Physician Heal Thyself

Scientology’s Stand League loves nothing more than to instruct the wog world on the way to happiness and morality. Purveyors of THE most superior and ethical path to salvation, COS members sit upon their plinth looking down upon the world ever ready to teach, correct and punish.

Thus, in the spirit of “those who can’t do…” Leland Thoburn offers his hypocritical take on not judging others.

Thoburn’s article, I Don’t Like That Man opens; “There are people who would say that about me. Some, unfortunately, with good cause. Others, simply because they took seriously the blather of those who make a living out of attacking my religion.”

He goes on to say; “To them, I am nothing more than a part of an amorphous mass, altogether to be painted with the same brush of lies and contempt.”

Which is exactly what he is doing.

One wonders, how many Stand League/Hate Monitor contributors have actually met, or know the people they write so nastily about? Rather, how much of the blather they spew about Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, The Headleys and so many others is all…well…painting them with the same brush of lies and contempt?

“They dislike whatever bogey they have conjured in their own minds, which they then project out on that amorphous mass.”

Scientology’s bogey is their belief that they are incapable of wrongdoing and therefore the rest of the world is out to get them. This is the foundation for their ugly prejudice against all the lesser beings COS is forced to save in spite of themselves.

Non Scientology is the amorphous mass that must be attacked; get them before they get you. Former members who speak out against the cult must be silenced by any means necessary.

“This is the way of all prejudice. The attacker conjures up his own demons, and then because it would be silly to sit alone in a corner fighting imaginary demons, projects them onto some undeserving class of his fellows, inviting others to join the fictional fray.”

OSA is Scientology’s answer to sitting alone in the corner fighting imaginary demons.

The CCHR fights imaginary psychiatric Ifrit while Stand League and it’s unholy offspring Hate Monitor battles to stop anyone else from speaking Truth.


Indeed Scientology’s targets are truly undeserving of the constant snark, the constant dehumanization they endure.

Leland’s self-righteous Stand League offering closes with him quoting Abraham Lincoln and once again completely missing the point.

“I don’t know if there’s an easy fix for such conjurers. But for those who take them seriously, I would offer the following perspective. It comes from Abraham Lincoln who said: ‘I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.’”

Known for his honesty, this citation of Lincoln is an advocation for truth. President Lincoln, by taking the time to get to know someone he was unsure of, uncovered the truth of the situation; either there was, or wasn’t a reason for the dislike.

Scientology wallows in deceit.

Anyone who decides to undertake discovering the facts behind claims against Hubbard’s legacy is immediately attacked. Getting to know Scientology better is a dangerous undertaking; one either swallows the fiction or suffers for the truth.

L. Ron Hubbard was a master conjuror. The lies covering his life made it impossible for his followers to get to truly know him. Those who finally did paid dearly for their presumption.

Was Shelly Miscavige ultimately banished to CST and a life of imprisonment because she “got to know” her demented husband?

Truth is the way out of prejudice, is in fact the easy fix for such conjurors.

Those who can’t do, like Leland Thoburn and his ilk, write arrogant, hypocritical articles intended to scorn, rebuke and harm disguised as saccharine moral teachings.

For those who see through the farce I would offer the following perspective. It comes from philosopher Noam Chomsky; “Hypocrites are those who apply to others the standards that they refuse to accept for themselves.”

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