Taryn Teutsch’s Wheel of Stupidity

Taryn Teutsch has a slick new Fair Game video out complete with props.

Ever the woman of mystery, Taryn’s latest offering is rife with nothing of substance.

“This weekend was a very special weekend for me. I got to celebrate what I believe in and stand for—helping others.”

Did Taryn once again insert herself into a legitimate, caring domestic violence event? Given her history it is possible. That she is careful not to elaborate on her “very special weekend” is telling. One can be certain that the last thing Teutsch wants is someone either fact checking her claims or alerting some unsuspecting organization they were duped and used.

Taryn’s self-congratulatory announcement that she “got to celebrate what I believe in and stand for” is a sickening thought. What decent, moral human being celebrates a vicious, obsessive dedication to the destruction of another?

Deliberate misleading deceit exists in her insistence that she is dedicated to helping others.

That she is dedicated to helping others there can be no doubt, just not in the way Taryn wants her one or two readers to interpret.

“Others” in this case means Scientology. Furthering her cult’s agenda is exactly what she believes in and stands for.

Of Mike Rinder she writes; “He is in short: an abuser of my mom, a hater, a bigot, and a bully.”

Yet she has absolutely nothing with which to back up her constant insistence. The only ones who believe her live in the same isolated, paranoid, angry little world that she inhabits.





All fine descriptions of Taryn’s own behaviors.

All fine descriptions of Scientology.

Teutsch disappoints after captioning her propaganda with a promise of medical documentation.

Announcing “The Medical Reports” creates a breathless anticipation. (One cannot help but wonder if this is a nod to our blog, succinctly titled The Documentation)

Finally Taryn will put her money where her mouth is and reveal Mike Rinder’s perfidy!

Instead, an astounding bait and switch occurs wherein she murders the lede entirely.

Depressing Anti Climax

Distant linen covered tables are as close as one comes to the alleged reams of proof that Rinder committed the perfect crime.

Telling the truth “…is what brought me to do a video on all the medical data and reports I have illustrating the extent of my father, Mike Rinder’s abuse.”

But she didn’t.

Neither the video nor her blog reveal any medical data, documentation or reports. Indeed for all one knows the papers so dramatically laid out on her wedding-esque banquet tables are copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dead Agent policies.

“There has been a lot of medical attention that my mom has received so that she’s able to live with the crippling pain of the fractured shoulder and destroyed nerves. She is in pain every day of her life.”

Chronic bursitis, tendinitis and other long term bone and joint issues are in fact painful. If Cathy Bernardini is living with chronic pain there are many wonderful specialists who can help her manage her conditions.

Obviously Hubbard Tech is useless given the whining and complaining Bernardini’s done for over a decade.

“To this day my father, Mike Rinder, has not apologized. He has never done anything to help her.”

If Scientology cannot do anything to help why would Taryn expect Mike Rinder to be able to? Scientology is mankind’s only hope!

According to Tom Cruise, a Scientologist can create new realities! Kirstie Alley tweeted the pandemic might be wished away!

Surely something as simple as a damaged shoulder would be mere child’s play for a dedicated Sea Org member?

Instead what is offered is Bernardini’s ceaseless complaining while doing absolutely nothing to help herself.

“…if you make a mistake, you fix it. But he hasn’t done that.”

If L. Ron Hubbard cannot clear the issues Cathy is experiencing, Rinder has nothing to apologize for. He neither caused his ex wife’s condition nor is he responsible for fixing it. After all, Mike Rinder was not researching the human condition at the age of 3 whilst breaking Broncos and becoming a nuclear physicist. How is he supposed to fix something that Hubbard’s Dianetics fails to address?

If Cathy is out ethics and straddling the PTS fence, that’s not her former spouse’s responsibility. In fact Rinder did offer to fix her issues when he asked her to leave the cult and rebuild a healthy life in the real world.

His duty ended when she responded with a “Fuck you” followed by divorce papers.

Disappointingly Taryn’s most recent article/video does not include the promised medical reports.

Unsurprisingly she lied, creating clickbait leading once again to another tired pot shot at one of Scientology’s Most Wanted.

“The fact that my father, Mike Rinder, is getting away with having domestically abused her, and gets supported by people who know he domestically abused his wife, is beyond words.”

The fact is that if Mike Rinder had attacked Cathy Bernardini he would not have “gotten away with” anything. Rather he’d have been arrested and charged on scene by the investigating officers.

Ironically, the fact is that Rinder has support by so many because Taryn Teutsch won’t shut up.

In the face of such overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence supporting his innocence, that her constant dragging of Rinder through the gauntlet of Fair Game only draws more support for him is lost on her. Support that Taryn is obviously jealous of but isn’t smart enough to understand that she is responsible for.

