How Scientology Operates: One Example

Scientology has a gift for twisting facts into fiction in order to create new realities. This is probably the only true super power endowed by Hubbard’s sacred scripture.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in their unending psychological terrorism campaign against Leah Remini and Mike Rinder.

While most people begin a new year filled with hope for a fresh start, a chance to do better and put the old behind them, Scientology started by revamping, updating and refreshing their hate sites. Leah Remini has a new 2022 website that once again accuses her of directly inciting hate crimes.

New look, same hate.

Amongst the tired claims is that a disturbed young woman named Erin McMurtry, incited by Leah Remini, drove her vehicle through the front doors of the Austin, Texas Scientology building.

This accusation was addressed here in 2020, however as Scientology continues to double down on their insistence that Remini was behind this incident, it is appropriate that the story be untangled and placed, once and for all, back into it’s true form.

Beyond the issue of propaganda created by COS in order to dehumanize and demonize Remini is another, equally important lesson stemming from this attack on her. It allows the reader to see exactly how the cult takes truth and reshapes it into something altogether different.

Often when telling a tale the names are changed in order to protect the innocent.

Scientology changes the facts in order to protect their lies.

Several years ago Edward Parkin wrote a Stand League article carrying this claim about McMurtry and Remini.

He wrote; “The car crashed through the lobby, narrowly missing two staff members, and sent two couches flying through the plate glass windows of the Church’s child-care center earlier filled with toddlers.”

While the vehicle did hit the couches, they were not “sent flying” anywhere.

Actual police photos.

As can clearly be seen from the police photo, the couches are still on the outside of the extremely sad excuse of a “child care center”.

If this area had indeed earlier been “filled with toddlers” the only real danger they faced was from unutterable boredom.

Actual police photo- “child care center”

In this small bit of artistic editing one can see how Scientology takes a bit of simple truth and reshapes it into a dramatic event in order to incite an emotional response.

Notice how, in the earlier version the space was called a “child care center” yet in the newest version it has morphed into the “children’s nursery”.

Using “nursery” is to inflame the reader’s imagination of the helpless babies who narrowly missed death. The intent is to cause people to become emotionally invested and furious.

“McMurtry then threw the vehicle in reverse, backed into the street and sped off.”

Well no. She didn’t.

Sean Seivert, one of the two aforementioned staff members on site at the time, stated in the witness narrative text obtained through a public records request; “…the vehicle turned right onto 22nd Street and stopped at the stop sign at San Antonio Street before leaving the area.”

A second witness, Anh Tran “provided a written witness statement and stated she heard the vehicle crash. Anh stated she saw the vehicle reverse, drive on the sidewalk, and make a ‘left’ on 22nd Street until the vehicle went up the hill and out of sight. Anh stated the vehicle was ‘driving normal’ once the vehicle left the sidewalk.”

So in fact there was no dramatic fleeing the scene. McMurtry stopped at a stop sign and was driving “normally” according to witnesses as she left.

“Upon her arrest two hours later, McMurtry—who had no prior affiliation with Scientology—admitted her crime and disclosed her motivation, corroborated by postings on her Facebook page: ‘Leah Remini,’ she gushed, ‘is a true inspiration!’”

Out of all the misinformation stemming from McMurtry’s crime, this statement is the most twisted.

Intentionally creating the idea that McMurtry actually named Leah Remini as the motivation for her actions in her statement, something “corroborated on her Facebook page”, Scientology’s attack on Remini is complete.

Here is Erin McMurtry’s full statement to the police:

There is no mention of Leah Remini at all.

Further, Scientology’s insistence that McMurtry was somehow fixated on Remini on Facebook is also exaggerated. Erin’s Facebook contains an amalgamation of posts touching on many different subjects. There is absolutely no indication that she was driven by anything other than her own unfortunate mental illness when she paid Scientology a visit.

Mentioned in our earlier article concerning Erin McMurtry is the fact that this was not her first run in with the law.

Prior to her literal run in with COS Ms. McMurtry was arrested for the burglary of several churches, shoplifting and theft.

She did not just wake up one day, get together with Leah Remini and then gas up and go slam her car into the Scientology building in Austin, Texas.

Texas’ court acknowledged that McMurtry had mental illness and subsequently ordered her into counseling.

Scientology wants the world to believe Leah Remini is the Great Hate Puppet Mistress, inciting strangers into lives of crime and bigotry.

In reality actions speak far, far louder than the intentional lies they spew.

Erin McMurtry was no more driven to a hate crime than Miscavige is driven to philanthropy. Nor did Leah Remini have anything to do with the events of that day in December 2015.

Scientology is a cult of lies, hate, vengeance and destruction. Their sacred scripture allows them to use people as weapons.

Every time Scientology posts another attack against Remini, Rinder or anyone else, please remember that lies are their stock in trade.

Always, always consider the source.

5 thoughts on “How Scientology Operates: One Example

  1. I had never seen the police report before. It’s interesting that she stated “that’s too bad” as an apparent expression of regret when she was informed by police that “she drove through the reception area into the nursery.” (Well, technically, she never quite made it there.) This regret of the potential for harm she caused is further supported, in her own handwriting, in the arrest report. The cult has taken this statement out of context on numerous occasions, claiming that she regretted that she hadn’t hurt anyone physically. Erin said the exact opposite!

    What the cult does NOT quote from the police report is that “Erin stated that Scientology was evil because they blackmail people.” Or “they are a terrible organization disguised as a church.” What, culties? It’s true. So why not own it?

    Speaking of context: As the police report shows, Erin thought of herself as an “activist.” She also states clearly that she was a “volunteer” activist and on no one’s payroll. I looked at her FB page at the time of the incident. Erin advocated for a whole hodgepodge of causes typical for a garden-variety leftie self-appointed social justice warrior. Aside from the typical expected topics was her passionate plea to outlaw alcohol. She also advocated for pot legalization. An indication that she had emotional problems she was self-medicating? At least, she may have had that in common with hubbard.

    Among her litany of Facebook causes, she did indeed post a cover picture of Leah’s book. She may have called it an “inspiration” in that post if I recall correctly? (It’s been a few years.) It’s hardly surprising that a young woman who was obviously lost and grappling for an identity as a social media “activist” would find inspiration in another woman making a public and widely acclaimed stand.

    In any event, no rational connection can be construed between Leah’s peaceful, lawful and charitable example and a pointless and self-defeating stunt. Even Erin came to the realization, recalled by the officer as well as in her own handwriting that her attempt at “activism” was “not the best way to get my message across.” By contrast, it is perfectly consequent that a cultie would follow hubbard’s numerous explicit and consistent dictates and employ violence and mayhem in furthering his master’s aims. There are countless examples of cult criminality to “keep scientology working” resulting in nothing less than Mrs hubbard #3’s incarceration. Or resulting in numerous hate sites spreading deliberate lies and defamation.

    By the cult’s own “logic”, if Leah’s writings can lead to violence imagine what this “religion’s” lies, defamation, vicious attacks and screeching hyperbole, coupled with hubbard’s demands to attack and destroy cult enemies are guaranteed to lead to!

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    1. According to the files Scientology flew their attorney Kendrick Moxon in from California to Texas to “assist” in the investigation. Moxon “expressed concern for the well-being of his church and its members.”

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  2. Again, I have to say that I appreciate your growing collection of detailed, evidence-backed take downs of scientology propaganda and lies on this blog.
    Between you,, and Jeff Augustine’s, anyone can easily find the information needed to debunk the cult’s online potemkin blustering and posturing(lying).
    Thank you!

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