Taryn Teutsch – Is Nothing Sacred?

It becomes more and more obvious that L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Tech is as useless as everything else he wrote.

One need only spend two minutes with Ryan Prescott’s infantile attempts at writing to understand that neither grammar nor punctuation are taught with any efficacy.

Edward Parkin and his Stand League cohorts continually demonstrate an egregious lack of basic reading comprehension, though this lack is a convenience as they seek to attack the innocent.

July 4th.

Independence Day.

As the Country celebrates the birth of Freedom from oppression after a long and bloody labor of war, Scientology once again uses the profound to foster the profane.

Stunning in her lack of understanding, Taryn Teutsch takes to social media, twisting the fight for freedom back into a link in Scientology’s chain of hate and oppression.

“My personal journey of speaking out against the abuse of my father, Mike Rinder, and standing up for my mom – the victim – is how I celebrate Independence Day and freedom today. This journey has been one of courage, strength and honesty. To speak out about my own abusive father and his violence and to have the strength and tenacity to do so, no matter what, is what makes me proud to celebrate this 4th of July 2021!”

Scientology embodies the essence of the maltreatment and dictatorship that the Colonies sought to break free from.

England’s King and his Council enjoyed their lavish lifestyles funded through the abusive taxation of the Commons.

There was no true justice for the people, no recourse for mistreatment.

Freedom of thought, expression and religion was rigidly controlled and stifled.


Microcosm of that which prompted Man to war.

One doubts that Taryn has ever read the Declaration of Independence or if so, given it more than a passing thought. Neither History nor Social Studies can be part of Applied Scholastics’ curriculum if the very founding of the Nation can be so easily reduced to a tool for hate.

“This journey has been one of courage, strength and honesty.”

Bullies have no courage. It takes no strength to lie and attack others.

Taryn Teutsch’s campaign to Fair Game/Dead Agent Mike Rinder is empty fallacy.

Teutsch’s propaganda driven psychological terrorism against her father, approved by David Miscavige, echoes the accusation in the Declaration; “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”

Fair Game- “May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

Independence Day is a celebration of freedom from tyranny. Taryn Teutsch disrespects and offends by co-opting it to celebrate an attempt to intimidate and silence. She attacks the very freedoms so many, through true courage, strength and honesty, fought and died for.

Teutsch writes, “This week we celebrate freedom not only as a country, but as individuals. To me this means freedom from oppression, freedom from abuse and domestic violence.”

Empty, useless words.

The only abuse, violence and oppression Taryn faces is from her own cult. Her only hope for true freedom would be if she finally found the real strength to stand up and face her tyrannical ruler.

David Miscavige.

“A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

11 thoughts on “Taryn Teutsch – Is Nothing Sacred?

  1. It always strikes me that Hubbard created the solution for illiteracy—The Key to Life course—and these people have not done it. Mr. Rinder has said that they don’t deliver it any more. This is good evidence of that. The Key to Life was the best thing that I did in Scientology, but it’s grammar, nothing to do with religion!


    1. The Key to Life is NOT the solution to illiteracy. Literacy involves more than an adequate command of grammar or an ability to string sentences together into a coherent thesis…and is best developed outside of an abusive, high-control group that sells bullshit “axioms” and “technologies”. Hubbard’s lazily purloined “study concepts” are neither grounded in science nor part of any “self-help” curriculum, your satisfaction with what you personally gained from the Key To Life course notwithstanding. There are roughly 60 years of scientific research (dated from the time KTL was ‘released’) that can give us a much more accurate and nuanced look into and road map for learning, studying, and integrating information.

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  2. “This journey has been one of courage, strength and honesty.”

    It should be obvious to anyone but the writer that the first two are pointless, even harmful, without the third. “Courage”–in an echo chamber–without a truthful cause? “”Strength”–presumably the backing of a multi-billion $$$ organization known for its lack of forthrightness–to promote deceitful propaganda?

    With the “honesty” proviso, applied to a demonstrably faux “cause” she’s hoisted herself on her own petard! Which is lost on the “choir” she’s “preaching” to but painfully obvious to the minds she’s not changing.

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      1. 😂😂😂 Wait! You insult the noble, humble, cleansing douche! He is more like, uh…well…rancid, disease-carrying fecal matter…on a hemorrhoid…on a Marcab prison warden’s unwashed, radioactive butt…

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      2. Hey, Stefani…as I read that article, I am immediately struck by the author’s assumption that Hubbard, the intellectually lazy con man, originated theories or ideas…Will continue reading…

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  3. Interesting article. I hope he reads the books about Hubbard by Jon Atack and Russell Miller. I get the impression that he hasn’t done so. I knew about Burroughs and sci-loon-ology via his own books and another book(the title escapes me at the moment) written about his scientology experience by another author. Didn’t know about Huxley’s involvement, though…

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