Scientology Can Do NOTHING

Early in the morning of June 24th, 2021 unthinkable tragedy struck as a Southside, Florida Condo collapsed taking its sleeping occupants with it.

Since then Miami struggles to cope with the immensity of loss and destruction while desperately shifting through the rubble for survivors.

During these troubled times, fraught with division, anger and hate this catastrophe’s one silver lining is the bringing together of caring, concerned people in solidarity. Offering help from physical labor to emotional support, Miami’s boundaries have broadened, welcoming aid from as far away as Mexico and Israel.

True humanitarianism is selfless, seeking no reward. Those who have paused their own lives to serve do not carefully pose for photographs then leave the work for others.

Tom Cruise, fanatical Scientology sycophant, insistsBeing a Scientologist, when you drive past an accident, it’s not like anyone else. As you drive past you know you have to do something about it because you know you’re the only one that can really help.”

A mere fifteen miles from the collapsed condo stands Scientology’s Miami location.

So where are they?

Where are the only people who can “create new and better realities and improve conditions”?

According to multiple press releases issued by Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers, not only can they do something about it, but they allegedly have a division known as Pro.Civi.Co.S, trained to confront situations just like this one.

Pro.Civi.Co.S—the Civil Protection Team of the Scientology Community—are experienced Volunteer Ministers who are also trained in civil defense.”

We have attempted to verify this incredible claim by contacting the Italian Civil Defense on numerous occasions but have never received the courtesy of a response. Because of this, exactly what type of training Scientologists in Pro.Civi.Co.S receive is unknown.

According to one press release, “Over the past two decades, Pro.Civi.Co.S and the Volunteer Ministers of Italy have responded to disasters at home and abroad, including the L’Aquila and Amatrice earthquakes in Italy, the South Asian tsunami of 2004, the Haiti earthquake of 2010, and the 2019 Albania earthquake.”

Would the collapse of a Condo filled with innocent people not qualify for the response of such a highly trained group?

Pro.Civi.Co.S aside, what of the allegedly trained Volunteer Ministers?

Unlikely their presence would be welcome, though that did not stop them from forcing their way through the barricades at Ground Zero on 9/11.

While people are coming from around the world offering help, compassion and support, this horrendous tragedy is right on Scientology’s doorstep, affecting their own neighbors.

Fifteen miles away.

So is Scientology making a difference? Are they reaching out to do something about this disaster?

Is the most ethical religion on the planet on scene, taking charge and invoking their super OT powers?

Awesome gifts come with awesome responsibility.

If Tom Cruise truly believed he was the only one capable of helping the world then where is he?

Not his money.

Not his representatives.

Where is he?

One supposes he must be excused from helping at this accident. After all the very continued existence of Hollywood rests upon his small shoulders.

Where are the Clears? Those blessed few who spent hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars to be granted super powers? Homo novus with the abilities to hear their shoelaces, sense the saline content of their very cells and telekinetically manipulate the world around them.

Where are these superior, super human prodigies?

The only ones on the planet who can actually do something?

Scientology claims they are Mankind’s only hope. They are the only one who has the abilities and the answers.

Yet every time they are faced with the opportunity to fulfill their self styled purpose they step back and fail.

Scientology LIES.

Where are these Superheroes?
Just Not By Scientology…
Just An Impotent Actor

6 thoughts on “Scientology Can Do NOTHING

  1. They can help only in there own made-up hypnotized reality. Sad really if they weren’t so evil. They
    just help themselves in the real world, where they take their followers for every dime. Like donate today to help back our Volunteer Ministers to save those poor thetans who were harmed by this…..

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  2. So to summarize: Scientology just took tens of millions of $ over the course of the pandemic from the Federal Government thru their grant program. They also have tax exempt status because they are a religious organization that supposedly ‘gives back’ more than it takes from the community. Hmmm …. Wouldn’t this be one of those situations where they should be giving with their volunteers’ and staff’s time and some of their incredible wealth to help? I am not talking about some bull***t photo op handing out bottled water or pamphlets either. Where oh where art thou dear Scientology when you – ok maybe not your religion – but your $ is needed for true good?

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  3. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Thanks a lot!

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