Taryn Teutsch uses International Women’s Day to Attack a Woman.

Once again Taryn Teutsch puts her selfishness and complete disregard for victims of domestic violence on display as she hijacks an event meant to promote healing, change and serious discussion.

To the detriment of every person suffering under the pain, loneliness and chaos of violence Teutsch continues to spew her vicious, malicious Hubbardian agenda of attack by any means necessary.

This year the theme for International Women’s Day was #BreakTheBias.

Focusing on:

A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

Taryn Teutsch latches onto a global initiative meant to address positive change and with typical Scientology disregard for others, refashions what was good into a weapon inflicting yet more bias, hate and harm.

Teutsch’s misunderstood word is “bias”.

Her misinterpretation may be intentional as the definition; prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair, is Hubbard policy in a nutshell.

Choosing to apply her own skewed and nasty agenda, Teutsch uses a day meant to celebrate, protect and empower women to attack, defame and cause harm to a woman.

“Another way that #BreakTheBias applies is when it comes to others who are inhumane enough to partake in shaming another woman’s pain. That bias, hate and intolerance must stop. Specifically, Leah Remini has the gall to continually attempt to victim shame another woman, my mother. She has wholeheartedly lied about my mom and even ridiculed her for the loss of an infant child.”

There is nothing noble about Taryn’s constant insistence that Mike Rinder harmed Cathy Bernardini. Her crusade of fantasy, bearing as much substance as Wonderland or Neverland, is built upon lies and a tantrum fueled by Scientology’s policy of disconnecting Sea Org families in the name of duty.

Cathy Bernardini suffers from chronic conditions that affect millions of middle aged people. Conditions that were most likely exacerbated by hard labor and sleeping on the floor whilst in the RPF.

The much missed Ron Miscavige remembered Bernardini wearing a sling due to her shoulder issues as far back as when he was still in Scientology.

As Jeffrey Augustine points out; “Taryn Teutsch and Cathy Bernardini never claimed Cathy was injured until Leah Remini’s double-Emmy winning show Scientology and the Aftermath was being watched by record audiences. It was only after Leah’s groundbreaking show aired to an international audience that Taryn and Cathy launched their sleazy Scientology Fair Game attack on Leah’s on-air partner Mike Rinder.”

Taryn’s outrage at Leah Remini is a fake and fabricated as her claims of Rinder’s attack. As no such event took place she has no leg to stand on where Leah, Jeffrey Augustine or anyone else who points out the truth are concerned.



How about the myriad of social media sites dedicated to psychological terrorism against Leah Remini?

What of accusing an innocent woman of complicity to hate crimes, arson and murder?

What of stalking Remini as she works and goes about her day then posting illicitly gotten photographs on social media and body shaming her in the name of religion?

What of hate so strong a “church” advises private investigators that it wants her dead?

Taryn Teutsch’s ongoing fair game campaign against Mike Rinder has failed spectacularly. Every time she posts her fiction is torn apart.

So desperate is she that she must create imaginary followers, pretend she has support and even create communications without which she would have no way of moving forward. Her tactic of constantly evolving the events of April 2010 were a massive foot bullet that made her look like a fool.

Now she whines and whimpers that Leah Remini is “victim shaming” Bitter Bernardini, kicking a woman when she’s down.

No Taryn, as there is no domestic violence beyond what you, Cathy and Jenny inflicted upon Mike Rinder that day there can be no victim shaming.

Having the truth exposed in defiance of your unethical policies is not an attack but a defense.

Scientology and Taryn are the only ones guilty of wholeheartedly lying, shaming and ridiculing.

Taryn Teutsch is the embodiment of the struggles faced in domestic violence. Like every abuser she creates a fictitious narrative to justify the tearing down, belittling and abusing of her victims.

At the same time she is doing terrible harm to falsely accused men who must live with the consequences of lies fueled by revenge. Claiming rape or assault that never happened as a means for control is immoral and unconscionable.

Taryn Teutsch should be condemned for her theft of any legitimate event meant to encourage women, empower them and effect change and healing. Her actions are an evil detriment and hindrance of much needed change.

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