Scientology Views Everyone As Hostile

Actually, yes…

“Press interviews usually end up as entheta or they are cover-ups for an investigation. Never co-operate. Be indifferent. Don’t let the central organization co-operate with ‘press’ ever. That’s a lesson hard to learn. Press people are so persuasive. They are going to ‘help’ so much. Look at a newspaper. Is it helping anybody?
Press and other queries are counter-investigation.”
-Hubbard Communications Office; Manual of Justice

“Reporters are a kiss of death unless one really is an expert PR man himself. Reporters have to be handled and well.”


@ExposeNetwork has reappeared from whatever rock it was snuggled under to once again help Keep Scientology Working.

Amongst the many retweets was this gem asking the hard question: “Is Scientology hostile to the press?”

“..the reporter cannot really hurt you and is nobody to be feared. Pitied, rather-for if he does write what he really feels, he’ll get sacked. That’s what makes him sick and cynical. He may know you’re decent and effective and yet he’ll have to go write what he’s told to write.
Even if you handed this policy letter to him and he said it wasn’t true, he’d have to write stories that follow the points below.

So actually he’s on a spot. He’d have to sell out the human race if his editor told him to.” –HCO POLICY LETTER OF 14 AUGUST 1963, SCIENTOLOGY FIVE PR Series 31

In spite of all evidence to the contrary, evidence written by Source himself, Scientology claims that not only is there no hostility, but they adamantly uphold the Right to Freedom of Speech.

“No. The Church regards the media as an important element of society which, responsibly run and responsibly employed, can accomplish a tremendous amount of good. In point of fact, Scientologists work to protect and maintain freedom of speech world over.”

One has yet to meet any Scientologist working to protect or maintain freedom of speech. Such a ridiculous statement boggles the mind in the face of the recent myriad Dead Agent attacks against Ben Schneiders alone. Add to this the constant, unrelenting abuse leveled against Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Yashar Ali and literally anyone else who dares question this duplicitous cult and once again the true picture emerges.

In point of fact, Scientology works to stifle, silence and control Freedom of Speech.

Scientology is not only hostile towards the press, but they have written courses teaching members how to lie to, misdirect and in other ways “handle” journalists.

This retweet by @ExposeNetwork is also policy in action. Garnering good PR by creating illusion is all in a days work for the dedicated Scientologist.

Scientology is antagonistic to anyone who dares shine the light on all the rotten, dishonest, abusive realities that Miscavige would rather stay in the dark.

What else is expected from a pretend “religion” that includes Fair Game, Disconnection, fraud and policies of revenge and psychological terrorism?

4 thoughts on “Scientology Views Everyone As Hostile

  1. Isn’t interesting that a so-called religion that has a “bridge to total(spiritual) freedom” is so obssessed with “handling”, attacking, “ruining”, and “shattering” those who question, challenge, and/or oppose its policies and actions, without EVER calmly rebutting the content of those disagreements with reason and evidence ?
    Allegedly, this group possesses the ONLY “technology” in the whole universe that can rehabilitate, “save”, and give all beings super powers-forevah! These “masters of communication”, these “experts on matters of the mind and spirit”, these super-evolved, super “ethical” beings…cannot engage in civil debate and cannot acknowledge the harm they have caused to others and to the greater society. They are not only incapable of honestly discussing their actions and agendas with the press or anyone outside of their group, they are FORBIDDEN to do so by their very own policies(i.e. scripture) that are rooted in a belief in their own superiority and in the assumed inferiority and hostility of anyone who is not an active, paying member of their group.
    They have no desire to explain themselves or their actions-ever! They believe themselves to ALWAYS be above reproach or suspicion. They are busy saving the universe and can’t be arsed to waste their precious “theta” and billions of dollars on actually documenting and openly sharing their alleged contributions to the world; their superior, 100% effective “tech” , “senior to life” itself, is not available for scientific testing and validation. The fact that the group’s adherents are forced to sign “contracts” which strip them of all of their legal rights and boldly state that NONE of Hubbard’s claims are guarenteed or promised even though that’s the “product or service” being covered in said contracts is conveniently ignored as well.
    The decades of documented government investigations, legal indictments and convictions, journalistic exposés, ex-member testimonies, and scholarly studies(internationally!) of this group’s predictable, policy-driven abuses and crimes are merely fictions concocted by “suppressive people” who merely wish to stifle and undermine scientology’s noble efforts to “reverse the dwindling spiral” of the whole universe! Of course, they aren’t even honest enough to come out and say this. They merely resort to ferocious, cartoonishly over-the-top ad hominem and transparently fake, poorly conceived public relations capers when confronted with proofs of their excesses and violations.

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    1. Scientology would go much farther in the world if it had the humility to admit its humanity and stop expecting us to believe in its omniscient sanctity. No religion is without sin. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to growth and improvement. The Catholic Church is learning this lesson. Slowly, but learning nonetheless. To hear COS tell it, they’ve been lily white and pure and ready for canonization since 1954. Self awareness is not an OT gift for Scientologists.

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      1. Scientology wasn’t conceived with an intention to help others, as we know…Hubbard wanted to make heaps of money and control, manipulate, and demean people…just for kicks and for the evil, Crowleyian thrill of getting away with some truly amoral, vile shit…

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