Leah Remini-Revealing the Rot Beneath COS’ Façade

Leah Remini touched a collective nerve recently when she tweeted the names of multiple Scientology accounts. Apparently it’s perfectly acceptable for Stand League, Hate Monitor and Taryn Teutsch to publicly attack others by name so long as there’s no quid pro quo.

Remini pointed out that in spite of how innocent or innocuous some of these accounts may seem, the bottom line is that each represents the embrace of an abusive, dangerous cult.

Scientology’s policy is to keep up an illusion of normalcy to the world.

By promoting the “we’re just like you” ideology, members hope to cast doubt on those who expose the rot underneath the gilding.

Hate Monitor immediately used the tweets as an opportunity to once again attack Remini, twisting it into a failure on her part. Something it clearly is not.

Thaddeus Reeves, Scientology blogger purporting to offer parenting advice on his Scientology Parent blog, is one of the best examples of innocence covering for treacherousness.

Disingenuously and with wide eyed virtue, Reeves accuses Remini of inciting others to attack him for no reason.

Just how normal is Thad?

Thaddeus Reeves’ blog is Scientology.

Reeves writes that his 3 year old toddler who refused to take a nap because “he was having a hard time communicating with his legs and arms. They were on automatic and you could see in his eyes that it was frustrating even him.” The answer to this astoundingly abnormal diagnosis is of course, Hubbard’s Touch Assist.

Promoting Hubbard’s unfounded, un-researched and unproven fictional self help, Reeves educates his readers on everything from using Assists to deal with children’s emotions, to silent birth to the use of barley water as a formula alternative.

Here is just one glaringly dangerous example of why Leah Remini’s Twitter comments are so clearly right.

Thad Reeves seems oh-so-normal. A family man who enjoys biking and spending time with his kids. Exactly as Scientology wants the world to view them; harmless every-man just like you and me.

Peeling back the façade however reveals information that at the very least is irresponsible and beyond that outright dangerous.

Feeding barley water to infants is tantamount to neglect and abuse.

According to multiple studies barley water as an alternative to formula places a developing infant in danger of malnutrition and a failure to thrive.

A case report in 1981 stated “Five infants, age 1 to 7 months, were given a formula of barley water, whole milk, and corn syrup (Karo) or honey. Three patients had subnormal growth, two fit the criteria for failure to thrive, and two demonstrated a microcytic hypochromic anemia. The delayed growth and anemia were corrected by institution of a standard infant formula and nutrient supplementation. The barley water formula provides less than the recommended daily allowance of iron and vitamins A and C. The illnesses of these infants and the deficiencies of the diet illustrate the importance of obtaining a careful dietary history for all infants not receiving standard diets.”

This study, published in the American Journal of Diseases of Children, vol-135, Issue 7, used L. Ron Hubbard’s recipe for barley water formula in these 5 children.

Full Article Here

Thaddeus Reeves is not the harmless, involved parent he appears to be. Rather he is a champion of dangerous misinformation that can cause serious harm to innocent children who have no voice of their own.

Reeves not only peddles Hubbard’s snake oil formula thus endangering the health of infants, he also embraces Scientology’s CCHR doctrine that prescribing life changing medication to children struggling with mental illness is nothing more than pandering to a “money grubbing lie”.

@ScientologyDad Thad Reeves is just one example making Remini’s point with crystal clarity.

Leah Remini is right to expose every one of these Scientology accounts.

Not only do many of them participate in the hate rhetoric spewed by Stand League/Hate Monitor, but the others are vehicles for the dissemination of Scientology’s abusive misinformation.

Nothing promoted by Scientology is innocent or innocuous.

As Leah stated, if you take but a moment to dig just a bit under the surface, the evil will reveal itself.

We would like to thank Jordan Griffing, licensed dietitian for her invaluable help with this article.

2 thoughts on “Leah Remini-Revealing the Rot Beneath COS’ Façade

  1. For someone having elron’s PR “tech” at his disposal, Thad is side-splittingly inept.

    For starters, he is quite correct about how he and his group are viewed. Think NXIVM, Heaven’s Gate, Jim Jones, Waco and, of course, CoS. “Normal” clearly does NOT spring to mind! That means he probably already lost the propaganda war, and may want to quit while he’s still behind. It may even compel him to reflect on why his cause is viewed so lowly, and what his commitment means for his and his family’s life and well-being.

    But still, hope springs eternal. And with any luck, there are even commissions to be made. So what to do? Let me suggest that leading with “I am normal” is about as effective, and alarming, as entering an airport announcing “I am not carrying any bombs”–even more so, if you actually are!

    Unlike the cult’s wholly irrational agreement with elron’s claim to being in fact an unprecedented genius–lack of evidence be damned–people generally don’t respond to claims alone. Instead of claiming normalcy alone, it would be helpful if he didn’t even attract attention to “normalcy” by making it a topic and let his ideas and actions speak for him. Sadly, his blog is doing him no favors in that respect. Much less so his hysterics about Leah Remini along with made-up claims that she is seeking to have anyone–no matter ow odious–“reported to Twitter.”

    His effort at damage control is not a mere footbullet; it’s a full-on footnuke! His effort at creating positive PR on behalf of “normal” cult families fares even worse!

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  2. I know of a high level Scientologist who would not let his wife breastfeed their baby and insisted they feed child LRHs barley formula. That is how crazy some people are in believing everything he wrote is gospel and should not be evaluated. Despite being in Scn at the time, I knew that barley formula could never compete with mothers milk (unless mother was a druggie or alcoholic) and nursed my child. From what I have observed, many Scientologists refuse to look and evaluate and even censor themselves. They look at their own empty idea orgs and assume it’s only their city which isn’t doing well. They assume Miscavige and LRH are amazing, truthful men and never question anything. I used to point out bad behavior by Scientologists or even staff members and a very close friend would immediately respond with “but they mean well….they have been on staff for decades…”. This person could never say a bad word about another Scientologist. As a Scientologist you are indoctrinated to protecting Scientology. When I first heard that the library campaign (all libraries with all basic LRH books) was a lie (hardly any books got on shelves) I first thought upper management didn’t know about it. It took awhile to face that they did know but didn’t care since they made tens or hundreds of millions of dollars off it. I had to face that if they really wanted a libraries to have books they would not be charging us at least 10x the actual cost of these books.
    I heard that a long term Scientologist was very upset when she heard of all the forced abortions in the Sea Org but still told her friend that she would continue to do courses since she had already paid for them.
    Thank you for your work.

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