9/11: Scientology’s Biggest Lie To Date

Every year in time for the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City, Scientology issues press releases praising themselves for their contribution at Ground Zero.

A commitment to serve up lies

Within hours of hijackers crashing American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, New York’s Volunteer Ministers had clearance to be at the disaster site to provide support to emergency personnel and help bring order to the chaos.”

Had clearance?

Not according to their own emails: “There was a very large barricade there manned by both Police and Military and they absolutely refused to let us though. The SO member in charge of the VM’s ‘snuck’ about 5 of us in another way and on the way we gave out cold drinks to tired rescue workers.”

Also not according to FEMA. A Freedom of Information Act request of Homeland Security/FEMA revealed no information concerning any granting of a clearance to Scientology or the Volunteer Ministers. In fact the agency has no records of official interaction with COS at all.

Despite their descriptions of having 800 Volunteer Ministers working at Ground Zero over the course of 9 months, their presence seems to have gone largely unnoticed by other, official clergy. An email to Father Kevin Madigan, Pastor of St. Peter’s Catholic Church which was a block from the Twin Towers, shows how little impression COS made. He, like many other clerics, provided spiritual support to the survivors and First Responders during the days of terror and death.

Apparently COS’ presence was underwhelming

Which leads to the biggest lie of all.

September 10, 2021 saw the publication of an article on Stand League attacking Tony Ortega.

Filled with self righteous indignation Scientology hypocritically states “…anti-Scientology hate blogger Tony Ortega exploits the anniversary of 9/11 to forward his campaign of denigration and bigotry against Scientologists—in this case, the 800 Scientology Volunteer Ministers who worked at Ground Zero around the clock for weeks alongside emergency rescue teams in the wake of the World Trade Center collapse.”

COS’ target isn’t as important as the sheer hubris they display in accusing anyone of exploiting the tragedy of 9/11. Especially when one takes the time to unpack everything leading up to this Stand League article.

While they crow about how much selfless good they did in the name of public opinion the reality is that they were on scene to maliciously exploit the deaths of thousands.

A wise and holy man, Archbishop Viganò, once scathingly said of the current leadership in the Catholic Church; “In the Kingdom of lies, if reality does not correspond to the narrative it is reality that must be corrected and censured.”

This could also easily be applied to Scientology.

“Correcting reality” to suit the narrative describes L. Ron Hubbard’s life and doctrine. Tom Cruise confirmed this ideology when he stated that Scientologists could create their own reality, something COS has done consistently in the claims made by the Volunteer Ministers. (And here, and here…)

The Cult of Lies bolsters their faux reality with bogus accolades and awards they neither deserved nor earned. Truth matters not at all when some shiny bauble catches David Miscavige’s greedy eyes.

In the months following the attack on New York City, Scientology began claiming that they had been awarded the FDNY’s Medal of Valor.

Almost immediately this claim was disproven.

In case there was any question, a FOIA request was made to FDNY to which an email response was supplied.


Undaunted by being publicly caught out and completely unashamed, Scientology simply shrugged and in an act stunning in it’s perfidy, they changed organizations.

FDNY repudiated their claim to having been awarded their Medal of Valor and so COS turned it’s wicked eye to the NYPD instead.

“Twenty years after they received the New York City Police Department’s Medal of Valor for their efforts, Ortega attempts to dehumanize these Scientologists by challenging their ‘motives’ in offering humanitarian help.”

Oops! Did they forget where their award came from?

It happens.

Or not.

We have reached out to NYPD with a FOIA request concerning this alleged award from twenty years ago. Due to the backlog created by the pandemic the response time is longer than normal but we will update as soon as we hear back. It is, however, safe to conclude this claim is as bogus as all their others.

Indeed, the self bestowal of awards is nothing new to Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard did it as a matter of course.

Recently on Twitter a Hubbardian sycophant posted a link to Scientology’s website listing dozens of supposed accolades presented to their phenomenally-late-in-returning leader.

Lol, lol, lol…

Given that we’d contacted FDNY already concerning the earlier claim of an award, we decided to ask about Hubbard’s Helmet:

No Such Award…

Perhaps COS’ claim of recognition by Scotland Yard will hold up under scrutiny.


…or not…

As for Scientology’s manufactured indignation over their 9/11 pretense, this is just more posturing and lies by the most ethical religion on the planet.

That David Miscavige is unmoved by the enormity of this disgusting hijacking of the deaths of thousands, the grief of their families and the complete selflessness of First Responders just illustrates that his conscience is smaller than his stature. In order to understand the gravity of this Stolen Valor Miscavige would need to be in possession of a working moral compass.

Something he is clearly missing.

Of all the numerous, consistent deceit put out by Scientology this one must be Scientology’s most stunningly unethical lie to date.

Stay tuned, however. There is undoubtedly more to come.

8 thoughts on “9/11: Scientology’s Biggest Lie To Date

  1. I have never liked David Miscavige, & I don’t really like L. Ron Hubbard either. When L. Ron lied about his military service, he lost me.

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