Leigh Dundas Strikes Again

In June of 2020 Scientologist and self described “human rights attorney” Leigh Dundas publicly attacked the Supervisors of Orange County, CA over the issue of masking.

Taking a page from Scientology’s handbook, Dundas founded her rant on false, misleading and fictional sources.

Ultimately this Officer of the Court turned her spleen on Orange County Chief Health Advisor, Dr. Nichole Quick who felt so threatened she resigned her position.

Dundas was front and center at the January 2021 Capitol riot where she was recorded shouting “We would be well within our rights to take any alleged American who acted in a turncoat fashion and sold us out and committed treason, we would be well within our rights and take them out back and shoot ’em or hang ’em…”

In the aftermath as the FBI launched investigations into the participants, Leigh and her family took a timely vacation down in Mexico.

That Dundas has escaped arrest while so many others have been tracked down and charged is frustrating. Not only did she contribute to the madness with her unhinged rant outside the Capitol, but there is a question as to whether she was inside the building as well.

Leigh Dundas
Leigh Dundas on the Capitol steps
Same hair, same glasses…?

The unstable fanatic-cum-human rights advocate is back in the news with yet more outrageous and offensive rhetoric as she compares the vaccine mandates to child sex slavery and the Holocaust.

No matter one’s stance on the vaccine, equating this issue to the unmitigated horrors of adults kidnapping the youngest, most innocent and vulnerable for the purpose of exploiting them as sexual tools for profit is staggeringly disgusting.

Dundas organized the event on November 11, 2021 which drew several hundred people. Not only did her rally cause major headaches for commuters and police, but it almost ended in tragedy.

Just as her cult uses devastating events like 9/11 as props to further their own selfish agendas, so too Leigh Dundas. Not content with discounting the agony of children raped for money, she goes on with what could arguably be seen as an anti-Semitic dismissal of the Holocaust.

“Today we face a bigger threat, I believe, than the Jews did in the late 1930s in Eastern Europe,”

While the topic of vaccines is polarizing, it in no way shadows the callous extinction of millions of men, women and children.

Dundas’ heartless dramatics do a great injustice to every single victim (and their loved ones) of both human trafficking and the Holocaust. In her fanatical drive she places the lives of uncounted millions; their fear, suffering and loss, on par with an inoculation.

Leigh Dundas is reckless, out of control and needs her law license revoked. As an officer of the courts she is supposed to represent the dignity of the law, not run amok causing mayhem and spreading misinformation and fear.

A letter of complaint was sent to the California Bar after the resignation of Dr Quick to which a response was returned stating there was nothing wrong with Dundas’ behavior.

Once again a Scientologist twists Freedom of Speech into a heartless, calculated tool of anger, hate and harm.

Leigh Dundas, like her cult, needs to be stopped.

2 thoughts on “Leigh Dundas Strikes Again

  1. Proud of you for standing up. I don’t even know how I came across this. Other than doing research on Leah trying to understand how I lost my best friend down her rabbit hole… Is there a countermovement to expose her nonsense? To get her disbarred? Because I’ll sign up in a heartbeat. Good for you for doing what you’re doing. Stay strong.

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    1. Hi Erica. I wrote to the CA Bar Association about her actions only to be told that she hasn’t done anything worthy of having her license revoked. All we can do I keep filing complaints until hopefully something is finally done about Dundas’ BS.


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