Taryn Teutsch’s Very Small Point

“Part of being a decent human being is being able to accept criticism, and respect others and what they feel or think. Equally important is being willing and able to take another person’s view.”

So begins another sad, hypocritical attempt by Taryn Teutsch to paint (her father) Mike Rinder in the dark colors of Scientology policy.

Given she has wasted irretrievable hours of her life in vengeful, calculated psychological terrorism, Taryn has effectively removed herself from the definition of “decent human being”.

Taryn spent years insisting Mike Rinder physically assaulted his ex spouse leaving her “damaged for life”, a claim that has not worked. Attempting a different tactic, Teutsch has now switched to tugging the emotional heartstrings with the image of the poor, neglected daughter.

“…my father, Mike Rinder, did not love me.”

Taryn would like her readers to believe that while her poor, delicate mother lovingly struggled to provide for her abandoned children her father was absent and abusive. She portrays Rinder as the “bad” parent in an otherwise close, loving, happy family.

Mike Rinder was a focused, dedicated Sea Org executive. He didn’t achieve that position by sleeping on the job or spending time with his family.

Neither did Cathy Rinder Bernardini, Taryn’s mother.

Cathy was as dedicated a Sea Org member as her spouse.

Jenna Miscavige Hill describes her own upbringing as well as that of the Rinder children in her book, Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape.

In mid 1988, 10 year old Taryn Rinder, along with her brother Benjamin (B.J.) moved into an apartment with Jenna’s family.

Eight people shared a Scientology owned two bedroom apartment. Hill writes; “Justin and I shared the living room on bunk beds and couches with Mike and Cathy’s daughter, Taryn, and their son Benjamin James, B. J. for short.”

Her recollection continues; “I rode the bus home with Justin or Taryn, who was also in the ATA. They boarded when we stopped at the academy to pick up the students there. On some days my brother would take me off when we stopped at the ATA and we’d walk back to the apartment together, stopping for Push Pops from George’s General Store across the street from the ATA. While Justin was a little young to be watching me, the Edgemont was a Scientology building, and perhaps my parents took comfort in knowing that there were other Scientologists in close proximity and that their offices were right on the block. Additionally, there was a roving nanny on duty in the building who would stop by the various apartments and check on the children and was available in case any emergency arose.”

During this time Jenna notes that visits from their parents were sparse and limited until finally one day; “I saw her (Cathy) speaking privately with B. J., who looked upset. From where I sat on the couch, I could hear Cathy tell him this would be their last daily family time together. From now on, she and Mike were only going to be able to see him once a week, on Sunday mornings, since the rest of the week they were going to be somewhere very secret doing important things for the Church.”

Thus is Taryn’s pretense of her father’s “cruelty” and abandonment exposed under the reality of her Scientology, Sea Org upbringing.

In her most recent attack Taryn reveals that she spends time perusing her father’s social media.

Describing an alleged interaction between Rinder and some unnamed entity, Teutsch claims this regular Joe “…happened to ask Mike Rinder a question. And the response that he got was an instant attack.”

Taryn announces this “attack” is normal and familiar to her and though it is a “small point but very significant” she felt it necessary to point out.

A very small point…


Indeed it would appear this incident is so small as to be invisible to the naked eye.

We spent several hours going back through Mike Rinder’s Twitter account searching laboriously through his tweets and replies for this rude, cold attack.

He put it right back on the guy like the guy was wrong, like the guy was an A-hole.”

Obviously such a serious and angry back and forth would stand out on the thread. Rinder has thousands of followers who undoubtedly would have jumped into the fray.

We found nothing that could remotely qualify.

Even in his rare interactions with various Scientology sycophants who troll for attention Rinder has never shown anything close to an attack.

Unless Taryn can produce screenshots that can be verified, this story can only be viewed as yet another bit of fictional fraud under the policy “destroy by any means necessary”.

Teutsch states the incident she witnessed on Twitter was reminiscent of what she, her brother and her mother “experienced her whole life”. An exaggerated implausibility if she saw either parent only rarely.

Taryn Teutsch’s attacks against her father are becoming weaker, more far fetched and more desperate as time goes on.

“Part of being a decent human being is being able to accept criticism, and respect others and what they feel or think. Equally important is being willing and able to take another person’s view.”

Neither Scientology nor Teutsch can accept the criticism their actions rightly draw. Equally important is knowing that COS is completely unwilling to allow anyone any view that contradicts their own.

“…hate, violence, victim shaming—they aren’t acceptable. And people are trying to change that narrative.”

Too bad Taryn doesn’t practice what she preaches.

Always attack, never defend.

Destroy by any means necessary.

3 thoughts on “Taryn Teutsch’s Very Small Point

  1. “…hate, violence, victim shaming—they aren’t acceptable. And people are trying to change that narrative.”

    Now this would be an excellent opportunity for Taryn to remember her corporate sponsor. It would be great for her to be able to say to launch into a commercial break: “…hate, violence, victim shaming—they aren’t acceptable. And the church of scientology is trying to change that narrative.”

    It’s telling that even someone with her track record of truthfulness didn’t think she could pull such a whopper off.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My comments also seem to…go missing. Of course it must be something wrong with various website algorithms. Certainly those who have the privilege of superior communication would not need to stoop to something so urbane as the utilization of the delete button…


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