Volunteer Ministers Busted Once Again

It is becoming more difficult to fact check Scientology’s claims of humanitarian charity here in the United States.

For some reason press releases issued by the cult concerning their activities in this country are being published much less frequently.

Over the past few months, we have sent emails and correspondence to multiple overseas entities in an attempt to verify claims being made. As Scientology appears to be focusing mostly on countries who are not as informed about their true identity, obtaining responses is rare.

While we expected silence from places such as South Africa, Aruba and Taiwan, being ignored by organizations in Italy and Germany was something of a surprise.

Early in April of 2021 we got lucky.

Scientology let its guard down and released an article discussing their Stay Well campaign in Tampa, Florida.

Amongst the typical, staged photo ops we’ve all become accustomed to was one that caught our attention.

There has been long held suspicion surrounding Scientology and their relationships with local constabulary.

In this case Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers proudly announced in their PR propaganda that Tampa Police were distributing Stay Well books to the community.

As expected, this is not true.

The Query
The Truth

Scientology publishes these photographs with the expectation that the reader believes the claims made that accompany them. This is a manipulation of the truth designed to fool the public.

Often we hear Never Ins ask how anyone could ever become entrapped in a cult like Scientology.

This is exactly how easy it is to be fooled.

The above photo states clearly that Tampa Police have joined the “information campaign”. “Taking boxes of booklets to hand out themselves.”

What Scientology has presented is, on the face of it, completely believable. The photograph is proof.

Except it isn’t.

Whichever Volunteer Minister who took this carefully staged picture knows full well the truth.

Tampa Police did not ask for those booklets.

They have not joined Scientology’s campaign.

They are not handing out Stay Well books.

It is all an illusion designed to generate belief that COS is working hard and making a difference in Tampa.

Scientology takes great pains to further this illusion by adding information that can neither be believed nor checked.

Crafting feel good events from the same cloth as the Emperor’s New Clothes, the Volunteer Ministers are complicit in lies of epic, monumental proportions.

“The director of a Tampa Karate academy noticed that no matter where he goes in town, he sees the white and yellow Stay Well booklets on the counters of shops and businesses. They are there for anyone to pick up and use to protect themselves and their families.

He implemented the information from these booklets with his Karate students and is proud that not a single one of the children came down with any sickness at all despite the pandemic. ‘I attribute that to the Stay Well campaign,’ he says in the video.

How often do children attend Karate classes?

Such statements make it sound as though the Sensei were solely responsible for the health of his students.

None of the children came down with “any sickness at all”. Surely this should be more attributed to the parents who spend vastly more time with their offspring?

What video?

No video is attached to this press release.

Is this tale true?

Conveniently, with no identifiable information to corroborate it there is no way to tell.

From experience however, it is safe to believe not.

Always consider the source.

Scientology lies.

5 thoughts on “Volunteer Ministers Busted Once Again

  1. I for one appreciate your fact checking greatly!

    It’s telling how anxious, without fail, organizations implicated in complicity with the cult are to distance themselves from these lies. If an officer were to overstep and act as the poster person for a legitimate organization would THIS really be the reaction? I really can’t imagine the Tampa Police distancing themselves with equal vehemence from the Red Cross or the United Way–even if the officer wasn’t exactly authorized to get their picture taken.

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