More Painful Scientology Hypocrisy

Scientology has levels of hypocrisy that range from eye rolling inanity to infuriating offensiveness.

Kirstie Alley keeps the former alive with her Twitter contributions.

David Miscavige
At least Brittany had the freedom to TAKE her life back…

Stand League contributor Dylan Green’s July 15th article is firmly of the latter category.

Anchoring his piece with a stock photo of two young Jewish boys from the Holocaust, Green goes on to describe how those two boys could have been his children.

Claiming to have grown up in a multi denominational home, though stressing his Jewish roots, Green laments his own experiences with intolerance.

“I never personally experienced violence for my religion, but I’ve encountered untold discrimination and denigration from tabloids, ‘reality’ TV, disgruntled apostates, and antireligious propagandists.”

Dylan Green, driven by Scientology’s lack of insight or compassion, uses the unimaginable horror of the Holocaust as a foundation for his petty fair game attack.

Not content with his insensitive abuse of the Holocaust to further his agenda, Green next co-opts the 2018 tragedy in Pennsylvania.

“I heard that a madman, obsessed with ‘white genocide’ theories and neo-Nazi ideology, murdered 11 people, mostly elderly, at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. It didn’t take long to realize that this was in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood where I’d visit my grandparents in the summertime, and it was the Tree of Life synagogue where my grandfather had been bat mitzvahed.”

Bat mitzvah meansDaughter of Commandment”.

Just saying.

Dylan Green is a member of Scientology. An intolerant cult that has embraced The Nation of Islam; THE most anti-Semitic, intolerant, hate filled group other than Scientology, itself.

Louis Farrakhan’s ugly accusations against the Jewish Community contain the same misguided hate that drove those behind the Holocaust.

One wonders if those two small boys peering out from the mists of time might be looking in pained askance at Green.

“Why are you exploiting our innocence lost to hate and violence?”

Green proudly proclaims; “…Scientologists stand against hate with members of all faiths—bigotry and harm against any one of them is of dire concern to every member of the human family.”

Scientology stands against hate?

Scientology Awarded Hate

How would those children feel to know that Scientology celebrates a notorious anti-Semitic group actively teaching their own youth to hate?

Standing Against Hate?

“We must educate our youth (and ourselves) about the injustice and oppression of the past so that we are wise enough to see the signs of propagandized discrimination in the present, and have the courage and strength to speak up and do something about it.”

Such high ideals are shot down in flames when held against the weak and cowardly actions of Scientology. The hypocrisy and deceit are not just painful to behold, but egregiously disrespectful to all those truly brave souls lost.

Dylan Green’s selfish inability to understand his offensive actions continues as he writes; “When I see my two boys running around at the park, enjoying their freedom, the brothers in the photograph come to mind. To me they are not victims. They’re messengers. The older brother is saying, ‘It’s up to you now.’ He’s speaking to all of us.”

These smallest, most innocent humans were victims.

Victims of the hate that Scientology awards.

Perhaps a better thought might be that they wonder why in 2021 an intolerant cult finds it appropriate to use their image in such a hypocritical manner. Reducing their loss, diminishing their suffering all in the name of revenge and a clueless, cold hearted disregard for that which should be held above such pettiness.

3 thoughts on “More Painful Scientology Hypocrisy

  1. As you pointed out the hypocrisy is jaw-dropping.

    But on another note, let’s see what Green has had to endure:

    “I never personally experienced violence for my religion, but I’ve encountered untold discrimination and denigration from tabloids, ‘reality’ TV, disgruntled apostates, and antireligious propagandists.”

    In sum, all his alleged trials were media and those who expressed their opinions and most importantly, cult experience therein. No one has picketed his home with this adverse information, or tied him to a chair and made him listen. He enjoys the same freedom that we all, cultist and wogs alike, enjoy: Expose ourselves to this information, or not. Believe the content, or not. Agree with it, or not.

    Cultists and wogs alike have been indiscriminately given these exactly equal options and freedoms..Hence, by definition, there is NO “discrimination!” Nor has he had to endure, by his own admission, any negative consequences.

    However, as an advocate against “injustice and oppression” he must realize that these are exactly the qualities that would be employed by someone (courts, gov’t, the cult’s International Justice Chief ?) muzzling the free expression of others along with the rights of those of us who wish to view this information.

    This guy sounds like the leftist snowflakes who feel they need “safe spaces” every time someone expresses an opinion they don’t like even though no one forces them to attend and listen. This sounds a lot like cancel culture! And just like it, it assumes that there is only ONE correct viewpoint; so why not silence the other ones. Which, oops, brings us right to the place that he claims he wants to forestall.

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  2. I am glad that your posts are online. You have built a wonderful library of essays that expose the Church of Scientology’s ritual fuckery and policy-driven criminality.
    And, yes, their “spokesholes” possess neither a sense of irony nor a basic grasp of history…
    Same turds, different decade…


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