Uncaring and Evil

May 1st Taryn Teutsch tried to sneak in another video attacking Mike Rinder. She didn’t post it on her blog for “all” of her “supporters” to see. It appeared on her YouTube channel where we encourage everyone to visit and leave polite, non-attacking comments.

“Today in particular, I wanted to illuminate a very specific characteristic of my father, Mike Rinder. For those of you that might have already interacted with him or don’t know him at all, it’s something to be aware of and to know about so that you don’t fall prey to it. The characteristic that I’m talking about is having a no care attitude. But taking it to an even worse level than that which is not caring to the point of being evil.“

A “no care attitude”, “to the point of being evil”.

After leaving Scientology one of the first things Rinder did, before getting a job, before finding a permanent place to live, was to reach out to his then wife.

He asked her to chose him.

To take a completely blind leap of faith and build a new life with him.

Only a wife who was truly committed, who was truly a partner would have accepted such a frightening offer.

Claire Headley did it.

She literally put herself at risk to be with her husband.

Cathy Rinder Bernardini dropped her husband without a second thought. After almost 30 years of marriage and two children she shrugged and told him “Fuck you”.

In spite of her cold and callous rejection, her “not caring”, Rinder continued to keep the lines of communication open with his family by sending cards.

He was ignored.

Years later when his son allegedly developed life threatening cancer Cathy Bernardini made the deliberate, conscious choice to keep the information from Mike. This selfish decision meant that had Benjamin died, he’d have been denied the chance to say goodbye to his father.

What mother would be so cruel?

Whose actions are the epitome of uncaring in this scenario?

Taryn’s entire foundation for her claims that Mike Rinder is uncaring and evil is the accusation that he attacked Cathy Rinder in 2010.

As this claim is patently, provably untrue everything else that she writes must be dismissed.

Her continued insistence that he caused broken bones, gouged flesh and blood to spurt on the walls while multiple men stood by without intervening is ridiculous.

Teutsch’s unending persistence that Bitter Bernardini cried out “You’re hurting me. You’re hurting me” is nothing more than wishful thinking.

In her video she says, “Any of us I mean, just take any guy, any normal person who touches someone or is physically in contact with them and they say, ‘hey that hurts’ a normal person will stop! They don’t want to be hurting someone.”

Yet she consistently commits emotional abuse against her own father.

Actions speak louder than words. Who is the uncaring, evil person?

“For those of you that might have already interacted with him…”

Mike Rinder, who once saw BBC journalist John Sweeney as an enemy now calls him “friend”.

Such is Rinder’s character Robert Almblad was willing to risk Scientology’s ultimate Fair Game, losing a multi million dollar business deal rather than betray him.

Having attended the VIP Cult City Tour in Clearwater, I watched as both he and his wife Christie interacted with those around them. Every person who approached them was greeted with warmth and friendliness.

No one who asked for a photo or autograph was turned away.

On a lesser, personal note both Mike and Christie treated me as though I was a friend. Their kindness cannot be overstated.

The real evil is this constant, bitter, unkind and untrue attack against the Rinders.

How is fair gaming a family, including innocent children, a caring act?

In what reality is falsely accusing anyone of domestic violence anything but evil?

With every attack Taryn Teutsch levies against her father she is clearly revealing exactly what her “religion” is all about.



“And that is what I strongly feel and really wanted to make sure was known”

One thought on “Uncaring and Evil

  1. Mind training happens to all of us, and we have a choice moment to moment: to choose separation and hate, or choose inclusion and forgiveness. The latter is our true nature, the other leads to dis-ease. Mike Rinder chose inclusion and forgiveness. And he waits patiently for his family to join in his happiness and joy. It’s totally worth laughing at how silly we’ve all been, and finally find the way to happiness. 🙂

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