Scientology’s Values

Are desperately lacking.

The facts surrounding the fatal stabbing at COS’ AOSH in Australia have finally been made public, proving once and for all that Scientology purposefully lied about Leah Remini and Mike Rinder.

Undaunted and brazenly unashamed at being caught out, on the same day they got snagged (again) Stand League took to Twitter to tell the world about their values.


As their own falsehoods became exposed, Scientology erratically tried to convince the world of their honor and integrity.

More lies…

Champions of freedom?

Each with a duty to uplift all?

Ironically this Tweet appears on Stand League right next to headline after headline of hate and personal attacks.

Painful irony

“Central to these values is the belief that every person is a spiritual being worthy of respect and deserving of dignity…”

Search “Leah Remini”, one of their popular keywords, and 270 articles appear.

Name calling, misinformation, lies, false accusations, personal attacks; 270 hate filled articles directed at Remini with only one possible purpose and it isn’t to foster respect or dignity.

COS spends the majority of it’s social media time not upholding any recognizable values, but rather modeling it’s antonyms: immorality, separation, detachment, division, severance, disconnection, disunion…

Being caught in this current malicious fiction, one they took time to invent even though they were fully cognizant of the truth, reveals yet another layer of deceit: that of their persona of goodness.

Not a single shred of values, honor or morality exists at the core of this cult of hate.

Scientology LIES and it DESTROYS.

Mike Rinder’s Blog

“No one expects the Code of Honor to be closely and tightly followed,” Hubbard wrote.

That should say it all.

3 thoughts on “Scientology’s Values

  1. The small screenshot from the Hate Monger blog is quite target rich. To pick up on just one random bit: Mike Rinder’s “income comes from attacking his former religion.”

    Tell us, OSA, where is it YOUR “income comes from”? Or how about the cult itself? Where does your “income come from”? Lying, cheating, stealing, credit card grifts, and defrauding the tax payer. Any of that ring a bell?

    This is like organized crime complaining about how law enforcement is enriching itself from crime. Sure, Pinocchio.

    The cult, with all its wisdom, foresight and “tech”, should have left Rinder alone when he was trying to help Robert Almblad launch a business that could have been eminently beneficial to humanity and had nothing to do with scientology at all. For all we know, Mike would be too busy now making a living in the ice business and taking care of his family to even think of doing TV, blogs and podcasts. You’ve done it to yourselves with your harassment, “PR tech” and virulent “religious” hatred. Happy now, geniuses?

    But not all is lost. There’s still a Plan B: Stop your atrocities. You’ll leave Tony, Mike, Leah, Stefani and the Tampa Bay Times with nothing to write about you. You can even stop paying off your frenemy Marty, painful as that must be.

    Or do one better: Admit that hubbarf was a mentally challenged blowhard and compulsive liar who was pulling it all out of his posterior. It’s not like that would be news to anyone anyway. No more worries about creating front groups on a weekly basis, fretting about getting skewered on South Park or being the butt of the joke on late-night monologues and sitcoms. You’d even be putting the free zone squirrels out of their misery. You’d even be doing what religions are supposed to do: Making the world a better place.

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    1. “For all we know, Mike would be too busy now making a living in the ice business and taking care of his family to even think of doing TV, blogs and podcasts.” Things that make you go “Hmmm”. Something to think about OSA! Looks like you really DID create your own reality after all!

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  2. Scientology: Institutionalized Insanity. Malignant, Intentional Criminality. Ritualized greed and grift.
    Potemkin propaganda production and prodigious pimping.

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