Scientology’s Pattern of Dehumanization

Leah Remini only needs to post one Twitter comment and Scientology erupts in a fit of rage, fear and spite.

Stand League, created to keep a constant watch on Remini, has taken note of her increased presence on Twitter recently and is reacting with their usual Hubbardian malice.

Who Actually Follows the Dehumanizer’s Pattern?

In this drivel ascribed to one of Scientology’s many imaginary members, another attempt is made to tie Remini to Nazi ideology thus painting Scientology as victims equivalent to the Polish or Jewish communities lost in the Holocaust.

Accusing Remini of dehumanizing Scientology in order to justify its persecution the writer works hard to create a parallel between the Holocaust and Leah Remini’s work to expose the truth.

“With the takeover complete, the Nazis ramped up their propaganda. There were Polish Jews, Gypsies, and intelligentsia to slaughter, and the Nazis needed the world to acquiesce. In October 1939, Nazi Germany’s Propaganda Ministry issued Directive No. 1306, which stated (in part): “It must become clear to everybody in Germany, even to the last milkmaid, that Polishness is equal to subhumanity. Poles, Jews and Gypsies are on the same inferior level. This must be clearly outlined… until every citizen of Germany has it encoded in his subconsciousness that every Pole, whether a worker or intellectual, should be treated like vermin.”

Does this not sound more like L. Ron Hubbard’s policy for so-called “enemies”, Suppressive Persons, than anything that could possibly be ascribed to Remini?

Dehumanizing critics is what Scientology does.

By any means necessary.

Hubbard’s Fair Game policy is clear that in the absence of any real “dirt” it is acceptable and necessary to manufacture scandal in order to bring the enemy down.

To this end, Scientology has sent numerous letters filled with false information and exaggerated claims against Remini and Mike Rinder.

Attempting to have them fired, their award winning show on A&E canceled, COS hurled accusations of bigotry and intolerance against the duo. Remini and Rinder have been saddled with the responsibility for hate crimes, domestic violence, arson and even murder.

This is the pattern of the dehumanizer. Their motives are not pretty, altruistic or honest.

Manufactured Lie
What Dehumanization Looks Like
Scientology’s Solution

Leah Remini fights to keep serious issues like abuse, criminal actions, and fraud on the forefront of public consciousness in order to warn, protect and effect change.

Scientology fights to protect their right to commit all of these and more while pretending to be a helpful religion.

Appropriating the terrible eradication of millions as a tool to “injure by any means” is to further victimize and disrespect those lost souls. None of the brutalized, murdered individuals can speak against this cold, casual appropriation of their deaths.

Would any of them want to be so misused in the name of Fair Game?

Could there be anything more dehumanizing than to cruelly grasp the memory of innocents wiped out in gas chambers and twisting it into a weapon? With no care or concern for the rights, beliefs or opinions of the individuals who were sacrificed on the very altar of hate, Scientology continues to disregard every lost individual; reducing the Holocaust to a handy lash with which to scourge more innocent people.

Thus is the Nazi mindset allowed to continue.

Scientology believes they are the superior “religion”.

Nazis believed the Aryan Master race was superior.

Scientology wants to clear the planet, creating a Hubbardian utopia wherein they are the ones who make the laws, call the shots and decide what is right.

The Holocaust was the Nazi equivalent attempt to clear the planet with the same goals in mind.

How fine is the line of difference between the Nazi Propaganda Ministry issuing directives (like the one noted above) and L. Ron Hubbard’s stream of policy letters and bulletins?

Scientology self righteously likens Mike Rinder, Leah Remini and any number of other cult dissidents to Goebbles and Nazi ideology in the ultimate form of dehumanization all while demonstrating the Nazi doctrine with frightening accuracy.

Propaganda Intended to Dehumanize

Outlawing the opposition, attacking those who speak out against tyranny in any form is a common thread amongst those who would oppress and abuse. Isolating the group from outside influence, controlling the narrative, twisting facts and justifying wrongdoing while vilifying those who would expose can be seen in the actions of the Nazis, North Korea and most recently Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.

So too Scientology.

In OSA Order Number 2 L. Ron Hubbard wrote “Defensive PR may be necessary in a flap. But start specializing in offensive PR and to hell with whether the SPs consider it offensive to them—since it is!”

Keep this in mind every time Scientology takes to the internet and social media to attack Leah Remini, Mike Rinder or any of the other good people who are fighting to expose the rot beneath the glittering Façade.

4 thoughts on “Scientology’s Pattern of Dehumanization

  1. Thank-you, Stefani, for your determination to continue exposing the monstrous tactics of the COS, and for defending the heroic Leah Remini & Mike Rinder.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. COS has a dark, multi-decade history of POLICY DRIVEN abuses, fraud, and criminal activity.
    Their “public relations” hacks specialize in ad hominem, lies, and frantic projection.
    Thank you for continuing to expose the idiocy, ignorance, and delusion of these fools and of the so-called church they represent!


  3. Strange how the cult finds it necessary to bring up Nazi and the holocaust constantly, from Remini to any and all psychiatrists.

    But WHO among these is running a paramilitary organization? Depriving people of their basic rights? Sending foaming-at-the mouth fanatics to harass those who dare disagree? Engaging in propaganda, disinformation and smear campaigns? Operating a secret service organization?

    Due to close resemblance, one of the three should go easy on the Nazi analogies! Remini? The psychs? Or the cult?


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