Scientology the Ineffectual

Obsequious sycophant @ExposeNetwork once again pushes the idea that Scientology is great and admirable.

Lisa McPherson

“…fast, workable and does exactly what it says it can…”?

L. Ron Hubbard, in DIANETICS THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH, Book Two, Chapter 5-Psychosomatic Illness, wrote;

“At the present time dianetic research is scheduled to include cancer and diabetes. There are a number of reasons to suppose that these may be engramic in cause, particularly malignant cancer. This is remarked so that attention may be given to the possibility; no tests of any kind
have been made on cancer or diabetic patients, and the thought is purely theory and is not to be taken as any kind of an avowal about a cancer cure. Those diseases which were catalogued above, however, have been thoroughly tested and have uniformly yielded to dianetic therapy.”

Paula Quigley, Kelly Preston, artist Miguel Arguello, Ellie Blankenship who was an OT Ambassador and Ruth Valko-Burness to name but a few Scientologists who have died of cancer. A comprehensive list of COS deaths with their cause including cancer can be found on Cancer and Neglect,

You are only three or four hours from taking your glasses off for keeps” L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin vol. 2, no. 7 (Jan. 1952)

Need we say more?

“Arthritis vanishes, myopia gets better, heart illness decreases, asthma disappears, stomachs function properly and the whole catalogue of illnesses goes away and stays away.” —Hubbard, L. Ron. The Reactive Mind. Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. Los Angeles, CA: Bridge Publications, 2007. Page 65. Print version.

Let’s face it, LRH was disabled. Suffering from chronic poor health, including pancreatitis, stomach ulcers, pneumonia, and depression with suicidal thoughts. According to one story Hubbard asked a friend to build an e-meter that would electrocute him so he would stop being tormented by his body thetans. As for the heart illness claim, Hubbard died of a stroke.

COB David Miscavige has asthma. Maybe his condition hasn’t been addressed because he refuses to be audited?

What of the ever complaining Bitter Bernardini and her constantly evolving catalogue of injuries? Permanent nerve damage and a shoulder so disabled she cannot dress herself according to Taryn Teutsch. Why have none of these medical issues been solved?

Scientology claims its ultimate mission is to clear the planet of war, crime and insanity. Tom Cruise insists that only Scientology has the answers and only IT can make any difference. Cruise claims that his cult can “create new realities”.

So why haven’t they done it? Let’s face it, Danny Masterson could damn well use a new reality right now all things considered.

If @ExposeNetwork is right and Scientology does exactly what it says it can then where are they? Given the number of lies COS has been caught in concerning their humanitarian service, it is more reasonable to believe they aren’t doing anything at all beneficial let alone creating a better world.

Thus far this “new religion” (which is now decades old), has not done a single provable thing Hubbard claimed.

He claimed a Clear would have perfect recall, yet the very first person who attested to Clear could not even remember the color of Hubbard’s tie moments after she’d seen it.

There has not been a single Clear to come forward and use their so-called Super Power to help anything or anyone. Not even Scientology.

No bent spoons, no miracle healing, no telekinesis or levitation.

Scientology has done exactly nothing that it has ever promised. Their only practical application is the reduction of a member’s financial bottom line.

There are many legitimate charges that can be leveled at this cult of deceit; false witness, psychological abuse, human trafficking, fraud, fair game, disconnection, bullying, intolerance, bigotry, hate…

All just the tip of the iceberg where Scientology is concerned.

The only charge that could never be successfully leveled at Scientology is that it “is workable and does exactly what it says it can”.

That claim, like Hubbard’s PhD, is just pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking.

One thought on “Scientology the Ineffectual

  1. “All new things have a hard time.”

    Ah, the appeal to “everyone loves an underdog.” But with rational reflection it becomes clear that the fact that something has a “hard time” does nothing to lend it more validity. If anything, ideas tend to struggle for acceptance because, well, they aren’t particularly good ones.

    Even less helpful is the fact that something is “new.” Especially when dealing with claims as extreme as “after millennia of human history one person has finally figured out that everyone before us, and everyone disagreeing henceforth has it wrong.”

    Plus, what is actually “new” here? Ideas that Freud had developed close to a century before hubbard plagiarized them in ill-digested form? Ideas that even Freud had moved on from? Authoritarian pronouncements? Quackery? Megalomania? None of that is new!

    New things gain credibility when they can be factually verified or at least build a momentum due to widespread demonstrated efficacy. The dianutics craze came and went in a blip. Outside of a “cult following,” these purportedly “new” ideas not only had a “hard time.” They never even gained traction. For obvious reasons!

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