Do Unto Others…

In 1919 Hallmark created Friendship Day as a way to sell more cards. By 1940 this brilliant marketing campaign had run its course and faded away.

The United Nations resurrected the celebration of friendship turning it from a commercial, money making endeavor to a positive observance of human relationships.

World Friendship Day was officially recognized in 2011. July 30th was designated however some countries, including the United States, celebrate on the first Sunday of August instead.

Never missing an opportunity to taint the waters of goodness, Scientology inserted it’s particular brand of duplicitous poison into Friendship Day with a press release.

Those who can’t do, teach.

The Cult that brings us fair game, disconnection and Knowledge Reports strips the human element away, reducing what is meant to foster “friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals” and “inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities” back to the impersonal. An advertising venue to promote a product.

Rather than feel-good cards, Scientology’s article uses Friendship Day as a vehicle to sell both their image as a “With it” religion who cares and their hypocritical Way to Happiness campaign. Itself nothing more than a farce.

Scientology’s article piously preaches the virtue of treating others the way one would like to be treated.

“Among many peoples in many lands for many ages there have been versions of what is called ‘The Golden Rule,’” wrote Mr. Hubbard. “The philosophic question concerning wrongdoing, the argument of what is wrong is answered at once on a personal basis: Would you not like that to happen to you? No? Then it must be a harmful action and, from society’s viewpoint, a wrong action. It can awaken social consciousness. It can then let one work out what one should do and what one should not do.”

So moral.

So sincere and righteous.

So nauseating.

Rather, Hubbard worked out what one should do, then wrote THE manual on how to viciously circumvent every acceptable morality.

During Hubbard’s lifetime alone, the number of destructive, immoral “operations” defy reason.

Today one needs only peruse Scientology’s social media and online creations to see the immense emptiness of Way to Happiness.

Do unto others.

Stalking Leah Remini. Attacking her with false accusations of complicity to murder and arson. Body shaming her by ordained ministers and their followers.

Wanting her dead.

Mike Rinder and his family forced to endure over a decade of false allegations of domestic violence.

Valerie Haney stalked, intimidated and publicly libeled.

Danny Masterson’s accusers made to live through terror, their innocent children left mourning for beloved pets poisoned to death.

Every legitimate journalist who covers Scientology.

Do unto others except for Scientology. They will do unto others as they see fit having appointed themselves judge, jury and executioner.

Celebrate Friendship Day says the cult who requires their members to police each other. Pitting friend against friend, sibling against sibling, spouse against spouse in a never ending cycle of suspicion and wary mistrust.

By what right does this cult of vengeance and hate presume to preach?

Scientology’s superiority is founded on the utter fiction that is L. Ron Hubbard. The cult proclaims his genius to the world, assigning him military prowess that did not exist and educational degrees he could only achieve through lies.

COS insists that it is the incredible intelligence, education and research of Hubbard that permits their supremacy. They believe that only they have all the answers, yet in spite of all their oh so vaunted technology and learning Scientology completely misses the truth.

The real Way to Happiness does not include hate, anger, destruction or lies.

Scientology is blinded to their own hypocrisy.

Abuse and evil is not moral.

In 1998 the United Nations named the gentle, innocent, beloved children’s icon Winnie the Pooh as the official Ambassador for World Friendship Day.

This small bear with “a very little brain” has more wisdom and honesty in one of his stuffed paws than all of Scientology could ever hope to know.

“Rabbit’s clever,” said Pooh thoughtfully.
“Yes,” said Piglet, “Rabbit’s clever.”
“And he has Brain.”
“Yes,” said Piglet, “Rabbit has Brain.”
There was a long silence.
“I suppose,” said Pooh, “that that’s why he never understands anything.”


7 thoughts on “Do Unto Others…

  1. The group and its members have neither a sense of irony nor morality.
    It’s the usual, culty Crowleyian lap dance,tired ass p.r. bullshit, and carnival barker enthusiasm presenting a slaving, pimping, piece-of-blue-sky-selling corporation as a “humanitarian force” and a “church”.
    Toxic Garbage!

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    1. It occurs to me that when one practices “do what thou will” there arises a conflict of interest between narcissistic self delusion and morality. The two ideologies cannot exist in the same space. Like a double negative, the two effectively cancel each other out leaving one with nothingness.


      1. There’s no morality as you and I know it in the cult. It’s all about unquestioning obedience to the Crowleyian musings and abusive edicts of mankind’s greatest fiend, El Con Blowhard, and to the “command intention” of his hair-plugged homunculus, Captain David McSavage.
        Easy peasy in the cult: do as your told and bankrupt yourself morally, emotionally, and financially to “acquire” your spiritual freedom.
        Sounds like a totally spiritual endeavor, yes?🤤

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  2. “Would you not like that to happen to you? No? Then it must be a harmful action and, from society’s viewpoint, a wrong action. It can awaken social consciousness. It can then let one work out what one should do and what one should not do.”

    Would I want my spouse’s religion to tell them that they have to divorce me? With threats to them if they fail to comply?

    Would I want my children to be ordered by their “church” not to speak to me and to keep me from meeting my grandchildren?

    Would I like to be cut off from my parents, and find out through the grapevine one day that they have passed?

    Would I like to find out one day that my former “church” has posted “confessional” information of mine online?

    Would I like to have my former “church” manufacture lies as “evidence” against me, and circulate them with anyone who will listen–or even with those who won’t? Not because of over-zealous “parishioners” talking crap but because it’s enshrined as “church policy.”

    In light of this “church’s” routine actions and stated policies, “Would you not like that to happen to you? No?” does NOT sound like a rhetorical question. It sounds like a not so veiled threat!

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  3. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch since I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!


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