Stand League’s Fake Writer #35 Spreads Duplicity

Jeffrey Augustine wrote an amazing article in March 2021 exposing the fictitious authors of Stand League.

One of these photoshopped hate warriors is a character named Jeffrey Murphy.

Stock Photo Scientologist #35

Scientology has given this imaginary member a career as a paralegal according to the very brief bio noted on Stand League. @jmstandleague on Twitter notes Los Angeles as Murphy’s location.

A quick search on the California Alliance of Paralegal Associations returns no results for any paralegal named Jeffrey Murphy.

Scientology claims it is the fastest growing religion on the planet yet members contribute to their blog behind the wall of anonymity.

Where is the pride of being part of the superior religion?

Stock Photo Scientologist #35’s current sermon attempts once again to instruct its readers on hate and intolerance. Citing the increased hate crimes against the Asian Community due to the pandemic, the writer states, “Anyone who has been wrongly blamed for something knows false accusations are inherently hurtful.”

Leah Remini would know the truth of these words as she is consistently blamed for arson and murder.

One can only imagine her pain and fear knowing that her former, most ethical of religions wants her dead.

Mike Rinder faces a barrage of false accusations from Scientology viciously calling him a “wife beater” and domestic abuser.

So too, the many former members who find themselves the target of Fair Game, Dead Agenting and cruel, malicious psychological terrorism.

“Greater awareness of crimes borne out of prejudice should make a difference, not just for Asian Americans, but for all who have been victimized by the bigotry of a deranged few.”

What of the bigotry of a deranged cult?

Attacks designed to utterly destroy the reputations, mental and physical well being and livelihoods of Scientology’s targets are just as evil.

Stalking, terrorizing victims of rape, poisoning beloved family pets is every bit as savage, rancorous and deranged a crime of hate as one could ever conceive.

Given the lengths that Scientology went to in order to frame and attempt to silence Paulette Cooper, the mere idea that Scientology has discussed Leah Remini’s death should be taken with the utmost gravity and concern.

Yet Stand League presumes to preach about tolerance, the Law and fair treatment for all.

“…such crimes occur where hatred has already had a chance to fester and spread. Combating the hate that leads to hate crimes is not just the responsibility of law enforcement or the Department of Justice but each and every one of us.”

L. Ron Hubbard was driven by greed, deceit, rage and hate.

Hubbard’s dark legacy has festered and spread. The result of which is a cult driven by greed, abuse and violence.

One cannot help but wonder if LRH’s occult dabbling so long ago with Parsons was ultimately successful, producing a Moonchild after all.

David Miscavige.

Leader of the most hate driven, bigoted conglomerate on the planet.

Deceit works best when it contains a kernel of truth to bolster it. While Scientology uses truth as a camouflage, they cannot escape their own hypocrisy.

Murphy, AKA Stock Photo Scientologist #35, concludes his piece with some very good advice.

“Refuse to spread lies. Correct vicious false reports. Defend your fellow human beings.”

Words that good people like Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Jeffrey Augustine and so many others have taken to heart, are living and are painfully paying for at the very hands of this cult who dares to preach tolerance.

2 thoughts on “Stand League’s Fake Writer #35 Spreads Duplicity

  1. It’s a dying, shrinking, criminal cult led by a billionaire McNugget who “religiously” engages in harassing, libelling, stalking, vexatiously litigating, and terrorizing members and non-members alike.
    He and his crew are, quite literally, making shit up-constantly. Their “valuable final products” are sorrow and suffering.
    The criminal enterprise is tax exempt and he continues to extract millions of dollars from his deluded wealthy
    followers. And…that whole sorry, lying bunch fervently believe that they are saving the rest of us from certain, eternal
    What an utterly mad shit show!


  2. Following the cult’s “logic” any criticism, regardless of its legitimacy, can apparently metastasize into violence. Leaving aside that “evidence” was stretched well beyond the breaking point, one would do well to remember that any religion or other public organization is a legitimate target for public criticism. The public helps pay for it; the public has every right to put in its two cents. If that’s a problem, maybe it’s time to get out the “religion angle” business!

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