Yes Brian, Scientology IS descended From Aliens

Scientologist Brian Riggs, @BrianRi42540176, retweeted a post that proves his “religion” is beyond confused about their own doctrine.

(Actually, yes.)

The link Riggs wants one to follow leads to a page on Scientology’s website. Here, the very idea of anyone being descended from aliens is dismissed as ludicrous.


Since the Christian belief in Heaven has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with space, aliens or intergalactic warlords, that Scientology arrived at this comparison to Christianity displays pure, unadulterated stupidity.

As for the insistence that Scientologists do not believe they are descended from aliens…

Such a claim is open for dispute.

According to L. Ron Hubbard, “The head of the Galactic Confederation (76 planets around
larger stars visible from here)
(founded 95,000,000 yrs ago, very space opera)
solved overpopulation (250 billion
or so per planet — 178 billion on average) by mass implanting. He caused people to be brought to
Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H Bomb on the principal volcanoes (Incident 2) and then the Pacific area ones
were taken in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic Area ones to Las Palmas and there ‘packaged.’
His name was Xenu.”

The Source said so…

What’s relevant here isn’t the batshit crazy Xenu story itself. It’s that without this pinks and grays induced bit of science fiction there’d be no explanation for body thetans.

Hubbard explained, “And they took these people [the alien populations] in boxes and so forth, and they dumped them. And then they set off Hydrogen bombs on the top of each primary volcano there is on this particular planet. And when they blew up it blew the thetans into the air. And after the bomb an electronic ribbon, which also was a type of standing wave, was erected over the area. The tremendous winds of the planet blew everything there was straight into those particular vacuum zones which had been created. These were brought down, packed up, and put in front of projection machines, which were sound and color pictures. First [it] gave them the implant which you know as ‘clearing course.’ And then a whole track implanted which you know as OT II. After this however, about the remainder of the 36 days, which is the bulk of them is taken up with a 3D super colossal motion picture, which has to do with God, the Devil, space opera, etc. They go five pictures to five words. And we have the full record of what it is.” (Hubbard’s words, emphasis ours.)

BTs are born.

But what are body thetans, exactly?

Hubbard states that Man is a Thetan. Body thetans are just clusters of thetans stuck together.

Man is the thetan, not his body.

Thetans came to Earth from other planets.

Without the concept of thetans or body thetans Scientology would not exist. There would be nothing to audit, no need for the OT levels, nothing to clear.

Ergo: Scientology and Scientologists are, of complete necessity and according to LRH, descended from aliens.

3 thoughts on “Yes Brian, Scientology IS descended From Aliens

  1. Any time scientology operatives claim “Absolutely not”, it’s best not take that at face value! It’s telling that this disclaimer does NOT go on to reveal the true “doctrine” of what/who we’re descended from. Remarkably, it doesn’t even make a fleeting attempt to go there. For obvious reasons!

    Instead, they obfuscate the question by pointing to any system of thought but their own. First by comparing themselves to Christianity; an obvious attempt at riding on the coat tails of a respected and widely accepted religion! However, were you to tell a Christian theologian or even a rank-and-file believer that Christians believe themselves to be aliens (or birthed in and descended from Heaven), this person could easily refute that idea by pointing to their religious text. Not even the most hostile atheist would dream of trying this approach in debating Christianity.

    Another complete misappropriation is the term “theology”. This is an absurd misnomer: Any theology is a “system of thought about God”, not a set of promises about humans attaining superpowers in exchange for huge advance payments. Practitioners of a “religion” that spends–following their founder’s dictates–an inordinate amount of time on parsing words with a dictionary can be expected to know better than that. Even more so, a person speaking officially for this group on one of their web sites. Knowing that this is NOT a “misunderstood word” this is clearly another effort at misdirection.

    Equally counterproductive is crying foul, and blaming unnamed miscreants on the “Internet fringe.” If “fringe” status proves anything then scientology is in deep trouble indeed. An easily done analysis of scientology site rankings shows easily how “fringe” those professionally created sites actually are even in

    Making matters worse, drilling down into these sites’ viewing patterns reveals clearly their employment of click farms as an inordinate number of “views” originates in countries that have zero scientology presence but an abundance of cheap labor that makes them widely known as locations operating this deceptive internet “marketing” device. On a personal note, I have observed with my own eyes how some of scientology’s offerings on youtube that had very few views suddenly showed jumps in viewership by tens of thousands in a matter of a few seconds before coming to a complete standstill one again.

