Stand League- New Look, Same Hypocrisy

Edward Parkin’s obnoxious Twitter account is gone. In its place a new, more focused page has appeared; The Hate Monitor.

Creepy Eddie? Is that you?

Coinciding with this new identity (in spite of the date) busy Scientology worker bees have revamped the Stand League website as well, adding Hate Monitor to the already toxic recipe.

Although the look is new, the format hasn’t changed. All the expected hate, bullying and personal attacks continue ad nauseum proving that no amount of lipstick can change the feral animal’s true nature.

With the rampant hypocrisy that has become a Scientological Trademark, Stand League issues an article on tolerance and bullying.

Bullying is serious, unrelenting psychological, emotional and often physical attack against another.

Psychology Today describes bullying, “Bullying is a distinctive pattern of repeatedly and deliberately harming and humiliating others, specifically those who are smaller, weaker, younger or in any way more vulnerable than the bully. The deliberate targeting of those of lesser power is what distinguishes bullying from garden-variety aggression.

Bullying can involve verbal attacks (name-calling and making fun of others) as well as physical ones, threats of harm, other forms of intimidation, and deliberate exclusion from activities.”

Few organizations on social media model this definition more perfectly than Scientology. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are active examples of a “distinctive pattern” of deliberate harm and humiliation of others. Verbal attacks are stock-in-trade for OSA while they’ve raised “other forms of intimidation” to an art form.

Case in point: the continual insistence that Leah Remini has “blood on her hands”.


Neither Leah Remini nor Mike Rinder had anything to do with the tragic, fatal stabbing that took place at Scientology AOSH, Australia in 2019. Scientology however continues to perpetuate the lie that both were complicit in this murder.

Under the guise of Freedom Media & Ethics, Scientology regularly and publicly attacks Remini, Rinder and anyone else they deem “enemy”.

The only thing needed to qualify for this distinction is to dare to speak out against Scientology’s two faced lies and the infliction of psychological terrorism in the name of Clearing the Planet.

Lol, lol,lol,lol…
THIS is Bullying

No matter the white wash and gilding, Stand League exists for one thing.


The Bully’s Favorite Targets

Scientology is a bully. It’s leader, David Miscavige is a bully.

L. Ron Hubbard was a bully. His directives are nothing more than a bully’s handbook.

Always attack, never defend.

Payback and revenge.

Scientology bullied and deceived it’s way into the City of Clearwater where they’ve continued their pattern of abuse ever since.

For all its preaching about tolerance and inclusion COS ultimately has no desire to effect change, no intention of meeting anyone half way and moving on in peace.

In this Cult of Hate there is no working things out, no compromise. Bullies are motivated by power and domination. They don’t care about anyone else’s rights, feelings or wellbeing.

David Miscavige wants the conflict. He thrives on the rush of the attack and pain he inflicts. Making peace would mean the adrenaline rush, the power trip, is over.

Scientology pretends superiority to the rest of the world. By attacking others it reinforces their feelings of importance. Miscavige and his gang of yes men and women try to bring their “enemies” down in order to build themselves up.

Bullying is often thought of as a childhood struggle. One hopes that over time the schoolyard bully matures and grows out of these narcissistic, harmful tendencies. David Miscavige, like L. Ron Hubbard, never grew out of the need to dominate, control and inflict pain on those around him. He humiliates his targets so they don’t forget who’s boss.

For all of the feel good writings seen on Stand League, the bottom line is those who can’t do teach. In this case the saccharine lip service to tolerance falls miles short of reality.

3 thoughts on “Stand League- New Look, Same Hypocrisy

  1. Any scientology social media account is, by their own policy definition, a Potemkin Platform. The point is to assume the language and the appearance of “doing good”, to ape the social justice rhetoric in a lame attempt to seem respectable, “religious”, and generally benevolent to the society at large in order to cloak the real policies and actions of its amoral, supremacist, human-rights-abusing mission. Their own policies openly state that the motive for the development of ALL of their “4th dynamic activities” is to APPEAR acceptable and benign while engaged in a battle to literally take over the world; all of their blathering and posturing about helping the world is utter bullshit. Their REAL intention is to control and dominate, on their own terms, by any means necessary, period.

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  2. “Incredulity of our data and validity. This is our finest asset and gives us more protection

    than any other single thing. If certain parties thought we were real we would have infinitely

    more trouble … without a public incredulity we never would have gotten as far as we have.

    And now it’s too late to be stopped.”

    HCOB 29 July 1963 “Scientology Review”
    Just adding this Hubbard quote as I believe it underscores all of the cult corporation’s public relations actions.

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  3. Now I will admit that I am not an oatee with perfect vision. But I could have sworn that the name of the new account was “Hate Monger.” Sounds about right, I thought until I took another look…

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