If You Ask Taryn Teutsch Anything, Expect Lies

January 27, 2022 Taryn Teutsch posted a second video in her “Ask me Anything” series.

First to be dealt with is her twisted allegation at the 0:41 mark.

“…and harasses your brother when he’s going through life-threatening cancer.”

Mike Rinder never had the chance to “harass” his son, Benjamin.

Bitter Bernardini admitted that she never told Rinder that his son was ill. She let him find out about Benjamin’s cancer through an article in the St. Petersburg Times.

As soon as Mike learned of his son’s condition he attempted to see Benjamin only to be refused.

Beyond refusing to let him see his son, Scientology issued a trespass warning against Rinder, effectively stopping him from seeing his son permanently.

Constantly whining that Mike “harassed” Benjamin while he was fighting cancer is not only a bold faced lie, it is also disputed by Cathy Rinder Bernardini’s own words.

In 2011 Cathy Rinder wrote one of many attacks against her former husband for the Scientology Fair Game website whoismikerinder.com. Her article, titled Mike Rinder’s Feigning “Love” Act, opens with the following;

“Shortly after deserting his entire family in June 2007, never once asking after his children, our son was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Proof of Mike’s complete desertion and coldhearted basic nature, he didn’t even know our son was given a year to live and was under intensive medical care to save his life.”

Confront and Shatter addresses this situation here and proof against Taryn’s opposite claim that Mike Rinder never tried to see Benjamin can be found here. Later in Taryn’s video she revisits her rant about how Rinder allegedly treated his son. Every word she says is a lie.

These videos by OSA are an obvious attempt to answer the common sense questions posed due to the discrepancies between the facts and Scientology’s fiction. Formatted as though her supporters were asking, Taryn then spins the truth into more lies.

Pretend question; “Did you go to the police?”

Teutsch’s response, beginning at the 1:25 mark will now be dismantled.

“So at the time of the incident the Sheriff came, I think there were three of them or so, um so yes the Sheriffs who have jurisdiction over that area came. We gave our reports.

The problem is, in my estimation, is they spoke to my father, Mike Rinder, first and he was able to tell his lies and whatever he wanted to say and that was noted down and taken down as what happened when that in fact was not what happened.”

Sadly for Taryn, she has apparently not read the police report.

Deputy Kurt Frazho clearly states that he in fact spoke to Cathy first.

The Full Report Can Be Found Here

Taryn then moves on to reveal a brand new component to this 12 year old story.

Question at 2:11- “Why did the police report say ‘incidental contact’ when it is obvious it wasn’t?”

First of all this “question” is beyond disingenuous. Anyone who has read the report (thus knowing to question the “incidental contact” statement) would have no reason whatsoever to then say Bitter Bernardini’s injuries “obviously” were anything else.

Teutsch describes that she saw Cathy “in pain, stooped over and unable to move. And in complete and utter shock”.

If this is so then why did Bernardini rate her pain a 2 out of 10? Why in the incident report did a trained and licensed medical doctor not step in to triage the woman?

Bitter Bernardini was not stooped over in pain, unable to move. She followed him from the parking lot screaming at him, yelled at the doctor who did nothing to deserve it and continued to advance on Rinder who was trying, according to the doctor, to move away.

Teutsch explains “God knows. My mom, the second she got that report that said ‘incidental contact’, wrote to that Sheriff and said ‘this is a completely inaccurate report you know, and it fully downplays the domestic violence I just went through.”

2:32- “…she never heard back from him and definitely in my estimation, that was an egregious error by the Sheriff who penned that report because he, um, listened to my father, Mike Rinder’s lies and false information about what happened.”

Having already filed a Freedom of Information Act request with Pinellas County Sheriff and not seen any such letter, I was confused.

I may be mentally unstable, but I’m not blind.

Subsequently I called PCSO’s Public Relations office and spoke initially to a woman named Nichole who passed me on to Deputy Stephanie Barnes.

I explained the situation to Deputy Barnes who spent the next two days trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. She assured me that had such a letter existed it would not have been thrown out or destroyed.

Finally she advised me to make a second FOIA request asking specifically for any communication of complaint regarding this 2010 incident in case the letter had been filed in a different section.

I did.

PCSO’s response to this second FOIA request confirms that no such letter exists outside of Scientology’s Fair Game lies.

The only thing I received was yet another copy of the Incident Report.

Nothing else.

As Scientology continues attacking Mike Rinder they are now publicly, blatantly impugning the integrity of not only Deputy Frazho, but of the entire Pinellas County Sheriff Department. Taryn’s comments from her mother’s fictional letter of complaint casts the image of serious misconduct on Frazho’s handling of the investigation.

COS’ determination to destroy Rinder’s reputation and convince the world that he is guilty of domestic violence is so cutthroat that they have no qualms about the harm they do to anyone else along the way.

Deputy Kurt Frazho’s character and reputation mean absolutely nothing as long as Scientology can paint Mike Rinder as a villain.

This is the malicious, disgusting reality of Scientology.

There is no low they won’t descend, no filth they will not roll in as they attack innocent people.


One thought on “If You Ask Taryn Teutsch Anything, Expect Lies

  1. The problem with Taryn’s “campaign” is that it is an afterthought. And too little too late at that.

    The ideal scenario would have been getting Mike arrested. There are dozens of documented incidents where the cult created major drama from minor incidents and obtained restraining orders, onerous fines and even jail sentences for their “enemies.” Yet even with all the “witnesses” they brought along, people who were undoubtedly ready to perjure themselves as needed but scattered instead like roaches when the law showed up, they were unable to make a case.

    Failing that, the goal of the mob attack was to provoke Rinder into an outburst that they could film and post online, with all the editing their black little hearts desired. Obviously that failed, since almost a dozen years later the cult has never produced any such footage. Apparently, not even creative editing along with blatant lying got that job done either. (Of course, it doesn’t help that Rinder himself has released an audio of the incident).

    This leaves Taryn with trying to appeal to those who believe that the metoo lesson is that absolutely anything uttered by any female ought to be believed, as long as a male culprit is involved, however unlikely the scenario may actually be. Yet even by those standards, her “campaign” is clearly not gaining any traction.

    It’s telling that even Inch Wife Bernardini herself is absenting herself from the campaign and is leaving her daughter to fend for herself. Equally telling is that even the cult is allocating minimal resources to this. They’re not even putting up for a dedicated web site or click farms. Teutsch is the only one pretending that she has something to work with. At least, she gets a monthly stat push out of it…

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