Scientology Attacks Jeffrey Augustine

Stand League blogger Rodger Clark is a walking, talking example of everything wrong with Scientology.

Clark, like the cult he defends, hides malicious hate, abuse and cowardly bullying behind a fictitious façade of good.

Having attained the state of Clear back in 1987, he appears to now be working his way along the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart.

According to the Truth About Scientology website, Clark completed EXPANDED GRADE I – PROBLEMS RELEASE in 2019. From this course he should now have the ability to “Recognize the source of problems and make them vanish.”

Further, if Scientology is to be believed Rodger Clark, as a Clear, is “a being who no longer has his own reactive mind, the hidden source of irrational behavior, unreasonable fears, upsets and insecurities.”

With such amazing abilities, super powers purchased at a premium, what does Clark choose to do to make the world a better place for all?

He attacks people.

March of 2021 he modeled Scientology’s reality by falsely attacking journalist Mustafa Gatollari.

More recently he turned his attention to writer and activist Jeffrey Augustine with another painfully hypocritical rant that leaves one wondering if Clark’s subconscious is crying out for help.

Clark dons his Criminologist Hat and attempts to forensically profile Augustine.

“Just as criminologists have developed profiles of common traits for individuals like serial killers, mass murderers, terrorists, and the like, a profile should be established for ranting, raving bigots who infest the internet fringe.

Since I’ve encountered them all my life in one form or another, I can conduct a rapid analysis and list their traits off the top of my head: Importance, Incompetence

Considering Stand League is a coalition of like minded ranting, raving bigots one cannot help but wonder if this is his non-existent reactive mind desperately fencing with reality.

Clark’s next statements are a clear and succinct description of both David Miscavige and Tom Cruise hidden under the guise of an attack on Jeffrey Augustine.

“These men and women have a desperate need to assert their inflated sense of self-importance. They are, first and foremost, legends in their own minds. They do nothing wrong. They think nothing wrong. They say nothing wrong. It’s everyone else who does those things. If they don’t like someone, then that someone is bad. That’s all the thought that goes into it and that’s all there is to it. It keeps things very simple.”

Any Never In wishing to see solid examples of the above in regards to Miscavige is encouraged to read Marc Headley’s excellent Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology.

In a scornful, condescending attempt to dehumanize Augustine, Clark goes on to call him “the ‘poster child,’ the archetype internet bigot”. Rodger then proceeds to engage in the very bigoted behavior he ascribes to Jeffrey Augustine by viciously attacking his religious beliefs.

“To wit, Infinity (now a proper noun) told him how our universe was made prior to the Big Bang. You see, Augustine learned that Mr. Infinity poops out ‘bubble universes,’ the universe we’re sitting in right now being just one of Infinity’s many generous droppings.”

This from a man who embraces L. Ron Hubbard’s claim that Intergalactic Warlord Xenu committed multi planetary genocide, loaded up spirits called “Thetans” onto jumbo jets then shipped them to Hawaiian volcanoes where they were nuked.

Physician, heal thyself.

As for Clark’s clear sarcasm concerning Infinity, Scientology believes that the Thetan “is immortal and has lived—and will continue to live—through countless lifetimes” and is, in fact, “the creator”.

It appears that for Scientologists, religious intolerance and mockery is acceptable behavior, just not for anyone else.

Clark then states, “All the theoretical physicists and astrophysicists out there can now turn in their books and go get a job at Walmart. Augustine just put a bow on the whole thing. Having been handed the secret to all existence from Infinity…”

L. Ron Hubbard claimed to have discovered the cure for everything from psychosis, cancer and Communism to drug abuse and educational deficits. He didn’t have the humility to claim his information came from a higher source, either. The way Hubbard told it he had all the answers and everyone else be damned.

To add credence to his rant, Clark then adds a fictional Midwestern woman to the mix.

“Recently a young woman from the Midwest, after watching another anti-Scientology troll’s hysterical parroting of the same tired, discredited tales that have been recirculated for 50 plus years, came into a Church of Scientology to sign up for a course.”

Currently there is a young woman from the West Coast who hysterically parrots the same, tired, discredited tales since 2010 against Mike Rinder.

Edward Parkin parrots the same, tired, discredited tales about Leah Remini and Mike Rinder having “blood on their hands”.

Clark closes with an attempt at poetic metaphor;“While tending their gardens of hate, these self-important, incompetent, impotent fools step on their own rakes and smack themselves in the face.”

There is not enough makeup in the world to hide the black eyes Scientology bears.

Rodger Clark accuses Jeffrey Augustine of incompetence and impotence. If these things are true then why would a man who has attested to the State of Clear be spending his time attacking him? If Augustine were truly so laughably ineffective then there would be no threat.

The reality is that Jeffrey Augustine’s articles shine a spotlight on the truth about Scientology and this is what sparks the resulting attacks.

Not only does Stand League consistently highlight the rotten core of the cult, but as a Clear, Rodger Clark is proving he is, in fact, no different than anyone else. He has no superior abilities, no super powers, no exceptional coping skills. The State of Clear is clearly a myth.

Actually the opposite is true. Rather than becoming a better person through Scientology, Clark is a petty, cowardly bigot, dishing out abuse from the safety of his computer.

So there is your portrait of a ranting, raving, raging internet bigot.

3 thoughts on “Scientology Attacks Jeffrey Augustine

  1. This turd is doing exactly what Hubbard told him to do. He’s demonstrating the monumental fail that is “the tech.”

    Avoid at all cost relating to what the critics have to say. Why? Because Hubbard knew that in the battle of ideas he would lose. Every time! Because it is impossible to create a credible apologia for what is a complete fraud. If you have to disclose the ingredients of your snake oil and explain why it works–or even claim with a straight face that it does work–you’re sunk!

    That’s why scientologists shout down their critics. That’s why they’re not allowed to rise in a reasoned defense of their “faith” unless they get OSA’s permission first. That’s why they cross the street in abject fear when they encounter a knowledgeable critic.

    But therein lies the Achilles heel of their whole approach. First off, anyone who knows even the first thing about reasoned discourse recognizes an ad-hominem fallacy when they see one. And KNOWS that it originates from someone who has nothing better to offer. And brushes it off like s–t from their shoes.

    But even more lethal to their cause: If a message is only as good as the messenger scientology is finished. Superhuman Hubbard has been long debunked as a habitually lying petty criminal, a drug-addled bloviating maniac who was covering up his own sense of failure and inadequacy by making up ludicrous claims about himself as well as about his “tech.” So if scientology has it right then with the messenger’s myth so also collapses the message.

    If scientology’s efficacy is judged by Hubbard’s example, or Cruise’s or Miscavige’s and the families that they left in shambles or the criminality that has been a dependable feature of this group since its inception then why would anyone even want to hear what these people have to say?

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  2. This post and BTC’s comment eloquently dismantle yet another example of scientological idiocy. The “religion” and its organizations are morally bankrupt and spiritually toxic…as Hubbard intended(a legacy Miscavige has extended and has continued to personally benefit from)…


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