“We’re All Mad Here”

-Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland.

March 13th is Scientology’s Christmas. It is the day they celebrate the birth of the man who created one of the largest cons in the name of financial solvency in modern times.

To honor L. Ron Hubbard this year Stand League ironically uses a fictional character to pen a saccharine, hypocritical tribute.

Once again if one reads between the lines one gets insight into just how twisted and irreligious Scientology truly is.

Martin Landon, AKA Hate Blogger #27, opens with a melodramatic story of a tormented girl and her bully. Of course the victim grows up to become a Scientology Auditor while the bully’s life is one, unending rock bottom.

Amazingly, these two come together again as the bully desperately seeks help, absolution and a new life. Stoically the Auditor, in spite of recognizing the person who terrorized her, guides the distraught pre clear through Hubbard’s session without comment.

“As she speaks, the other woman—the auditor who had been that little girl—listens calmly without a hint of judgment or blame. At length, with her help, the woman experiences relief and accompanying hope. She looks at the auditor who helped her emerge from the shadows, recognizing her at last. ‘It’s you!’ she cries. You know the rest of the story. How the two then became friends and how the former bully then became a Scientology auditor herself—to help free others from the grip of their painful past.”

Landon notes, in a glimpse of Scientology’s true colors, that the Auditor would have been well within her rights to reject the other woman. To, as he writes, “cast her back out to deal with her demons”.

He then quotes Hubbard.

“Mr. Hubbard explains: ‘You are here, you are alive. When you were small, you granted beingness to your dog, your wagon—in other words you brought this to life… These things came alive. And to this day you grant beingness to a car, a favorite book, possessions… One is alive to the degree that individuals have granted him beingness, and that he has granted others beingness.’”

In other words, according to Landon (himself granted beingness by some earnest Sea Org member doing Amends) the victim in this scenario granted her bully the right to exist because she used LRH’s Auditor’s Code.

“That means no judgment, no subtly telegraphed disapproval, no slightly raised eyebrow, no questioning ‘Oh?’ One simply continues to grant the person beingness and life—for, without that, change and healing are impossible.”

If this inanity had even a grain of truth to it then Leah Remini and Mike Rinder would both be transparent entities floating through the ether between the Now and the afterlife.

Whoever Martin Landon truly is needs serious help.

“Imagine Democrats granting beingness to Republicans and vice versa. In the field of sports, imagine a Yankees fan granting beingness to a Mets fan, allowing that fan to be more alive, putting more life there instead of taking it away. The Mets fan would likely respond in kind by putting more life into the Yankees fan.”


“Inclusion and the granting of beingness, of life, are the carrier wave of Mr. Hubbard’s legacy of respect and human rights.”


Is this why there are dozens of hateful social media accounts across the internet whose sole purpose is the destruction of and disrespect for others?

Is deliberately lying, maliciously twisting the truth, simply to cause another pain the “granting of beingness”?

Rather than a religion, Scientology is a conglomerate country club whose members are only those who measure up. Only those who obey, agree and tow the line.

Anyone who exercises their right to defy the Scientology dictatorship is canonically denied their right to “beingness”.

L. Ron Hubbard did indeed leave a legacy to the world; one of intolerance, Hate and judgment.

Consummate conman, pathological liar, domestic abuser; L. Ron Hubbard granted “beingness” to his worst narcissistic demons.

Thus was Scientology given life.

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?” –Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/ Through the Looking Glass.

4 thoughts on ““We’re All Mad Here”

  1. Another excellent post.
    “Granting beingness” is El Con’s(i.e. the narcissist’s ) twisted, bonkers take on “empathy”. The scientologist is “big enough” to “grant” others something they already have!
    You “measure up” in scientology by not only being an unquestioning, obedient, loaded-language-spouting drone, but by surrendering your MONEY…to the point of personal/familial penury and bankruptcy.
    Thank you for continuing to expose the church’s criminality and lies.

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  2. It’s a good thing that the bullied person, or even the bully for that matter, was NOT a scientologist in her childhood. The mere thought of being wronged would have turned the other person into an “enemy.” At which point it would have been not just OK but elron-mandated to fight the other person by the most vindictive means available, conjure up lies about them, get them arrested, murder their pets, do whatever you can; the dirtier the better.

    Scientologists will tell you with no small measure of pride that they are absolutely NOT “a turn the other cheek religion.” It’s safe to say that they would not have “helped” this former bully out of kindness or concern if there weren’t significant amounts of money changing hands. So getting this bully hooked into the cult is hardly “charity”; it’s revenge!

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