Scientology Attacks Ben Schneiders Because He’s Right

Award winning journalist Ben Schneiders has not one, but TWO current articles dedicated to him on Stand League.

Proof that he’s doing something right.

Schneiders has published a series of excellent articles that can be found here, here, here and here, all concerning Scientology’s financial situation and the legitimacy of their status as a charitable organization in Australia.

In response Scientology’s Dead Agent policy has gone code red with attacks posted across Twitter and Stand League’s blog.

Unlike in the United States, Australia has a watchdog commission to hold charitable groups accountable.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, ACNC, has a defined set of parameters based on Australian law defining what constitutes a charitable entity.

Charities are required to submit yearly financial statements and an annual Information Statement enabling ACNC to monitor such organizations.

According to Schneiders’ articles, Scientology’s current Australian financial status appears disproportionate to its membership. Money has been directed to the country from all over the world in recent years raising questions which has prompted one labour charities spokesman to ask for “a parliamentary inquiry into Scientology, expressing concerns about its ‘unprecedented’ wealth and shifting of assets into Australia.”

Spokesman Leigh also supports requests for the ACNC to step in and investigate Scientology’s charitable claims as well.

As a result, Scientology has launched their predictable flurry of denials and deflection attacks against Schneiders and his contributors Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder.

L. Ron Hubbard’s policy of Dead Agent is an extension of Fair Game.

“Destroy by any means necessary”.

Dead Agent objectives are to silence the target journalist by publishing lies and misinformation about him and his work. Scientology intends to make readers doubt the journalist’s honesty and accuracy through their disinformation campaign.

April 2, 2021, the Stand League post accuses Ben Schneiders of “knowingly misinterpreting Church financial data to promote hate against the religion and misrepresent its members’ activities in Australia.”

Financial data included in the Sydney Morning Herald article was compiled through a thorough investigation. While Scientology makes their allegations of misrepresentation against Schneiders, they do not post any information to back up their claim.

As to Scientology’s activities in Australia, this is precisely what the ACNC needs to determine.

“…known the world over as homes for the entire community and meeting grounds for cooperative efforts to uplift citizens of all denominations.”

Australia’s A Current Affair covered the increasingly tense relations between AOSH and local residents in Sydney in January 2020.

What had been an accessible public park enjoyed and protected by the community has been locked behind Scientology’s security defenses.

There’s been a high sense of public ownership and great love for the property.” One woman explains in the video.

At the time Scientology purchased the property in 2014, part of the agreement was that access to the park would continue. In 2019 COS attempted to modify this agreement and was denied. Circumventing the denial, Scientology erected security gates across the access points that require key cards to open.

Rather than being a welcoming “home for the entire community” AOSH has, like all their properties around the world, become a hostile, enclosed base. Actions that belie the cult’s insistence that it wants to “uplift citizens of all denominations.”

New South Wales schools were the target of a Scientology “marketing” campaign directed at sixth grade students in 2009.

Scientology front group Youth for Human Rights distributed booklets and DVDs that aligned L. Ron Hubbard with Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King. Subsequently the Education Minister ordered school Principals not to hand out the material.

Despite the cult’s insistence that they are fostering good community relations, when questioned about the material Scientology resorted to their go-to defense; they lied.

“Scientology spokesman Cyrus Brooks accuses the Minister of acting on misinformation about Youth For Human Rights, which he describes as ‘secular’. Mr Brooks says he was aware the material was being sent to schools.”

“‘This promotes the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights,’” he said. “‘This is not information from us.’”

May, 2020 again saw another example of Scientology’s charitable attempt to foster “cooperative efforts to uplift citizens of all denominations” when Volunteer Ministers installed boxes of their Stay Well booklets at the self checkout registers in multiple Sydney Woolworth stores. Locals were outraged by what they saw as another attempt by Scientology to proselytize by spreading their material.

Woolworths was quick to distance themselves from Scientology.

“A Woolworths spokesperson has told that they did not authorise the Church of Scientology to place their booklets in store, confirming that the material was discarded as soon as it was discovered.”

Stand League’s attack propaganda against Schneiders is filled with both irony as well as hypocrisy.

International Director Edward Parkin, presumably the author of the disinformation plastered on the blog, displays his uncanny gift for blindness, writing in the second article posted on the same day;

“By definition, the selective and twisted presentation of ‘information’ to harm an institution or group, propaganda like that of Schneiders’ seeks out whatever sources will forward the originator’s biased intent, irrespective of reliability.”

Not only is this the definition of Scientology’s own policies of Dead Agent and Fair Game, but it is precisely what the cult is doing to Leah Remini and Mike Rinder on a regular basis.

As recently as April 7, 2021 Scientology’s so-called Freedom Media Ethics front group posted yet another false attack on Remini and Rinder, blaming them for the fatal stabbing that took place in January of 2019 at AOSH.

Defying sources close to the investigation stating neither Mike Rinder nor Leah Remini had anything to do with the attack, Scientology’s psychological propaganda machine continues to make these social media attacks.

Concurrently and with the same disregard for the truth Scientology continues their “selective and twisted presentation of ‘information’ by accusing Mike Rinder of vicious domestic abuse. Something unequivocally proven to be fiction based upon a Sheriff’s investigation.

What should be noted from this attack on Ben Schneiders is that although Scientology would discredit his work, in fact the opposite outcome exists.

Scientology’s policy is to attack and destroy anyone who they deem an enemy. Enemies are those who dare disagree with, question or expose the cult.

If Schneiders had not touched a nerve, not addressed something of substance that threatens the cult he would not now be the target of their hate.

Given the loud squealing emanating from Stand League, Ben Schneiders has now found himself in the same crosshairs as others who step up to expose the reality behind the façade. Such vitriolic blowback by Scientology should be taken as a clear sign that Schneiders is reporting the truth.

Otherwise why such a concerted effort to discredit him, his sources and his work?

2 thoughts on “Scientology Attacks Ben Schneiders Because He’s Right

  1. This blog post just lays out what’s happening to the journalist and how it’s a blinking signpost of Scientology’s guilt. Their tasteless, useless and vituperative attacks in the name of religion are unholy and evil.

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  2. Kudos for what you do! I have seen a couple of Stand websites and they are very minimal and amateurish. My “fishy” alarm went off as soon as I saw one. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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