Thus Taryn Teutsch finds herself on the hamster wheel of blind stupidity.

Around and around she goes, attacking Mike Rinder which prompts more outrage and support which perplexes her. Prompting another attack…

Wait…Scientologists really can create their own reality!

Edit: Taryn obviously has us (and others who dare challenge her) blocked across every social media account that she can. in any case, we left the following comment on one of her more recent YouTube videos. She may not want anyone to see it but it’s posted here.

10 thoughts on “Taryn Teutsch’s Wheel of Stupidity

  1. Tayrn I really do hope that you can find the real common denominator here. Its Scientology! not
    survival. You were created with love and light; don’t let that be destroyed by Scientology. Leave
    now, no questions asked, and you will find unconditional love waiting for you. Your Father will have
    open arms and love in his heart for you always.

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  2. Taryn’s anguished pleadings for justice for her mother deserve to be addressed. So I did:

    OK, I get it: Taryn is upset that her mother is experiencing a medical condition, and that apparently no one is stepping up to help.

    Unsurprisingly, the cult’s pseudo-medical “tech” is no help. There never was such a thing as “Dr Hubbard.” He didn’t even manage to complete his freshman year successfully. His titles and claims are phony. For that matter, there is no “tech” either. Sad but true. But at least, unlike Lisa McPherson, your mother hasn’t been killed by scientology quack practices mandated by clueless Hubbard.

    Then how about conventional medical care? Your mother has been a full-time employee of scientology for the last 50 years. Surely, they provided an employee working 120 hours a week with at least basic medical coverage? Or did they abuse workers and violate their rights in that aspect too?

    Then what about workers’ compensation? If your contention is right, Taryn, your mother’s injury is a lasting result–a decade or so after the fact–from assaulting her ex-husband, your father who was out and about minding his own business. But your mother didn’t act on her own volition. Lifetime members of authoritarian cults–your mother or you–rarely ever do. If you’re right, she incurred her injury doing her job as a cult henchwoman. If that’s not covered, why isn’t your rich cult helping out?

    The incident you keep addressing had more than a dozen witnesses; most of those YOU brought along, deliberately creating favorable odds for yourself. Including two private investigators on scientology’s payroll as well as the doctor on whose premises you initiated your mob attack. There is even an audio recording of it! Both the recording as well as EMT and Sheriff’s reports are public documents. It is beyond dispute that it was your mother (as well as you, let’s not forget) who initiated a mob attack on your father.

    1. Your PI’s–trained observers, paid to support your case in any way they could–NEVER claimed that your father had done ANYTHING to your mother
    2. Neither you nor your mother or your uncle made such claims either
    3. The EMT report states that your mother had “suffered” a small abrasion that was causing no more than minimal discomfort. This abrasion was caused by “incidental contact.” In other words, she bumped her hand somewhere
    4. Your mother was offered and declined medical help and stated that she was NOT suffering any medical problems
    5. The Sheriff’s report–based on all the witnesses YOU brought along to help your cause–makes it clear that Mr Rinder had NOT done anything to cause anyone harm or injury
    6. The audio recording backs this up as well
    7. Even scientology, known for both its deep pockets as well as its vindictive litigiousness couldn’t conjure up any avenue to initiate legal action against Mr Rinder

    So why would you expect the victim of a mob attack to assume responsibility for a minute injury that he did not inflict? Shouldn’t you and your cult be the ones apologizing for what you did to your father that day? Shouldn’t you be the one apologizing for your defamation campaign against him? Think on it, will ya!

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  3. I left a link to your “documentation” blog in the comments section of that video, as well as a bunch of verbatim Hubbard quotes about fair game, harassing critics, controlling people by lying to them, etc.
    I wonder if those comments will be deleted…

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      1. The quoted Hubbard policies are still up(scibots still have no sense of irony). The “documentation” link was deleted, so I posted it again.
        “More communication, not less…” and so on and so forth😂😉

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  4. Wow I just watched the video this woman made and every time she lies she looks away or looks up from the camera. I am a domestic violence survivor and I can’t stand people who claimed they’ve been beaten, but yet truly isn’t a survivor, they have no idea the pain and suffering women like me have truly been thru and to make false accusations on some one who is Innocent is beyond me. what is wrong with people ! I never knew anything about this cult in tell I watched the aftermath and now all I want to do is learn more about how I can help some of these people, you are all in my heart and my prayers, I wish there was more I could do no I wasn’t in a cult but I’ve had a very hard life my self growing up
    (My parents were hippies and we moved a lot if that tells you anything) and I understand there pain and suffering but I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it weren’t for the life lessons I’ve had to learn, because no matter who you are or were you come from no body’s life will ever be perfect there’s no such thing as a perfect human being

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