Volunteer Ministers: Busted As We Begin 2022

January 2, 2022 fire tore through the parliament complex in Cape Town, South Africa destroying some of the historic buildings.

According to a dramatic retelling of the event on Facebook by Scientology Volunteer Ministers they “assisted with a large fire in South Africa’s parliament complex located in Cape Town.”

One can almost hear the theme from Mission Impossible as the sensational photographs flash across the screen.

Incredibly, untrained civilians entered the danger zone as they; “…quickly assembled and went into the blazing heat to provide assistance to the brave Firefighters as they battled to extinguish the fire which broke out in the parliament complex’s oldest wing.”

Such dedication and bravery!

Ignoring the strange mental image of unprotected, yellow shirted Scientologists rushing into the blaze, handing out water bottles to fully suited firemen as they battle flames and smoke, one marvels at the humanitarian selflessness.

As an aside, what food is appropriate for distribution to busy firefighters during an arson threatening to destroy an entire complex? One imagines hors d’oeuvres too small for the gloves while sandwiches seem a bit casual, but we digress.

In the name of clarity we reached out to Cape Town Fire Department asking about allowing untrained civilians into a danger zone.

Sadly it would seem that once again Scientology is intentionally misleading their readers.

The danger, excitement and drama they portrayed…

Never happened.

Thus we begin 2022 with business as usual for Scientology.

3 thoughts on “Volunteer Ministers: Busted As We Begin 2022

  1. One of the most despicable human impulses is disaster opportunism: Looting at the scene of a disaster, setting up of phony charities, taking up of collections that never make it to the needy, use of calamities for political gain and claiming to have helped when you clearly made no meaningful contribution whatsoever.

    It’s unsurprising that the VMs like to boast about “helping” mostly in places far enough away to allow too much scrutiny. It is equally unsurprising that their “good deeds” are never confirmed by the organizations they claim to have helped or corroborated by independent press reports. Los Angeles is suffering from its greatest spike in crime, violence and homelessness in memory, perhaps ever. LA is also suffering from the greatest concentration of scilons in the world, with even a street named after the cult founder. However, there is ZERO evidence of VMs offering any help whatsoever, other than the occasional fundraiser for Way to Happiness pamphlets that may or may not end up being distributed to Angelenos.

    People and organizations of good will make meaningful contributions daily, observing Christ’s command: “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” This admonition should matter to scilons; after all, the organization never tires of pretending that they welcome Judeo-Christian believers and aspire to the highest of ethical standards.

    So let’s spell it out to hubbardians: “But when you refuse to give to the less able, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is failing to do. And for the love of Xenu, don’t make up lying press releases about what you aren’t doing.”

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  2. Hubbard had no interest in selfless good works, or more generally, in being compassionate and altruistic.
    ALL relationships were/are transactional. Others are “pieces” to be deployed, controlled, manipulated, used, abused, and discarded. The perfect “relationship”, that is, the perfect transaction…benefits Hubbard totally, on his terms, ALWAYS. Hubbard operated like a cold-blooded, entitled pimp running a stable of whores: get out there and make me more money, bitches! His organizations operate in that manner, as well.


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