Stand League’s Twisted Blindness

On February 11 Tony Ortega penned a heartfelt tribute to former Scientologist Ned McCrink who died of suicide.

Leah Remini tweeted a link to Ortega’s article accompanied by several posts describing McCrink’s life.

Here are her tweets:

Scientology’s twisted response is to accuse her of exploiting a suicide to spread bigotry and hate, neither of which can legitimately be found in Remini’s tweets. In fact she clearly states she cannot say for sure whether Scientology played a part in Ned’s suicide.

Where is the bigotry in Leah Remini’s tweets?

Tony Ortega’s eulogy of Ned McCrink showed nothing but kindness and sadness at his loss. Remini’s tweets only highlighted the points Ortega made. Information that came both from personal experience from Ned’s friends and from McCrink himself.

No lies. No harassment. No hate. No bigotry.

So where can the exploitation of a fatal tragedy be seen?


Also here:

Exploitation of vulnerable people who struggle with mental illness is hate.

This is what hate, harassment and intolerance look like.

How low is this most ethical of religions willing to go in their vicious psychological terrorism against their former members?

Always, always consider the source.

2 thoughts on “Stand League’s Twisted Blindness

  1. Bullying? How does one person’s tweet “bully” a $3 billion ultra-litigious organization claiming millions of followers worldwide? Name-calling? Who exactly was called what? Spoiler: You will search in vain.

    Exploitation, hate and bigotry? If true, these are serious accusations that would indeed entitle the recipient (or as they would prefer, victim) to cry foul. So before getting all exercised about these allegations, did the would-be aggrieved party show evidence?

    Exploitation? Ned was induced by dishonest means that may well rise to the level of fraud to make a significant contribution. When he asked questions, he was denied answers. Instead he was promptly kicked out by the beneficiary of his generosity. He was stripped of all his “religious” accomplishments that he had worked hard and “donated” plentifully for. All that he had believed and lived for—his “eternity”, in scn parlance—was taken away from him. To add further cruelty, his family was turned against him by his “church.”

    Not only is there plentiful evidence that this is behavior typical for, even mandated by his “church”, these are undisputed facts. Most significantly, not even the “church” denies any of these facts! Instead, they accuse Leah of the very thing they have been shown to have engaged in and provide zero evidence to back any of it up.

    Bigotry is the indiscriminate unreasoned a priori disdain (or worse) of a group. Statements such as “all psychiatrists, without exception, are criminals, especially the Jewish ones” would certainly qualify. Hate is similar, with some additional malevolence thrown in for good measure, such as “we must exterminate psychiatry.” Since Leah is making no statements that would even remotely qualify, it’s no surprise that again, zero evidence is being offered. There’s simply nothing to work with for her slanderous accusers.

    Leah names several abuses committed against this former scn member. They stand unrefuted. Since scn is a strictly hierarchical organization, her call for accountability from the top is more than fair.

    In fact, heeding her calls for reform would even amount to throwing the cult a lifeline. It’s a lot like calling on the pope to deal with pedophile priests in earnest to save his church (the difference being that these rogue priests were violating church law while scn’s abuses are carried out pursuant of “church” law). It’s telling that even though scn pretends to advocate for ALL churches, even they knew better than to support Catholic abuses in the name of the “religious freedom” and denounce abuse critics as bigots, haters and exploiters.


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