Hate and Lies on Mother’s Day

“What is true for you is true…”

L. Ron Hubbard’s mantra for self delusion.

Drug addicts know they aren’t addicts.

Alcoholics don’t have a problem, they can quit any time.

Domestic abusers wouldn’t be violent if their victim didn’t force them to it.

Taryn Teutsch thanks her mother for “always being there”.

Mother’s Day 2021 saw Taryn read a warm, loving letter crafted by someone in honor of Cathy Rinder Bernardini.

This video is multi-pronged fiction.

First it’s a tribute based on a lie. (Or wishful thinking)

Secondly it is another snide, underhanded attack on Mike Rinder.

On the surface this letter appears to be a tribute from daughter to mother; like all things Scientology however, the reality is dark and malicious.

“Dear Mom”

This salutation is the limit of Taryn’s ability to tell the truth. Cathy is indeed Teutsch’s mother.

“You have filled my life with joy, comfort and love.”


Jenna Miscavige Hill has a much different recollection in her book, Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape.

In mid 1988, 10 year old Taryn Rinder, along with her brother Benjamin (B.J.) moved into an apartment with Jenna’s family.

Eight people shared a Scientology owned two bedroom apartment. “Justin and I shared the living room on bunk beds and couches with Mike and Cathy’s daughter, Taryn, and their son Benjamin James, B. J. for short.”


Ten year old Taryn had no home of her own, no room of her own. She slept on a couch in a small, crowded apartment.

Joy and love?

Taryn and the other children spent their days watching out for each other. They took a Scientology bus to the Cadet Org’s Apollo Training Academy/nursery with about one hundred other Sea Org children.

Jenna writes, “I rode the bus home with Justin or Taryn, who was also in the ATA. They boarded when we stopped at the academy to pick up the students there. On some days my brother would take me off when we stopped at the ATA and we’d walk back to the apartment together, stopping for Push Pops from George’s General Store across the street from the ATA. While Justin was a little young to be watching me, the Edgemont was a Scientology building, and perhaps my parents took comfort in knowing that there were other Scientologists in close proximity and that their offices were right on the block. Additionally, there was a roving nanny on duty in the building who would stop by the various apartments and check on the children and was available in case any emergency arose.” (Emphasis ours)

Taryn and other children like her were left to fend for themselves. There was no responsible, consistent supervision. Just a “roving nanny” who may or may not have been qualified to handle an emergency should it arise.

Disingenuously Taryn exclaims, “I love you because you’ve always, always been there for me. If I needed a shoulder you were there.”

In her book Jenna laments the lack of parental support explaining that she only got to see her father during the allotted one hour of family time; “Usually it was just Dad and Cathy (Rinder) who came to the apartment for the hour.” Jenna’s mother was away overseas during this time.

Based on this first hand experience from someone who was there, Taryn’s claim that her mother was “always, always there” cannot be true. Like any other Sea Org child, she only saw her mother during the one hour family time. Time that was ultimately revoked when David Miscavige staged his coup and took the reins after Hubbard’s death. With only an hour to spend with her two children it is unlikely Cathy was able to give either Taryn or Benjamin the individual attention, affection and support they both needed.

“That was how the routine went for about a year. The four of us—Justin, Taryn, B. J., and I—formed a makeshift family of our own. Although they weren’t yet teenagers, Justin and Taryn were babysitters to B. J. and me. Together, we hung out, had snacks, and played around. They generally looked after us until our parents came home for dinner or had a day off.”

Jenna’s description paints a vastly different picture than Taryn’s.

As the oldest, Taryn bore the responsibility for her younger housemates. For a 10 year old, being caregiver to three younger children is a stressful, lonely job. Because of Cathy’s dedication to the Sea Org, her duty came before her children. Taryn was thrust into an adult role, deprived of being allowed to enjoy a carefree childhood.

Taryn and Benjamin would soon have this neglect expanded as Jenna describes the day that family time ended.

“I saw her (Cathy) speaking privately with B. J., who looked upset. From where I sat on the couch, I could hear Cathy tell him this would be their last daily family time together. From now on, she and Mike were only going to be able to see him once a week, on Sunday mornings, since the rest of the week they were going to be somewhere very secret doing important things for the Church.”

Taryn’s claim that her mother was always there for her is as false as her insistence that Mike Rinder attacked Cathy. In spite of the illusion that this video is a tribute to her beloved mother, Taryn cannot help but take a potshot at Mike.

“I love you for being strong and resilient despite having been domestically abuse (sic) by your husband at that time and my father, Mike Rinder.”


Taryn herself bemoans the fact that Cathy cannot even tie her own shoelaces.


Bitter Bernardini hasn’t moved past April 2010 since the day she attacked Mike Rinder. Not only has she falsely accused her former husband of domestic abuse, she is so fixated, bitter, angry and unable to let go she continues to fabricate new lies concerning what occurred that day. Her actions since Mike Rinder blew in 2007 have modeled anything but resilience.

“I love you because you’re kind, compassionate…”

So kind and compassionate that she chose to keep Mike Rinder from knowing his son Benjamin allegedly had cancer and was potentially facing death.

Kindness is not hunting your husband down with private investigators and attacking him with a gang of angry people.

Bernardini’s “compassion” can clearly be heard in the recording of April 24, 2010 as she screams and swears at Rinder while trying to force him to stay in his vehicle.

Neither kindness nor compassion exists in false accusations of domestic violence, disconnection or fair game.

“For everybody else, do something nice for your mom. Make sure that anybody that has hurt her doesn’t get supported and speak out against them. Tell the truth about them. And don’t let your mom or any mother get harmed. Have a really wonderful Mother’s Day.”

Herein lies the real reason for this video and letter.

It is not an honest, loving tribute but a pathetic, snarky attack.

Taryn has no idea what a mother’s role truly encompasses. There is no love in Scientology. No loyalty or truth. She has no way of understanding the sacrifices a mother makes for her children, who are always first in her heart.

Using Mother’s Day as a tool to inflict harm is the antithesis of everything that defines motherhood.

Taryn Teutsch is lying.


This is Scientology. The most ethical religion on the planet.

2 thoughts on “Hate and Lies on Mother’s Day

  1. AND…Taryn’s behavior is considered “ethical”, appropriate…and necessary, of course, to nullify, suppress, and ruin the
    Penultimate Manifestation of Antisocial Evil, that dastardly, bastardly minion of the Merchants of Chaos, Mike Rinder!(sarcasm) She and her crew of starved, enslaved, abused, and deluded Ronbots truly believe that lying consistently and publicly is a “correct handling” and a shining demonstration of the perfection of their “technology”…In their bubble of madness and mendacity, it makes PERFECT SENSE, of course. Out here, in the real world, where scientology’s impact on the world, outside of its decades-long legacy of heinous abuses and policy-driven criminality, is a weak, dribbling piss in a howling gale, we see her actions for what they truly are: the mean-spirited, dishonest, cowardly actions of an emotionally disturbed cult member.
    I sincerely wish her a speedy and rude awakening from her degrading cult servitude…


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