A Short Word…

According to the old adage; a picture is worth a thousand words.

With this in mind we proffer a few pictures for our readers’ consideration.

What Scientology says:

What Scientology does:

Scientology LIES.

Another aphorism says; by their actions you will know them.

Never believe what Scientology posts on social media.

Never believe their claims of humanitarian charity and goodwill to all.

Always, always consider the source.

3 thoughts on “A Short Word…

  1. Teaming up with Jewish students to find out what antisemitism feels like sounds like a noble pursuit. But wouldn’t it be a much more direct path to the truth for the cult to ask its own associates why they feel it is necessary to promote antisemitism in the first place? This is like being buddies with a spousal abuser but without holding them to account asking their victim what it feels like to be hit, kicked and belittled.

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  2. The cult is a toxic calcification of it’s sociopathic founder’s attitudes and abusive, cruel, manipulative behaviors.
    They lie with great facility and arrogant impunity; per their own “scriptures”, it’s an essential organizational behavior.

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