Leah Remini is a Credit to Women of Valor Everywhere

Anyone who watched the multi-award winning docuseries Scientology and the Aftermath on A&E or Netflix will remember Claire Headley.

Having been a member of the cult’s “elite” Sea Org, Claire was manipulated and forced into having an abortion in the name of duty.

Her pain and loss could be felt by anyone with even rudimentary empathy.

Headley’s situation was not an isolated one. Women in the Sea Org during that time knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that abortion would be expected of them.

Scientology of course denies that forced abortions are now part (or were) of their policy. This claim, like every other, fails under the scrutiny of reality.

Women in the Sea Org who become pregnant are forced to choose between motherhood and position. They are removed from their duties if they make the “wrong” choice. If their position is lost, they face “Freeloader” debts.

Cult founder L. Ron Hubbard treated women as inferior. His emotional, psychological and physical abuse of both Sarah and Polly are documented.

Scientology also has a long history of covering up rape and protecting the rapists.

In 2010 Jan Eastgate, currently heading the COS front group Citizens Commission on Human Rights, was charged with “perverting the course of Justice” when she ordered a 12 year old little girl and her mother to lie about sexual abuse at the hands of the girl’s stepfather.

“Just say no. Don’t say yes, because otherwise you will be taken away from your parents and you’ll never see your family again,”

Later the charges against Eastgate would be dropped.

Jan Eastgate would go on to be awarded Scientology’s highest honor; The Freedom Medal for her attacks against the field of psychology.

Tom Cruise publicly attacked Brooke Shields when she went public about her struggle with postpartum depression.

As the actress used her situation to inform and encourage much needed discussion on the subject Cruise slammed her and her career. Calling Shields “irresponsible” for taking antidepressants he advised women to care for themselves with vitamins and minerals.

Currently Scientology is facing several serious civil suits by Danny Masterson’s accusers of witness intimidation. Masterson’s victims, already reeling from the vicious, violent rapes they (allegedly) endured found themselves stalked, their pets poisoned in an attempt to silence them.

Chrissie Bixler, upon reporting the rapes to Scientology, was told it “wasn’t rape if you’re in a relationship”.

With such a medieval and abusive history Scientology’s current acknowledgment of Woman’s History Month cannot be taken seriously.

Just Another COS Weapon

The cult’s hijacking of this month celebrating the contributions and accomplishments of women is nothing more than another attempt to look relevant and involved in the interest of good PR.

It’s what they do.

Stand League posted an article that, while using Women’s History Month as a pretense, is the antithesis of everything the strong, brave and intelligent women behind the celebration stood for.

Displaying the ultimate hypocrisy, the piece opens acknowledging that this year’s theme is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope”.

Noting the “heroic actions of those we honor” the writer then does an about face and attacks yet another strong, brave woman; Leah Remini.

Thus is the real face of Scientology revealed.

Calling Remini a “disgrace to women of valor everywhere” COS continues to practice their Fair Game policy by spewing lies intended to cause hurt and harm.

Leah Remini has shown the same fortitude, dogged determination and concern for others displayed by the women who inspired the creation of this special month.

At the hands of Scientology Leah Remini has faced egregious abuse, dehumanization and physical threat as she fights to expose Scientology’s reality.

Because of her bravery, hundreds (if not thousands) of people have felt empowered to step up and speak their truths.

Leah Remini has opened the door for healing and hope by defying a conglomerate bully intent upon controlling the world.

Her heroic actions mirror those we honor and are performed in the face of—or despite—the actions others take who specialize in stopping the good and glorifying the bad.


“With such ugliness on full throttle for the world to see, with so much adrenaline expended in the cause of bile, one wonders who in their right mind would listen, let alone believe or act upon such open and bleeding calumny.” Yet still Scientology continues to post such calumny across social media. Libeling her and labeling her, assaulting her with lies multiple times a day without ceasing.

Leah Remini fights on.

Undaunted by threats, unstopped by abuse heaped upon her by an organization founded on hate, she fights on.

This is the spirit held in common by Florence Nightingale, Amelia Earhart, Susan B. Anthony and so many others.

Scientology focuses on stifling the rights, free will and independent thought of others.

“Always attack, never defend” is the battle cry and legacy of L. Ron Hubbard.

Leah Remini broke free from abusive control, embraced her SELF and has created a platform for others to find their own way out of the subjugation of their unique spirits into living, healing and wholeness.

“Thank God for the women who heal and give us hope, and may they continue to light the way for us, no matter the odds and no matter the howls from those who see only darkness.”

Finally some truth from a cult of deceit.

5 thoughts on “Leah Remini is a Credit to Women of Valor Everywhere

  1. First off, what could be more tone-deaf than a bit where you celebrate women for two sentences and then turn around and attack one for the entire remainder of the piece? This idiocy should be enough to land the writer in RPF for the optics alone!

    Second, where are the leading women of the cult? The ones that could and should be celebrated on this occasion?

    All three hubbard wives–divorced, cut off and removed from the cult’s history. Even the third one who was a top executive, co-author and went to prison for the cult (keeping hubbard out of prison) remains photoshopped out of all official cult pictures. “Captain” Dave’s wife? Another top cult executive, she was disappeared and remains unmentionable. Cruise’s three ex-wives who at some point were cult royalty–until all three thought better of it and left the cult along with their celeb husband.

    Or could they celebrate Lisa McPherson who followed cult dictates to the point of psychosis and death? Taryn Teutsch who shows no reluctance making an even bigger fool of herself every time she posts? The inch wives?

    With so little to celebrate in their own ranks, is it any wonder that the best they can do on this day is spew venom?


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