Disconnection And Father’s Day

After a blissful month of silence Taryn Teutsch returns on Father’s Day.

In spite of her avowal to return every week and attack Mike Rinder, Taryn last posted on Mother’s Day and the subsequent absence of her dishonest vitriol was a relief.

Father’s Day could not be left alone however and so, while so many were celebrating, we were treated to an Instagram slam by Princess Debbie Downer.

She definitely wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to be abusive

She’s sorry she hasn’t put out any videos.

Who is she talking to?

Sorry that she took a break from posting abusive lies about someone?

Gee, it’s been a month since I cyber bullied my own father, I’m sorry!

“But I definitely wasn’t going to miss saying something on Father’s Day.”

Well this at least is true. No way was she going to miss an opportunity to show the world, once again, the caliber of person produced by Scientology.

Taryn’s sarcastic pot shot begins by acknowledging the good and loving fathers out there who have the “best job”.

This isn’t an attempt to be positive, it’s just setting up a compare/contrast to attack Mike Rinder.

All the good fathers out there are awesome. Daddy’s Girls are so lucky!

*Dramatic sigh*

Oh the Drama…

Rinder blew in 2007, one of the first things he did was reach out to his then wife, Cathy, asking her to join him in making a new and better life.

After she rebuffed him with a terse “fuck you I’m filing for divorce” Rinder continued to try and keep the communication lines open by sending cards to his family, who ignored him.

These are not the actions of a man who did not love his family.

Taryn has a photograph on her blog that she has dramatically ‘shopped.

Apt Metaphor for Scientology

Mike Rinder, the father who hated his daughter and was never, ever there is photographed here on a walk with his toddler Taryn.

Taryn and Scientology are the ones who, through Fair Game and Disconnection, destroyed any hope of a relationship between Rinder and his children.

Recently @ExposeNetwork tweeted a denial of the existence of Disconnection as a policy.

This is utterly, clearly a lie

Whoever is behind this account (Ryan Prescott?) needs to spend more time studying his own “religion’s” policies and less time exposing his own ignorance.

HCO POLICY LETTER OF 23 DECEMBER 1965; Revised 8 January 1991, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists is clear about Disconnection.

Later in this Policy Letter included in the list of Suppressive Acts is the following:

If you stay connected to an enemy (SP) YOU are guilty as well.

Hubbard spells out everything considered a Suppressive Act in this Policy Letter. Anyone who remains connected to an enemy of Scientology is considered a Potential Trouble Source until he or she makes one of two choices: handle or disconnect.


Taryn Teutsch’s ongoing attack against Mike Rinder is standard Scientology policy of “handling” him. Not only are both of Rinder’s children disconnected but in order to maintain good standing and continue to receive services, they must participate in this Fair Game campaign as well.

Anyone who doubts Mike Rinder’s feelings is encouraged to read his Open Letter to his family.

Heartbreaking to read as he tries to defend himself while at the same time desperately attempts to break through the Scientology programming with truth.

Rinder publicly states he is open and willing to communicate.

He leaves the door open.

Not the actions of an unfeeling, uncaring father.

In fact one may consider just how invested and loving Rinder is, given the circumstances.

He has been attacked, maligned, verbally assaulted, publicly and falsely accused of the most heinous acts, rejected and emotionally flogged

Yet he has not, as so many would, shut off the lines of communication. He has not closed the door of hope, however small.

Love is sometimes being vulnerable.

It is placing your heart on the table and allowing another the power to hurt you, but never giving up. Never taking that heart back.

Never rejecting.

Never abandoning.

Taryn has no idea what the love of a father truly is even though it is right there in front of her.

She has disconnected, has rejected him. Not the other way around.

The true test of a father isn’t just in the happy times, but in those times of pain and testing.

Mike Rinder, by his willingness to meet his children half way should they ever need him, in spite of the pain they have inflicted on him, proves the lie of Taryn’s narrative.

Actions speak louder than any words, no matter how hateful or hurtful.

No matter how long Taryn screams her rage into the world Mike is there.


Calm foil to the chaos and maelstrom of Hubbard’s toxic destruction.

Certainly he has the right to react and defend himself against the deceitful accusations hurled against him.

However at the same time he still leaves that door open.

More fathers out there would do well to take such an example to heart.

We wish Mike Rinder a peaceful Father’s Day (though it is admittedly belated).

6 thoughts on “Disconnection And Father’s Day

  1. She’s really Janie on the spot. Whenever the rest of us celebrates a joyful event (or stands in solidarity with those recovering from a bona fide violation in their lives, such as Denim Day) she has to insert herself with her lies.

    OK, Taryn, I get it. And I even believe you: You had an unhappy childhood. But did it ever occur to you how much of that unhappiness comes from growing up in an exploitative cult? A cult that, to this day, has you spew lies and attack your own father with them?

    Does it ever occur to you that if said cult had the tools and answers it pretends to, you wouldn’t be in such misery over a decade after the alleged incident? Do you ever stop to consider that this incident was actually caused by that cult? How alone you really are with your twisted version of what the incident actually entailed? How you’re actually being used by them?

    Your father is the only one in your family offering you support on the way out of this. Please consider that you’re an adult–and have been for a long time. You’re the one victimizing yourself at this point!


  2. Beautiful, heart-felt writing in this post-as usual !
    I love that you continue to present and quote scientology “scripture” in your essays. The slam-indictment of scientology’s inherent cruelty and criminality is found in their own books, courses, and policies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I try very hard to use the Source in the hopes that it will make Scientologists uncomfortable. However this is an uphill battle. When I directly quoted Hubbard to Ryan Prescott, he decided that “apostates” have learned how to copy Hubbard’s style and have created fake documents in order to attack and undermine him and Scientology.


      1. The die-hard Hubbardists uniformly display a strange, toxic, disturbed mind-set…They are textbook examples of the worst results of undue influence…They CANNOT lose face, they cannot have their assumed superiority impugned; they are utterly incapable of engaging in logical debate. They are always right, because…Hubbard was, of course, and because they follow is white-taped path, they, too, are always right. It’s a sad, nutty, deluded state of affairs…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. How psychologically exhausting and frustrating then to justify and excuse away every time the tech fails. Of course if the tech isn’t working it’s the member’s fault so there’s that built in loophole. In Prescott’s case, he was extolling the joy of attending his “100th Christian church service”. When I showed him Hubbard’s heretical statement that Jesus was a lover of boys and given to fits of anger he lost it. Insisting Hubbard NEVER said such a thing and that it was fake. Then I got blocked, lol.


      3. Prescott is a walking, talking, ranting contradiction; he is the dramatic embodiment of cognitive dissonance.
        Or, as they say on the street, he is an a$$hole…

        Liked by 1 person

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