Expose Network Strikes Again

@ExposeNetwork is not helping Scientology’s image at all.

In their zeal to be relevant the brilliant minds behind this sycophantic Twitter account have completely misread statements found in a judgment by the U.S. Court of Appeals. Taken out of context, Expose Network tweeted the statement as though an Appellate Court Judge had declared a ruling.

Why Expose Network felt this particular quote was notable is anyone’s guess.

All Are Welcome?

It is unimaginable that David Miscavige would want the world to believe that there is no membership in his lucrative conglomerate when he works so hard trying to convince everyone of the opposite.

Given that Scientology’s International Association of Scientologists requires membership, as does participation in the Sea Org this smug announcement boggles the mind.

On January 4, 1963 FDA Agents and U.S. Marshals, armed with Warrants, raided various Scientology locations owned by The Founding Church of Scientology in Washington D.C. seizing e-meters and literature associated with the devices.

Governmental concern was that Scientology was making false claims about what the e-meter could actually do, including the promises of physical healing. For their part, Scientology argued that as they are a religion the seizure was against the First Amendment.

As with all appellate documents, the original case is described and both sides are reviewed. Expose Network’s brightest lightbulb took part of this review out of context and tweeted it as though it were a court certified fact.

What Judge Wright actually wrote was simply outlining the information previously noted during the original trial. He was not making any profound statements, rather he was repeating what had been presented by Scientology.

“From the evidence developed at trial, it appears that a major activity of the Founding Church and its affiliated organizations in the District of Columbia is providing “auditing,” at substantial fees (at the time of trial $500 for a 25-hour course), to persons interested in Scientology. The affiliated Academy of Scientology is engaged in training auditors. Auditors are paid directly by the Church. There is no membership in the Church as such; persons are accepted for auditing on the basis of their interest in Scientology (and presumably their ability to pay for its benefits).”

Expose Network chose to tweet that Scientology has no membership.

What this was supposed to accomplish is unknown. It seems a bizarre thing to post in light of so much discussion concerning COS’ Enrollment Agreement of late. One cannot participate in Scientology unless membership is created through the signing of the agreement.

Scientology’s Enrollment Agreement makes clear that the signatory cannot participate unless accepted.

“I sign this Agreement and General Release Regarding Spiritual Assistance on this _ _ day of _ _ _ _ _ _ , 20_, intending to be legally bound by it, and request that I be permitted to participate in spiritual assistance.”

Thus the division between member and non-member.

No discernible reason exists for this random, out of context and absolutely absurd tweet.

Desperate for attention ExposeNetwork changes feet every time they open their mouth.

For our part, we prefer a much more meaningful and substantial statement found in the same appellate brief but somehow overlooked by Expose Network.

“We do not hold that the Founding Church is for all legal purposes a religion. Any prima facie case made out for religious status is subject to contradiction by a showing that the beliefs asserted to be religious are not held in good faith by those asserting them, and that forms of religious organization were erected for the sole purpose of cloaking a secular enterprise with the legal protections of religion.”

5 thoughts on “Expose Network Strikes Again

  1. Scientologists are going after Hispanic market – look at Nancy Cartwright to see what her company is doing!!! Look at what Jaime Aymerich and his wife are doing.


  2. Scientology’s “DB’s” (dim bulbs/degraded beings/deluded bozos)are masters of mendacity and ad hominem. They are incapable of telling the truth or engaging in rational discourse.
    Scientology, being toxic garbage, is in indefensible…and somewhere in their minds, in some tiny corner of their deluded, cognitively dissonant psyches, they can smell the stench of the shit they espouse and live in…

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  3. Not only do you point out the idiocy of this inscrutable-purposed, meaningless, out-of-context tweet, but you write with word pictures that tickle me. Thank you for, “Desperate for attention ExposeNetwork changes feet every time they open their mouth.” Now that’s a tweet!

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  4. Strange! If there are no “members” in the cult at present time, why is it necessary to reach back as far as 1969–more than half a century in the life of a “church” that’s not even 70 years old–to make that point? Is there really no more recent evidence for this claim? This is like saying that the Christian church is exclusively made up of Jesus and his twelve disciples!

    In 1993, when this scam regrettably received its tax exemption, they were claiming the exact opposite of “no members” to the IRS. By IRS definition, a “church” requires membership. Incidentally, this membership must be distinctive and exclusive–you can’t be both a scientologist and a Catholic or Mormon. Despite this written agreement with the IRS, the cult has been consistently lying to the public about this exclusivity requirement as well.

    If there are no “members” how can the cult claim explosive growth in membership, for example 47x within a few months in 2014, and on top of that, another 60x two years later. This amounts to a total “membership” expansion of 2820x within two years! If these were just unaffiliated enthusiasts walking in and taking “services,” orgs would be mobbed to their breaking point instead of languishing empty with their shades drawn tight.

    Alas, they also managed to omit the best, and most embarrassing, part of the judge’s statement, the parenthesized qualifier: “There is no membership in the Church as such; persons are accepted for auditing on the basis of their interest in Scientology (and presumably their ability to pay for its benefits).” In other words, unlike other churches, scientology provides ZERO public benefit. A better motto than “Curious?” would be “Pay or Stay Away!

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