking with the family. (Catherine claimed it was a coincidence that they saw Michael and that she was not intentionally looking for him.) Emphasis ours.

Continuing with the current video, “First thing after we approached him, he was already holding my mom’s arms keeping her from being able to move, um putting a lot of pressure and his weight and his body on her and hurting her…”


Beyond the fact that there were two private investigators there, Andrew Rinder, Guillaume Leserve (International Executive Director of Scientology) and David Bloomberg (who worked for Miscavige at Author Services) were all present. These brave men would soon disappear before the police arrived, but they were there when this vicious attack allegedly took place. Not one man stepped up to protect Cathy from Mike Rinder?

Chivalry is surely dead and buried.

Even accepting that the men were terrified by Mike Rinder’s massive beingness; none of them thought to dial 911?

“and breaking her shoulder. And fracturing her shoulder um, and making her bleed. Then an ambulance was called.”

This claim has the unwelcome and unfair side effect of calling into question the abilities of PCSO, paramedics and the licensed, trained medical doctor whose office and parking lot it was where this fracas occurred.

It was ultimately the doctor who called 911. From there paramedics were dispatched as a matter of protocol, not because Bernardini was spewing blood all over the walls.

Had Bernardini truly been that seriously injured why did the doctor not at least attempt to stabilize Cathy’s fractured, broken shoulder?

“He was on a full on attack against her and, and really it was very clear he hated her.”

Hated her so much he asked her to join him outside of Scientology.

“So my mom’s standing there. She’s just been damaged for life by him. And he didn’t care about that. He didn’t care about the fact that his daughter’s standing there and he just did this in front of her. He didn’t care about that. What father does that? Mike Rinder does that. And that is what my justice4mom is about.”

In the recording of this incident made by John “The Roar” Sweeney, Rinder can be heard calmly saying that he would be happy to sit down and talk to Taryn or Andrew, just not while he was being screamed at. That doesn’t sound like a man who doesn’t care.

Mike Rinder was accosted by a group of people, yelled at, sworn at; the object of out of control fury. Yet in spite of it all he expressed his willingness to sit down and talk to his daughter.

Referring to justice, one of the phrases Taryn has on her blog is “I won’t rest until she (Cathy) gets it.”

There is only one possible way for Cathy to get justice for this alleged attack.

Rinder would have to be arrested for a crime and be brought before a judge to be tried.

Why has Cathy Bernardini not pursued this course of action?

Because Mike Rinder is not guilty of any crime.

PCSO investigated this incident and determined that Cathy injured herself.

There is no crime to receive justice for.

If Taryn Teutsch and her bitter mother truly believed the stories they tell then why have they avoided the ONE venue for justice open to them?

Teutsch closes her video, “So this is Taryn with justice4mom an eyewitness to Mike Rinder’s domestic violence.”

An “eyewitness” who apparently chose to remain silent during the police investigation.

An “eyewitness” whose faulty memory fails to allow consistency in her every retelling of the events of April 2010.

An “eyewitness” who wants justice but for some mysterious reason, refuses to go to the police for a decade to get it.

3 thoughts on “In Which I Pick Apart A Fictional…(Pt 3)

  1. Of course, you already made the point that none of the men present came to Bernardini’s aid while Rinder was–in Taryn’s imagination–wailing on his ex-wife. But you would think that even if cowardice or slow reaction times kept them from intervening, surely they would have had quite a story to tell to the law enforcement officers.And the story of mayhem, cruelty, breaking bones and buckets of blood would have had even more weight coming from two licensed PIs.

    PIs paid by the cult to be on hand if some story were to develop that the cult could use against Rinder. Having no such story they split. Even more telling: While a PI may value their license too much to lie for the cult (at least if the odds of getting caught are too unfavorable), the OSA operatives present suffer no such compunctions. And yet, not a peep out of them either. And of course, neither Bernardini nor Teutschhad the temerity to claim any attack or abuse either.

    Being the accomplished liar that he was, LRH is rolling in his grave at that kind of ineptitude!

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    1. Given how many times Taryn and Bernardini’s stories have been picked apart, even before I ever came on the scene, one wonders why Miscavige allows this failed fair game attempt to continue. All it’s doing is creating a flap.


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