    Even so, a significant number of “fringe” sites critical of scientology leaves the organization’s rankings in the dust by significant margins. These are sites created by passionate individuals without professional teams and without the benefit of Superbowl commercials. And, regardless of ratings, what is one to make of a “church” creating dozens of web sites to smear anyone who ever said a critical word about them; typically with demonstrably libelous claims that the “church” MUST know to be false. This is a good step past “fringe” and places them firmly in the lunatic fringe!

    At any rate, anyone hoping for clarification of scientology “theology” or cosmology will come up empty after reading this official “church” entry which offers nothing but defensiveness.

    As you expressed well, it may be debatable whether one can infer from scientology “theology” that we’re “descended from aliens”, a red herring as this claim is usually not even being made by those knowledgable about scientology. The truth is much worse: scientology “theology” teaches that we are infested by alien spirits that need can be exorcised at great length by scientology only. Something which is done by these “humanitarians” at exorbitant expense.

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    1. I’d love to know how to reveal the click farm usage. Especially on the Taryn Teutsch accounts. Scientology’s big foot bullet is in their adamant denial of everything they actually believe in and practice. This is a cowardly cult. They attack and fair game, then deny the reality we all can see. Scientology has announced that Hubbard’s writings are their sacred scripture, then deny every attempt to present them with counter arguments based on his work. Worse than Peter, Scientology denies their Source over and over then blames the world for their sins.

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      1. How do you look for click farms?

        Last time I did this was when Rathbun released his series of video smears. So I don’t recall what tool I used. Nor do I know which one is best now. I also vaguely recall that Rinder may have blogged about this topic a few years back.

        Site Ranking: Easy to determine by googling “site ranking” for the web site of interest. This will take you to a tool such as alexa or similarweb It’s remarkable how “fringe” the cult is, consistently lagging way behind Ortega’s blog, often even behind Rinder’s despite their Superbowl ads and such. You can observe ranking over time and see whether there are any spikes in traffic

        Usually, you can also see where (geo) the clicks come from, and how they are distributed over time. As of today, there’s nothing remarkable to see in terms of suspicious looking third-world “traffic.”

        I’m not much of a fan of Big Tech, especially not social media, given what I consider their undue political influence, selective censorship and election meddling. But I’ve never much seen the point of internet exhibitionism either. Who cares which empty-headed celebrity just figured out that they can attract attention by aping the slogan du jour? However, I think that FB offers tools for observing the origin and pattern over time of Likes as well. And I guess that’s one of Taryn’s platforms.

        As far as her Youtube platform is concerned, it’s pathetic. She seems to receive one or two views a day , practically no comments or upvotes. In fact, I left a comment a couple of months ago, pointing out the obvious, and they haven’t even bothered denying my assertion of lying or removing it. She’s definitely not receiving any click farm support there.

        My personal observations go back to the initial Rathbun campaign when the Remini series came out. Rathbun published 20-30 minute clips daily. The manipulation was obvious. Clips would get a few hundred views. After they’d been up for half a day, all of a sudden that would surge to a quarter, half, even three quarters of a million of “views.” You could literally sit there, hit F5 and see how another 50k “views” had “happened” over the last few seconds. In the days following, the views would again resume the expected pace of a dozen or two a day.

        Other telltale signs were that other numbers did NOT rise along with those “views” such as subscriptions, upvotes (or even downvotes, for that matter), or comments. Also, it appeared that their deception budget was limited. Some days got huge boosts while others did not, a highly unusual pattern for a series that had so many devoted “fans.”

        I did a quick check on YT today. Unless I missed something in the 60 seconds I spent there, sportscoat Judas has removed these videos and replaced them with a few dozen 3 minute excerpts Even though this apparently happened three years ago and the effort of watching these videos has been significantly reduced (only 3 minutes to sit through vs a half hour) , his typical views over this entire time period are now in the 1 to 2k range.

        My conclusion: Even though there is a clear pattern of past gross deception, neither Marty nor Taryn are receiving much support along these lines at this point. Systematic deception leave trails. And as your blog documents so frequently an well theirs continues unabated although not as much (as far as I can tell) with juking viewership numbers.

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