Kid’s Day is Coming and Scientology Will Be There

On April 24, 2021 the Cordova Community Council will host Kid’s Day in Rancho Cordova coinciding with
National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.
According to the CDC 9.4% of children between the ages of 2 and 17 years have received an ADHD diagnosis. Further, 7.1% of children aged 3-17 years have diagnosed anxiety while 3.2% in this same age range have diagnosed depression.
Events like Kid’s Day offer parents desperately needed support so children live healthy, productive lives.
One exhibitor will be a secular organization created by the Church of Scientology, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, CCHR.
CCHR states that mental disorders are created by “Big Pharma” to sell useless medication.
“…there is categorically no evidence that diseases such drugs claim to treat even exist—which is to say, it’s all an elaborate and deadly hoax.”
Concerning ADHD, the CCHR contends “Any medical doctor who takes the time to conduct a thorough physical examination of a child or adult exhibiting signs of what a psychiatrist calls ADHD can find undiagnosed, untreated physical conditions.”
CCHR’s attitude goes far beyond dismissal into intolerance.
A former Scientologist recalls her experience.
“…I wanted to touch on autism and children who are born on the spectrum. I’ve heard Scientologists refer to this as a ‘degraded condition’, they said things like: ‘what kind of Being, meaning Spirit, picks a body that’s degraded and doesn’t function?’ In their view that person should pass away and start again.”
Discovering CCHR’s participation in Kid’s Day, Ryan Gallant, Director of the California Evidence-Based Mental Health Alliance and District 3 Representative, Sacramento County Mental Health Board, reached out with his concerns and was met with covert hostility from the Council.
One member warned off the others writing, “…Ryan Gallant is pressuring hard for the Cordova Community Council to not allow the church of Scientology to participate in kids day due to the extreme views on mental health. He is calling everyone on this issue, and we have told him that we will not discriminate against any religious group at this event as long as they can put themselves in a kid friendly way. Anyway I would expect he may try to contact both of you as officers of the Cordova community Council. The church of Scientology has been a participant of kids day for years and regardless of how I may feel about their views, they have not acted out of line.”
CCHR is a secular organization seeking to undermine the strides made by science, medicine and the psychiatric field, rendering those who struggle without hope.
Scientologist and CCHR member, John Alex Wood tweeted, “You claim CCHR has some sort of religious purpose. Wrong. CCHR’s overarching purpose is the total ANNIHILATION of psychiatry worldwide”. Scientologist Kirstie Alley recently Tweeted the reality of Scientological beliefs concerning mental health.

CCHR’s Board of Directors includes Isadore Chait who is an art dealer, not a trained expert in psychiatry or mental illness.
Board President Jan Eastgate was arrested in 2011 and charged with coaching an 11 year old girl to lie about being sexually abused. (Charges were later dropped.)
Eastgate states, “Avoid psychiatry because it only tears apart and destroys. And it never works.”
CCHR discourages seeking help from therapists and condemns use of psychiatric medications.
In 2020 the CCHR exhibition Psychiatry: An Industry of Death came to the University of Ottawa.
Furious students protested the exhibit on campus, condemning it as “outrageous” and “hurtful to many members of the community”.
Rancho Cordova deserves to be informed about those brought into their midst to offer services to its children. One hopes that like the students of University of Ottawa, community members will be outraged at the Wolf in sheep’s clothing in their midst, brought in by one of their own.
Cordova Community Council.

Kid’s Day Target Group is Children 12 and Younger

2 thoughts on “Kid’s Day is Coming and Scientology Will Be There

  1. This rationale for letting CCHR attend is as contrived as it is confusing. It claims “we will not discriminate against any religious group at this event as long as they can put themselves in a kid friendly way” even though CCHR claims to be secular and their purpose for attending has allegedly nothing to do with proselytizing. So what is the idea here? Religious tolerance or concern for the information disseminated by groups attending as secular entities?

    Even worse, if a wolf dresses up “in a kid friendly way” in sheep’s clothes they will welcome that wolf with open arms? Entertaining kids is a great thing. Setting their parents onto a dangerous course of medical recklessness (or cult involvement) is quite another!

    Would you want a Jehovah’s Witnesses secular front group attending a medical fair and telling everyone that blood transfusions are detrimental? And perhaps dress up that belief in pseudo-scientific quack rationales? Or an extreme charismatic sect telling everyone to throw away their medications and practice exorcisms instead (which wouldn’t be that different from scientology, really)? As long, of course, as they dress up what is detrimental to children as “kid friendly.”

    It’s not enough that these Kids Fair organizers are doing their attendees a grave disservice. They are committing an outright breach of trust

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