Scientology’s Sad, Sad Humor

@ExposeNetwork is trying out their comedic side with two new tweets for the edification of their many followers. (305 Scientology groups, Scientologists and paid bots.)

First is this stunning quote concerning the “actual intention” of L. Ron Hubbard;

“Freely Available”

Considering it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to cruise along the Bridge, if not millions to attest to Clear and beyond, “freely available” is apparently a relative term.

In Scientology it costs upwards of 5 thousand dollars just for the privilege of running around a pole for weeks.

Sea Org members are little more than indentured servants; breaking their Billion Year Contract results in being slammed with a “freeloader’s bill”.

@ExposeNetwork might argue “Scientology offers a slew of free online courses!”

So too, do drug dealers often offer free samples of their product in order to begin the addiction process which will result in more profit in the long run.

These courses are nothing more than a tried and true business practice. Bait on the hook in the hopes of reeling in future revenue. None of the free courses taken will ever count towards future Scientology advancement should one join.

“Leah Remini, star of the Scientology tell-all Going Clear, told Business Insider that the initial introductory Scientology courses are as low as $35, but they’re designed to rope you into greater expenditure. They don’t count towards your ‘credits’ earned on the path to full-blown Scientologist, and are focused on recruitment and ‘indoctrination.’”

Mike Rinder has a price list for courses in one of his blog articles from 2018.

“Freely available.”

Scientology code for entrapment at an incredible cost.

Barely do we recover from this tweet than @ExposeNetwork offers a second.

Misunderstood Word

According to the Free Dictionary, Mores has three definitions.

  1. The accepted traditional customs and usages of a particular social group.
  2. Moral attitudes.
  3. Manners; ways.

Recently Mike Rinder’s blog had an article concerning Germany’s “Constitutional Protection Report”.

“The ‘Scientology Organization’ (SO) intends to establish a worldwide ‘Scientology Society’.”

Clearing the planet is Scientology speak for recreating the world in the image and likeness of L. Ron Hubbard’s toxic, destructive cult.

Truths found in this report include such statements as “The SO dogmatically bases its ideology on the writings of founder and leading figure Lafayette Ron Hubbard (1911-1986). In it he developed a method that he called ‘technology’, designated as ‘Dianetics’ respectively ‘Scientology’. The aim of this method is to create the perfect person who is called ‘clear’ or synonymously ‘non-aberrant’. People who do not belong to the ‘Clears’ should be denied basic rights and human dignity.”

Here in the States Scientology is deplorably, grievously against many, if not most, of the accepted moral attitudes of the “Wog” public.

Mental illness, for example, is considered a Big Pharma created fallacy. Conditions suffered by millions are dismissed as fake and treated with cruel intolerance.

Someone suffering from depression is considered to have a defective body and the Thetan would be better to drop this body and pick up a new, undamaged one.

Our country is founded on the traditions of freedom of thought, expression and speech. None of which is recognized or protected by Scientology if those freedoms are utilized to question, criticize or expose the cult’s abuses.

Free Game, Disconnection and Dead Agenting all egregiously interfere with the accepted mores of society. Attacking people for speaking of their experiences, the utter destruction of a person’s reputation and/or career is anathema to right thinking people. Psychological terrorism in order to intimidate and silence flies in the face of anything remotely considered acceptable in our society.

Extermination of the family.

More egregiously, the blasphemous misuse of the most dearly held, sacred symbol of Christianity, the Cross, is the most blatant, intolerant display of interference in the customs of Christian society across the globe possible.

Scientology is hypocrisy and deceit in their highest forms. Every public word is a lie with an insidious underlying agenda.

L. Ron Hubbard was nothing more than a petty conman with serious, untreated mental illness. His paranoia, hate and rage induced abuse is the only legacy he offers to the world.

@ExposeNetwork, Kirstie Alley, Tom Cruise and others of their ilk are puppets being controlled first by LRH and his toxic creation, then by David Miscavige in all his unhinged darkness.

Hubbard and Miscavige are two faces of the same evil coin.

It is sincerely hoped that a reckoning is coming.

Australia is beginning to ask the questions so many have wanted asked for so long. Exposure of the reality of this cult of hate will eventually be it’s undoing.

Until that time however, the only counter to deceit is truth. No claims of righteousness must be allowed to go unchallenged.

There is nothing good, moral or acceptable about Scientology.

The actual intentions of the Founder, Scientologists and Scientology Organizations are easily stated, easily proven.

Actions speak louder than empty words.

Always, always consider the Source.

Evil Inextricably Bound

3 thoughts on “Scientology’s Sad, Sad Humor

  1. Think what you will of real churches: They don’t hesitate to make the content of their faith systems “generally and freely available.” This is not just in the financial sense. I can attend any church for years (and yes, for free), or review their offerings online, to make an informed decision whether this is for me. If I find the information insufficient, they’re typically eager to give me more. Their belief systems are widely discussed, by proponents and opponents alike. And no, there are no whoisxyz web sites smearing even the vilest and most unfair of opponents.

    Most importantly, there is no bait and switch. I won’t find myself ushered into a back room one day (after paying up big) to learn “secret theology” that is only available to those who have shown themselves compliant so far. Theology that the church will publicly deny exists, no less.

    If I change my mind about being part of a church, I needn’t worry about being spied on, picketed, slandered or disconnected from my family and fired from my job by church decree.

    With $ billions in the bank there is no excuse not to follow the empty words of their own proclamation and to make this “technology”, all of it, available to all comers. Certainly “we’re a destitute ‘new religion'” won’t cut it! Many new churches surviving on a shoe string budget prove that point.

    If you believe that your way is the only one to save this planet, as scientologists do, and if you incessantly pad yourself on the back for your humanitarianism–as documented by many a video team and ‘press release’–what is the hold up?

    Do you want to save the planet, or just milk your marks/”parishioners” for all you can get? Do you really believe that your discoveries should be shared with as many as possible, or is your “religion” strictly “pay to pray?”

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