The Documentation

Taryn Teutsch continues her vicious attack on Mike Rinder accusing him of domestic violence.

Never Ins new to this fair game campaign can find the pertinent documentation here for reference.

The first document is the Pinellas County Sheriff’s report of the incident. This is THE key piece of evidence.

Taryn insists that she wants justice for her mother.

Fact is that justice has already been done.

PCSO’s report is the ONE document that Teutsch refuses to include on her blog because she knows full well that it not only exonerates Mike Rinder, but it also proves that Cathy lied.

Not a good look when one is trying to make false accusations of domestic abuse stick.

Pinellas County paramedic’s report of Bernardini’s injury.

Cathy herself states her pain level, on a 1-10 scale where 10 is excruciating, is a 2. While SHE claims Rinder grabbed her, there is no mention of gouged skin, spurting blood, twisting of her arms or ANY pain or damage to her shoulder. She refused further medical treatment beyond being bandaged. She refused transport and she signed the waiver herself with no trouble.

Letter dated 2015 from orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bell. Taryn uses this for some strange reason. She apparently feels that it is proof that Rinder attacked Cathy. However while it makes note of Cathy’s claims, the treatment Dr. Bell describes has nothing to do with domestic violence. He states that Cathy was treated for long term, chronic conditions that affect many middle aged people. Bursitis, Tendinitis and an Acromion hook with impingement.

Dr. Bell was not on scene the day this event took place. He has no idea of the circumstances surrounding April 23, 2010 other than what he was told by Cathy.

Bottom line, his letter does not provide any evidence of wrongdoing by Mike Rinder.

Next, Taryn posted a letter, also dated January 2015, from a physical therapist. Once again, this California based person was not present during the Florida altercation and can have no way of backing up the statements he makes here. All he has to go on is Cathy’s word.

Interestingly, missing is any documentation by the mentioned Dr. Cooper. Why is this?

Is it possible that Cooper either would not provide such a letter or, if he did, included uncomfortable information that Taryn does not want known?

Pictures provided by Taryn allegedly proving the seriousness of Cathy’s injuries.

Where did these injuries actually originate? No one on scene saw or mentioned them. The Sheriff notes one injury and so does the paramedic.

Scientology has trained makeup artists who work at Golden Era Productions.

Taryn also has posted what she claims are her mother’s x-rays. Whether or not these are authentic is anyone’s guess.

We are including this article from the St. Petersburg Times which covers the 2010 attack on Mike Rinder. Most pertinent are the first hand witness accounts by Doctor Johantgen:

14 thoughts on “The Documentation

  1. Both my daughter and myself (l was an ER nurse) see the injury to the arm and we both see a what looks like a burn. I can see what appears to be blistering to center top of the area. But that is not brusing. The secondary pictures show the wound after the first scab has fallen off.
    Those “X-Ray” photos are laughable. If they can’t come up with better photoshop images then that they have problems! Completely faked. And FYI….a clavicle fracture isn’t what the Dr. was referring to in his letter and what they had to repair or why. If there was a fracture on the MRI and it had lead to the eventual issues, he would have said so, but he didn’t. He didn’t note any fracture. And as we know in the medical field, if it isn’t documented, IT ISN’T DONE. Or in this case, present.
    The amount of lying one woman can do to get her way while belonging to the “ most moral organization in this sector of the galaxy” is spectacular. By omission, commission, or manipulation of fact, she appears to be strangely immune to any thought or word that what she is doing is wrong….lying is Universally considered morally and socially wrong. In this light, l guess you could say she’s a sociopath not caring what her actions do to others, only what happens to her life or in this case, the crusade against Mike. She needs to win at any cost. CoS will back her.
    Well done Lynne, well done. The world could do with more like you.

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  2. The M.D. and the Physical Therapist are very foolish. You never state something in writing that was told to you by a third party. You always state “The patient alleges that she was physically attacked by her husband”. Not, “The patient was physically attacked by her husband” I can’t believe that either of the actually did this. It speaks volumes about their lack of professionalism and common sense.

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  3. This Twitter feed has no traction, no one is following this and the whole incident makes little of women who are actually abused and suffer every day.

    Typically if a woman is the victim of abuse there will be a history of it, earlier unhealed broken bones, scars, and bruises. It is not a one-off situation.

    This is not really even a situation. It is the equivalent of dropping a carton of eggs in a store parking lot, an incident that occurred 8 years ago through no fault of anyone and going back to the store every six months for compensation for those eggs.

    Dig deep, find something better, or DROP IT.


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