In 2013 Going Clear by Lawrence Wright hit the shelves after Scientology’s desperate attempt to stop it.

COS pulled out all the policy they could find as they tried to keep the book from being published; litigation, fair game, dead agent.

If Hubbard wrote it OSA used it.

Fortunately for the rest of the world, Scientology ultimately failed and this fascinating book has become a best seller. So popular is Wright’s book that in 2015 a film adaptation was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Critics loved it and subsequently Going Clear was nominated for seven Emmy Awards, winning three, including Best Documentary. Beyond the Emmy Awards, the film won a Peabody Award in 2015 as well as Best Documentary Screenplay from the Writers Guild of America.

Scientology hates it.

Going Clear literally rips away COS’ carefully constructed façade of benign, humanitarian religion shredding the veil and leaving a horrifying and bizarre reality exposed.

Recently Wright’s exposé of the mysterious world of Scientology was listed by GQ Magazine as one of The 50 Best Books of Literary Journalism of the 21st Century.

Scientology’s Hate Monitor/Stand League lost no time in attacking GQ for their choice.

Coming from the group responsible for such misleading, hate filled propaganda sites as Stand League and the myriad of “who is…” Fair Game web pages, this is pretense on an epic scale.

Hate Monitor and Stand League social media accounts are nothing but attacks, lies and hate against innocent people who have dared to speak against abuse, human trafficking, fraud and more.

Exposing crime, maltreatment of members and the destruction of families is not bigotry.

Not hate.

Stepping up to champion truth, to be voices for those who can not speak out, fully accepting the vicious and painful consequences is heroic care for others.

Not hate.

Scientology likes to ask if the world is curious.

Going Clear will honestly address that curiosity. It is highly recommended reading for any Never In wanting a solid look at what Scientology IS.

Anything that so discomposes this cult of hate is worth checking out.

As an aside: OSA, you created this foot bullet. Had you not attacked GQ over their recommendation this blog would not have been written. All you’ve done is draw more attention to this book.

Well done.

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    1. I think you’re right on the money. If you have little to recommend yourself you can always galvanize support by hating others


  1. Sometimes propaganda makes for strange bedfellows. “Woke” looney tunes tell us that “speech is violence.” This creates the pretext for repressing speech, with violent means if deemed necessary. So what if we burn down a few neighborhoods and put a few people in the hospital? From brownshirts to blm/anti-fa, this is merely “self-defense.” The cult is trying to sell the exact same lie!

    “When media give a platform to antireligious bigots they endorse hate. It’s time for the hate to stop.” I would challenge the cult to take a look at their own “scriptures.” They are rife with antireligious hubbard comments who despised everything about religion except for tax exemptions. Harassment, even violence, is MANDATED against those who reject his “religion” and subscribe to another one (or none at all).


  2. What I love about this is that Wright asked the ‘Church’ 971 questions to contribute their side of the story and so Tommy Davis delivered to Wright’s office boxes of binders full of information straight from the ‘Church’ itself so that he’d get it right. Then they turn around and claim they weren’t consulted.

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