Taryn Takes a Pot Shot at Leah Remini

Taryn Teutsch and Scientology’s OSA are still at it, releasing yet another video in her series “exposing” Mike Rinder’s alleged Stepford Minions.

No Fair Game attack is complete until Leah Remini is brought into the mix, though beyond some name calling it is rather anticlimactic given what is usually on offer.

Teutsch claims Remini “victim shamed” Bitter Bernardini, something she’s been whining about since 2018, however she never actually provides any details as to what that shaming entails.

Leah Remini, like many of the other people that attack us, under the thumb of Mike Rinder, um, my very own father by the way, um, has never met me, has never spoken to me, um, doesn’t know my mom and has never spoken to her either. And yet she parrots off Mike Rinder’s lies. And continues to be used by him to victim shame my mom. The person that he personally with his own hands damaged and crushed her shoulder. And damaged her for life.”

First, the accusation that Remini is victim shaming Bernardini is ludicrous. If anything the woman is shaming herself with this one sided, ongoing vendetta against her former spouse.

Bitter Bernardini was the one who made herself look like a desperate stalker as she hunted Rinder down across the City of Clearwater alongside Scientology hired private investigators.

She is the one who selfishly, cruelly withheld the information that Benjamin Rinder allegedly had cancer from his own father out of spite.

Bernardini is the one who is egregiously guilty of parental alienation by encouraging her daughter to engage in this campaign of lies.

No, Leah Remini is not shaming this bitter, frustrated woman. Cathy Bernardini is doing a bang up job of it herself, without the aid of anyone else.

Scientology claims Fair Game does not exist, ergo the only other possibility is that Bitter Bernardini cannot get over the loss and has become fixated to the point of mental illness.

Healthy people do not scream “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE’ for over a decade in the face of multiple pieces of evidence to the contrary.

Interestingly, Taryn Teutsch cannot seem to bring herself to answer the obvious questions that have been raised by her continual denial of reality.

Questions like; how did both the paramedics and the Sheriff deputies miss such allegedly serious injuries? How could Bernardini have rated her pain level a 2 out of 10 if she had gouged, torn skin and a broken and dislocated shoulder? Why did none of those who were with them during this event relay the details to the officer conducting the investigation?

Why was Mike Rinder not arrested for any crime?

As for the never ending complaint that everyone is “parroting Mike Rinder’s lies”, the fact is that no one even needs to speak with the man to know what happened that day in April 2010.

This blogger was exposing the truth before she ever had any interaction with Rinder. All it took was a FOIA request and one look at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s report.

Taryn, filled with self righteous outrage, announces that she has never met Leah Remini and doesn’t know her. Yet she presumes to do exactly what she accuses Remini of; victim shaming and spreading lies.

Teutsch engages in childish name calling followed by comments about Remini’s private family business. Business that Taryn has no idea about other than what she is told by her vicious cult.

So who is really fomenting lies?

Let’s call a spade a spade; Taryn Teutsch is on a continual campaign of false accusations, lies and malice against not only her own father, but against people she doesn’t know, has never met and knows nothing about. Teutsch adamantly insists on ignoring every shred of proof that she is a bold faced liar from the audio recording to the Sheriff’s report.

As one reads the comments on her videos and Twitter account, so many good people who call her on her lies, one wonders as she thanks her “supporters”. Who are they?

Where are they?

Insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over hoping for a different result. Unhinged is one determined to inhabit a fantasy world filled with friends and supporters and talking to them as though they were real. Pathological is completely denying reality when it’s there for all to see.

This is how Scientology manipulates and uses people who are mentally unstable and vulnerable to do their dirty work. Sadly it would seem that Taryn is wrapped around Miscavige’s little finger. Willing to do anything he tells her no matter the cost.

Let’s hope 2022 is the year that Bitter Bernardini gets the professional help she needs to let go of her obsession with Mike Rinder, that Taryn Teutsch gets the professional help she needs to stop living in her safe, alternate reality and that Scientology continues its downward spiral.

6 thoughts on “Taryn Takes a Pot Shot at Leah Remini

  1. I am glad that you continue to write about and dismantle the lies that are continually spouted by this fruitcake thetan and the Pimping Pope of scientology whom she serves.
    As more people awaken from their Hubbardian Bollocks Nightmare, they can consult this blog for illuminating, corrective information as they embark upon their cult detoxification journeys…

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  2. Someone once said that the problem with a half-truth is that people always tell the wrong half. In other words, they tell a story designed to distract from the real story. In this case, the real story is that both Rinder and Remini made a decision open to anyone in a free society, namely to leave an organization that had already sucked too much of their lives out of them. That organization, scientology, is not only widely reviled by the public but absolutely committed to go to any length to disparage and harass its former members and detractors. Unlike your typical online video which will inundate viewers with “sponsor messages”, Taryn’s videos go to pains to conceal who paid the bills.

    Taryn’s problem: She has to sell her story (her handlers’ story, to be exact) to the public while carefully concealing the very center of it, the shadowy outfit that played a big role in the failure of her parents’ marriage and the insufficiencies in the parenting she received. The outfit that ordered and sponsored the irrational ambush on her father (and whatever minor injury Bernardi brought upon herself in the process). That is ordering her to lie about the incident even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And that pays Taryn to produce amateurish video work and make quixotic public appearances.

    As many stories only half told, this one quickly disintegrates for lack of making any sense whatsoever.

    Mastermind Rinder, an unknown (other than for things that can not be mentioned) somehow traps a fairly popular actress (known for a sitcom and other things that can not be mentioned) under his thumb to lend him public support with a PR problem that he doesn’t even have in the first place. Not even in a political environment where “always believe the accuser” is considered an appropriate truth-finding policy by too many and where Remini would have to fear cancellation for her support for Rinder. It’s telling that even with such a low barrier of “proof”, no one seems inclined to rally to Taryn’s “cause” and attack Rinder/Remini, just in case.

    In fact, even her own backers largely remain silent and hang her out to dry all by herself. As her “views” indicate, the cult didn’t even bother to deploy the click farms they generally use to prop up their stumbling media efforts.


  3. I love how she says he “crushed her shoulder and damaged her for life” but then there’s a picture of her mom holding out her scraped arms. I know if my shoulder was crushed, I wouldn’t be holding up my arm for ANYTHING! Suspicious much? What a waste of life, focusing all of your energy on lies and hate. I pity them all.

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