COS- Deliberately Antagonistic

If former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick suddenly spoke out against pedophile priests it would not achieve the level of duplicity Scientology has raised to an art form.


This tweet is so loaded with deception one struggles to find a place to start.

Does one begin with the intentional fair game lies being constantly spread across social media about Leah Remini and Mike Rinder? (and SO many others…)

Surely announcing that innocent people are complicit to murder and have “blood on their hands” might be considered “deliberately antagonistic and provocative”?

Despite the details being released to the public which explain the events surrounding the murder at Scientology’s AOSH in Australia, the cult continues to accuse Rinder and Remini of being involved. This is an incredible level of commitment to deceit.

The lies are monumentally expanding…

As for their smug and egotistical “support” for fair treatment of others there are two words; fair game.

Stand League continues to allege that Remini and Rinder are responsible for hundreds of hate crimes.

Not a word of it is true.

Is this the behavior of a tolerant, fair “religion”?

On an almost daily basis there are cruel attacks made by Scientology against anyone who dares oppose them.

Scientology swings from one extreme to the other so fast it’s surprising the friction doesn’t cause an explosion.


Scientology has a petition to stop discriminatory rhetoric, misinformation and hate speech? How is this possible?

COS deliberately and maliciously continues to spread psychological propaganda solely to dehumanize. They tear down, bully, attack and LIE with one goal; destruction of another person.

How can anyone be a proponent for good when all they Stand for is evil?

Stand League posts these feel good tweets, wanting all to join hands singing kumba ya ‘round the campfire. At the same time, for every pretense there is an equal and opposite reality.

Flip Flop…

Paying lip service to nice ideals means nothing when one’s actions are a much different truth.

By their actions we will know them.

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