Danny Masterson Gives Us A Glimpse of His True Colors.

Danny Masterson appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom on Tuesday, May 18th for a preliminary hearing concerning his rape charges.

As the first victim tearfully recounted her attack, covered by Tony Ortega here, one can only shudder in disgust and horror.

With the next 45 years of his life on the line it would rightfully be assumed that Danny Masterson would be taking the situation seriously if not also with some trepidation. Any truly innocent man faced with the possibility of prison would be justifiably focused, stressed, angry and terrified.

In stark contrast, Masterson is behaving as though this process is some sort of game.

Showing absolutely no maturity or any sign that he understands the gravity of his situation, Masterson flippantly posted a photo on Instagram and Twitter before the hearing.

Referring to the Courthouse as “school” leaves us wondering if this is his attempt at passive aggressive snark towards his accusers.

Does he believe his attorney, Mesereau, is going to “school” the three women he allegedly drugged and raped? If so, Mesereau needs to do better than he did at the hearing on Tuesday or Danny “DJ Donkey Punch” Masterson will find himself in a cell with Bill Cosby.

His wife, actress Bijou Phillips, dressed more appropriately for a casual night out with friends than for the dignity of a courtroom, sits grinning next to Danny.

What woman who finds herself married to a man accused of such heinous acts would be grinning like a fool under the circumstances?

Neither of them are behaving like right thinking people facing the fight of their lives.

For Bijou Phillips, her lack of gravity in the face of multiple women alleging pain, shame, fear and confusion at the hands of her husband is disturbing.

If Masterson believes that his behavior will in anyway convince people of his innocence he’s badly misinformed. He is not acting like a wrongly accused innocent man. Rather, he’s acting exactly like one would expect from a man willing to drug and rape women.

Arrogant and uncaring.

Even after Jane Doe recounted her traumatic experience under oath all Danny Masterson could do was behave like a 10 year old school yard bully.

Tony Ortega describes the incident, saying, “Danny Masterson leaned in close to Graham and your proprietor and said rather cockily, ‘See you all tomorrow!’”

If this is an example of the superior Scientology tech at work, here’s hoping Danny Masterson gets his money back.

As an actor, at the very least Mesereau should advise his client to pretend like he is taking these proceedings seriously.

This is, after all, the role of his life.

3 thoughts on “Danny Masterson Gives Us A Glimpse of His True Colors.

  1. I am hoping that this trial and the media attention it is garnering will bring some new readers to your blog.

    Also, see Mike Rinder’s blog post for May 20, 2021…He mentions that another reason the OT’s(omniscient twats) write for STAND ( simpering teegeeackian anuses nattering demonically) League is that they may be fulfilling requirements to qualify for an “invitation” to do the OT levels…I am alluding to a comment I made on a recent post of yours about Roger Harrison writing a piece for that group possibly being a step in an “ethics handling”…
    And, yes, Masterson’s flippant tweet was NOT a good look, but I am not surprised; he appears to be a serial rapist
    and cult sociopath who fancies himself a “bad boy”. If he ends up getting convicted and going yo prison, I have a suspicion that some fellow inmates might “school” him about what a ” bad boy ” actually is, given the hatred they typically feel for pedos and rapists in prison…

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