Fair Game: Gross Evil by a “Church”

Taryn Teutsch has posted the third and hopefully final video in her “Ask me Anything” series.

Her first question, posed by some imaginary supporter, asks if there was a history of domestic violence by Mike Rinder.

1:23 “No there wasn’t physical abuse or a history of it that I know of.”

Perhaps this is Taryn’s attempt to keep attention away from her 2018 video in which she sits down with her mother and claims she is a miraculous survivor of Shaken Baby Syndrome at the hands of her father.

According to Bernardini, Taryn was “violently shaken” at 1 month of age by Rinder because she was crying.

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome reports that of infants who are violently shaken, 30% die. Of those that survive, “upwards of 80 percent who survive suffer permanent life-long brain abnormalities.”

That Teutsch would have experienced the “violent shaking” she demonstrates in her video at 1 month old and survive unscathed can not be credited as true. Further, had this event truly happened how could she have so easily forgotten it when asked about a history of other abuse in the home?

Her next query is about her “proof” of the attack on Cathy Rinder Bernardini.

Proof that Taryn is lying through her teeth can be found here and here.

As for her response, Teutsch cites her own social media accounts and her blog then claims she has posted “all” the medical reports as well as the “operation report”.

Neither of these statements is remotely true.

In fact Taryn has not posted any official medical reports beyond the paramedic report from the day of the incident. Something that clearly states Bernardini had only one small injury. There are no procedure transcripts from the operation performed on Bernardini’s shoulder either. What was released was a short letter by the orthopedic surgeon stating that he treated Bernardini for Bursitis, Tendinitis and an Acromion Hook. Long term, chronic conditions that develop over time and afflict many.

At the 2:14 mark Teutsch states she gave her own witness testimony to the events that took place in April of 2010.

Anything she has claimed publicly has been disproven as lies. She certainly did not give any witness testimony to Deputy Frazho when he investigated. Neither did Andrew Rinder or any of the others who were there that day.

As for the comment at 2:21 “I mean, I’ve shown her body in front of people to show— that’s proof” how Bernardini mysteriously developed multiple bloody injuries in the days or weeks after this incident is anyone’s guess.

It might be reasonably proffered that Scientology’s Golden Era Productions has on hand professional theatrical make up artists who would be more than capable of reproducing injuries for a photo op.

Taryn chooses to end her series by pretending care for her half brothers.

Then stop lying

Taryn Teutsch is the face of Scientology’s Fair Game attack against Mike Rinder. Anyone who believes she is an unaware dupe by COS in this campaign is mistaken. She knows exactly what she is doing and why.

She along with Cathy Bernardini and OSA are directly responsible for publicly lying about Rinder.

She is a ready partner in a brutal, malicious campaign of deceit that, although clearly and utterly debunked at every turn, will exist in cyberspace in perpetuity. Rinder’s sons will eventually be faced with the emotion created by their own blood.

Taryn scornfully says that Rinder once commented he would teach his boys to “hate Scientology” yet in this Mike needs do very little to convince them his former cult is evil.

Their half sister is doing that job exceptionally well.

Closing, Teutsch sanctimoniously says “Now in this changing world of being tolerant and allowing other people to be, do and feel and believe in what they believe in, I think that is pretty gross.”

What is gross is Fair Game.

What is gross is Disconnection.

Gross is the fact that a so-called “church” supports, encourages, teaches and actively engages in written policies of revenge fueled by hate and intolerance. Scientology considers anyone who speaks out against real abuse, fraud, human trafficking and deceit to be an enemy.

They embrace evil, anti-social mores and literally fight anyone who dares hold them to morality, truth or healthy human decency.

COS defends and supports the most intolerant and hate filled actions by attempting to destroy the lives of innocent people.

Paulette Cooper

Gabe Cazares

Bob Minton

Danny Masterson’s accusers; stalked, terrorized, their beloved family pets poisoned.

Leah Remini stalked by Scientology hired private investigators who discuss between them that COS wants her dead.


Cold hearted conglomerate masquerading as a “church” yet holding the worst of mankind’s proclivities towards evil as sacred doctrine.

Protecting and defending the most fundamental and base immorality through Fair Game campaigns like Justice4Mom.

We think that is pretty gross.

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